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On This Day
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BBC Sport
20 May 2006
Metaphors are brought to life by Johnny Foreigner as he attempts to understand the complexity of the metaphors employed by the pundits who will be droning on at us during this summer's World Cup. The BBC is getting good at announcing its coverage with appropriately impressive trails.

Renault Clio (France)
"The Fisherman"
20 May 2007
Fantastic French ad has a god-like fisherman looking to catch himself some human beings by using the Renault Clio as bait. Marvellous in both conceit and execution, this commercial looks fantastic and manages to suggest the product is very desirable. Magnifique.

20 May 2007
One of the most revered commercials of all time gives us Moby Dick set to the drum of a beat poet while the white horses of the surf become literal. All to demonstrate that the wait for the perfect wave is the perfect metaphor for the wait a Guinness drinker has for the perfectly-poured pint.

The Guardian
"Points of View"
20 May 2007
Classic commercial from the 1980s which sought to illustrate how an event can differ according to the perspective from which it is seen. Only The Guardian will give you the whole picture and enable you to make up your own mind.

"Slow Motion"
20 May 2009
Slow motion is used to brilliant effect in this commercial made for the Irish market advertising O2's priority ticketing facility. The distinctive visual leitmotifs of this campaign is a useful device when it comes to establishing brand identity and its used beautifully here.

"Kevin Garnett"
20 May 2009
Boston Celtics basketballer Kevin Garnett gives us a glimpse into what goes through his head as he prepares do something marvellously clever with the ball. The special effects brilliantly illustrates the players preoccupations and leave us wondering how he copes.

"Write The Future"
3 mins
20 May 2010
This lengthy piece for Nike explores the moments which define the career of a professional footballer using a Sliding Doors approach which examines different outcomes. It's a truly spectacular piece of advertising.

Land Rover Range Rover
20 May 2011
A sublime example of comedy in advertising. Rory Scovel plays the part of a pathological liar who decides to come clean to his girlfriend when it looks as though his elaborate web of deceit is about to come undone. The safeness of the advertised car plays a part in the ensuing confession.

Stella Artois Cidre
"The Simple Life"
20 May 2013
Stella brought in the big guns for this ad, getting acclaimed film-maker Wim Wenders to direct. The execution fits snugly alongside the other ads in this campaign and matches them for style and tone; with the protagonist narrating an account of his life which makes it sound far humbler than it is.

Turkish Airlines
2 mins 10s
20 May 2014
It's a little on the long side but this ad out of Turkey is so delightful it doesn't matter. A group of children in a remote, rural part of the country watch each day as a plane flies overhead, wondering what it will take to make it change direction and land nearby. Their efforts to make a runway and the outcome of their efforts is not only charming, but cleverly communicates the airline's message about destinations.

"Railway Station"
20 May 2006
Sainted food campaigner and big-tongued chef Jamie Oliver hands out free grub to passengers awaiting a train on a small station. It looks like this was a real stunt with ordinary members of the public accepting the food he offers. You cannot knock his effort on behalf of the revived supermarket chain, can you?

John Smith's
20 May 2006
Another in the new series of John Smith's ads has another pub goer barred by the no nonsense landlord. The man's crime is to wear an obvious and atrocious looking wig. Perhaps the landlord is the man who has been firing arrows through mobile phones etc in the Strongbow ads.

Virgin Rail
"Look Of Love (Branson Ending)"
20 May 2009
This version of the recent Look Of Love ad is the same as the original until the young female protagonist puts on her make-up. She is then transformed into the model Caprice and engages in some Benny Hill-style antics with Richard Branson.

20 May 2009
Pepe Reina and Xabi Alonso are putting in a little extra free-kick practise on the Liverpool training ground when a fan decides that the Spanish midfielder could do with a little advice. Using the vernacular of a caddie, the fan makes a critical suggestion.

"Route 66"
20 May 2010
A number of exotic and unusual journeys are undertaken with the help of the advertised device's SatNav facility. Two old boys are riding aboard bizarre mechanised unicycles while others use them as they steer elephants to their destination.

"Karen Botham"
20 May 2010
Another in this excellent series which gives us an insight into the work of NatWest's staff. In this ad, we're introduced to Karen Botham who acts as a mortgage advisor. The decision to use real people continues to reap dividends.

"Jersey Royal Potatoes"
20 May 2010
Another excellent piece of advertising for the middle class supermarket. Once again, Heston Blumenthal has been sensibly reined in and forced to provide us with a recipe that doesn't involve steaming a badger's bladder over a live volcano while performing a human sacrifice.

TV Licensing
20 May 2011
A busy woman manages to give dog food to her baby and baby food to her dog. But at least she doesn't have to worry about trying to pay her TV licence at the same time as everything else because she does this online.

Popstar To Operastar
"A Different Scale"
20 May 2011
To illustrate the difference between a pop singer and an opera singer, Bohemian Rhapsody is sung by a pair of classically trained vocalists and their combined strength blows Myleene Klass off her piano. How will the vapid popstars manage the switch in disciplines?

Samsung Televisions
"Take The Journey"
20 May 2011
This ad shows people replacing train windows with the advertised televisions and thereby able to watch the wonders of the world instead of the English countryside. It's a neat conceit but one that could do with a bit more space and time.

"Barbara's Dog (Hijacked Version)"
20 May 2012
A number of television commercials shown during Channel 4's Comedy Gala were hijacked by Alan Carr. In this ad for an online bingo company, his impersonation of Simon Cowell makes reference to Pudsey - the dog who recently won Britain's Got Talent - by comparing him with the canine protagonist.

"Kitchen (Hijacked Version)"
20 May 2012
A coquettish Alan Carr turns up in this familiar ad for Specsavers as part of Channel 4 Comedy Gala. The bespectacled comedian is alongside the original protagonist who mistakes Gordon Ramsay's kitchen for a sauna. This has a much lighter touch than the previous spoofs in this line and is the best we've seen yet.

"Diva (Hijacked Version)"
20 May 2012
Another clever piece of editing prises Alan Carr into an existing ad. This time he joins Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham in their recent Snickers commercial, taking on the role of the footballer who has provoked Collins's ire. Once again, it's clear that someone with a lighter touch has taken control of this project.

Cadbury Chocolate Fingers
"Soap Spoof (Hijacked Version)"
20 May 2012
Alan Carr is inserted into the ad for Chocolate Fingers that makes fun of American soap opera. It purports to show that the characters are string puppets being controlled and voiced by Carr. The camp comedian can't resist infusing the Americanness with flashes of the Eastenders plot.

"Night (Hijacked Spoof)"
20 May 2012
Alan Carr plays one of the characters making cider by night in this reworked version of the current ad for Magners made specially for Channel 4's Comedy Gala. As he's testing the advertised drink, he gets a phone call from the nudist priest and accepts an invitation to play beach volleyball.

On This Day
(1-25 of 25)

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