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16 Feb 2017
This ad for HSBC's Fast Balance service is sweet without being too sugary as we watch an elderly gent prove you're never too old for first date jitters. While the big band soundtrack and the sepia-tinged palette underline his age he's evidently not stuck in the past; at ease with texting and using HSBC's mobile banking app. Classy stuff.

"Hello Goodbye"
26 Dec 2013
A visually arresting way to show the ease with which you can buy and sell cars, this has people leaping effortlessly in and out of vehicles. Somersaulting men in suits, leaping ladies, and dogs staring in delighted wonderment somehow give this an almost Gallic sense of style - not something you normally associate with Auto Trader, it has to be said.

Compare The Market
"Infant Oleg"
25 Dec 2013
Another generation of meerkats seems likely to be ushered in with the arrival of abandoned baby Oleg. Unable to turn this irresistible infant away, Aleksandr tasks Sergei with nappy changing duties while the newcomer wreaks havoc on the office desk.

LG Televisions
"Oled Curved TV"
23 Dec 2013
A bit of pseudo-sciencey stuff, a portentous voiceover - these alone should make for an ad that has you switching off in seconds. But somehow you find yourself wondering, despite its unengaging style, whether this is the TV you really should be getting. We can imagine men casually observing to their mates: "Oh, you still got a flat screen, then?"

James Villas
"Hand Picked by Experts"
23 Dec 2013
An immeasurable improvement on previous ads which focused on the danger you'll be treated like cattle by other holiday companies. Showing sun loungers taken up by children's toys suggests space to unwind - and therefore a leisurely, relaxing break.

"Smoked Salmon Treats"
22 Dec 2013
Nicely done - not only does Asda make clear the sheer value of their smoked salmon, but they explain what makes it taste so extra special. We're sure whoever came up with the line "eat responsibly" must be very pleased with themselves. In fact, we may pop out to get a wee taster of it ourselves.

Filippo Berio
19 Dec 2013
The story of the dashing Filippo Berio and his obsession with olive oil is told in the time-honoured way with Italian stereotypes and purposeful gazing at olives / women / wholesome peasants and so on. At least it's classier than the Dolmio ads which provoke the same ghastly cringeing that racist 70s sitcoms do.

"Doesn't Do Pressure"
26 Dec 2013
We like this. Neil the sloth is a wonderfully memorable creation - and perfectly apt for the requirements of the brand: namely to depict the true purpose of a sofa. He "doesn't do pressure" - something we all want to relate to in these times of urgent sales and limited offers.

Sky Broadband
"Michael Caine"
25 Dec 2013
Michael Caine is being shown a property whose broadband connection doesn't reach as far as it should. The estate agent tries to slip out of offering an explanation before his colleague reveals to the legendary actor that he can have a reliable broadband signal if he switches to Sky.

Center Parcs
"Woburn Forest"
25 Dec 2013
Center Parcs have never seemed particularly appealing, but this actually looks inviting. It shows off a nice diversity of attractions - from family outdoorsy stuff to the chance to relax in spa facilities, so it astutely covers all the things you might want from a holiday while discreetly ignoring the inevitable lack of sun.

"Winter Sale 2013"
23 Dec 2013
Considering they've had to cram in the obligatory offers, sofa choices and domestic scenarios, this has been elegantly done. In the good old days, Christmas sofa ads would leave you feeling as though you'd been punched repeatedly in the jaw by an overload of information - but not any more.

First Choice
"All You Can"
22 Dec 2013
This appealing ad demonstrates that whatever you want from your family holiday, you'll get it in buckets and spades. Not for you some half-finished hotel or stagnant water park - this is all super-deluxe without the super-deluxe price tag. Or at least, that's what it cleverly implies.

21 Dec 2013
Bill Nighy's alien dad is talked down from a full-blown panic attack about his Christmas shopping. That's because you can order everything online at Argos and still pick it all up the same day rather than hovering by the front door praying your pressies will turn up in time.

Phones 4 U
"Next Door Neighbours"
21 Dec 2013
This serves more as a salutary warning about who to give Christmas presents to than the goodwill you'll receive as a result. Having offered a free X-Box to the neighbours, Sam and Ellie get more than they bargained for in return - maybe not a tangible gift in itself, but the gift of friendship where friendship is more of a burden than a joy.

Cancer Research UK
"One Day"
20 Dec 2013
Ads that condense a life span into a single minute or so have been popular in recent times, and their success tends to lie in the emotion you feel able to invest in the central character. Beautifully filmed, this keeps you focused on the protagonist's journey. Although it could resonate more, it nonetheless leaves you with the thought that donating to research is worthwhile.

Channel 4
"Snowman Ident"
16 Dec 2013
The Snowman still has plenty of mileage left in him as we can see from this Channel 4 ident. Like animated festive wallpaper (in a complimentary sense) it allows the VO to introduce the next programme without feeling overly intrusive, and evokes that sense of nostalgia we all find ourselves hankering after at Christmastime.

"Search On"
26 Dec 2013
To remind us what an integral role it plays in our lives, Google shows us a selection of things we've looked up over the past year. From globally-shared events to personally meaningful life changes to the cult moments that brought fans together, it demonstrates how unthinkable life would now be without this particular search engine at our fingertips.

"Jet Pack"
20 Dec 2013
This spot has NBA star Blake Griffin blasting out of an old-fashioned TV set to the amazement of two slackers watching from their the sofa. Clumsily blasting round the room in a tin-foil jet-pack, he explains the benefits of the video game rental service in question and shows an impressive degree of comedic timing, although it would have been even better had the awed pair been given a little more to react to.

Fast and Loud
"A Quiet Christmas"
19 Dec 2013
A motley selection of carol singers serenade a polite homeowner, who unexpectedly invites them in for mince pies. Little do they know he has a plan that means he'll raring to go in the New Year, all psyched and ready for the new series of Fast and Loud. Not for him the misery of braying relatives, unwelcome neighbours and whisky-guzzling mates 24:7; no sir.

British Comedy Awards
"Roll Up, Roll Up"
6 Dec 2013
The British Comedy Awards promise all the fun of the fair in this attractively-animated trail. Like a carnival barker, Wossy provides the voiceover informing us who'll be present - from Steve Coogan to Will Ferrell and plenty more besides. Given that the programme itself is getting rather tired, the stylish visual aspect of this livens it up significantly.

Daily Mail
"Free Kindle"
15 Dec 2013
The Daily Rail is promising a free Kindle Fire to anyone who takes out a twelve-month subscription to Mail Plus. That way you can view scandal and prurience to your heart's content, safe in the knowledge you can always click over to War and Peace if anyone gets close enough to see what you're doing.

"Play Anywhere"
15 Dec 2013
Urgent need to play bingo wherever you are, at whatever time of day? Well, no problem. Because Tombola have come up with a convenient little app for your mobile so should the desire overcome you in the cereal aisle of the supermarket, or at the funeral service of a work colleague, you can now whip your phone out and get some relief.

"Keep Your Car"
15 Dec 2013
The Tyrolean yodeller gets his tools out again in another ghastly outing for the loans company. A put-upon woman despairs of having a kitchen that doesn't collapse around her until our man pops up in his ludicrous hat and starts getting a bit free with his drill. What were the criteria when they were casting him, we wonder. 'Slightly sleazy neighbour who wears inappropriate clothing and has no sense of personal space', perhaps?

Randox Health
"Winter Bugs"
17 Dec 2013
In England we're warned that a persistent cough could be lung cancer but in Northern Ireland, they're encouraged to be more optimistic. The central character is wracked by a cough - but after a check-up through Randox, he's darting about like an over-alert elf in a Crombie. Unsettlingly, he appears to have a family who don't run away at his hasty approach.

Forces War Records
"War Photos"
16 Dec 2013
Ever suspected that the best way to research your family tree was through war records? You are vindicated: now there's an online service similar to ancestry.com which has war records dating back to 1350. Handy if you want to know whether your ancestors fought in the Crusades.

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