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On This Day
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BBC Radio 2
"Elvis's Band"
21 Sep 2006
Brilliantly concocted ad uses archive footage to show Elvis Presley introducing member s of his band. But the real band have been replaced by a mix of contemporary and classic artists such as The Sugarbabes, Noel Gallagher, Stevie Wonder, Keith Moon and Marvin Gaye.

"Trail Of Destruction"
21 Sep 2009
Minnesota Vikings player Adrian Peterson is too good for the opposition in this impressive US ad for Nike. The American footballer dodges every tackle using speed, agility and brute force to score a succession of touchdowns leaving the other team completely demoralised.

British Airways
21 Sep 2011
This striking new ad for British Airways takes a look back at the pioneers of flight in order to emphasise the airline's heritage. It's slickly constructed but has the feel of a piece of communication that's been made for shareholders rather than punters.

Google Nexus
"Public Speaking"
21 Sep 2013
A boy is anxious about a talk he has to give in class, and turns to his Google Nexus for guidance. It's a touching ad - although the ending's a tad twee - and it's a lovely way to demonstrate the usefulness of the device. Plus they've done well to avoid making him seem like a precocious, smarmy brat.

Thomson Holidays
"Discover Your Smile"
21 Sep 2014
A much-loved but put-upon teddy steals the show in this latest spot from the travel agency. Patiently enduring the indignities his life entails, his wistful one-eyed gaze gradually becomes a smile of profound contentment when his little human takes him on holiday and he discovers there's more to life than being hung out to dry on a clothes line.

First Direct
"Little Frill"
21 Sep 2014
First Direct has already proved that you don't have to sound earnest and servile as a bank if you have a sterling reputation for customer service. So, building on its 'unexpected' theme, it's moved on from Barry the platypus (much loved by the public) to a frilled lizard with a penchant for pizza and a tiny tarsier DJ as a flat mate.

"How 20 Years Have Flown"
21 Sep 2015
This lovely spot for EasyJet takes us to life's funfair and shows us that the more things change, the more they stay the same. In other words, each generation experiences broadly the same cycle of meeting The One, settling down, having children, drifting apart, only to rediscover each other when the fledglings have flown the nest.

"The Chase"
21 Sep 2015
Daniel Craig plays second fiddle to a young woman on a pair of waterskis in W+K Amsterdam's Heineken swansong, and it's a fantastic way to bow out. Craig makes good his escape from a gang of villains in a Mediterranean fishing village by jumping into a motor boat but doesn't realise it was being prepared for a jaunty bit of water sports.

"The Faith of a Few"
1 min 43s
21 Sep 2017
This fantastic vintage film for Mini by Daniel Wolfe feels as timeless as it is compelling. We watch John Cooper oversee the building of the first racing Mini, even as he's told it will never work. This becomes a mantra, a soundbite repeated along with others which build up into a cacophony of doubt... all accompanying footage of the car proving the haters wrong.

"Bath Time"
21 Sep 2018
This cuddlesome stop-motion ad for boiler outfit Hometree claims "a warm home is too important for a broken boiler to get in the way" and that mantra covers field mice dwellings as well, apparently. Thus, Snap London and director Jack Cunningham depict a rodent mum and dad treating their mini-mouse to a bath. From nuzzling snouts to excited splashes, it's about as cute as you would expect.

"Back for Good"
19 Sep 2020
Taskmaster host Greg Davies is a man on a mission in this 40" promo, as the popular game show prepares to make its Channel 4 debut at the second time of asking. Needless to say, Davies has thoughts about his new home's previous rejection. Yet it's perennial lackey Alex Horne who steals the show here as his employment status arguably worsens.

EDF Energy
"Busy Doing Nothing"
21 Sep 2020
It's hard to describe keeping the nation's lights on during a pandemic as 'doing nothing', but EDF Energy have a different take on the concept in their latest commercial. The 60" film explores what comprises a day in the company's life - from servicing offshore wind turbines to visiting customers in their homes.

"The Damp Knight's Tale"
21 Sep 2021
Childhood imagination meets grown-up ingenuity in this intriguing commercial for Lego. The film presents a seemingly simple problem - how do you get a knight in full plate armour across a lake? - and then tinkers with solutions over the course of 85". From emergency swimming lessons to creative construction, an entire village of mismatched characters comes together to get the job done.

Back Market
21 Sep 2022
As Cravendale customers know all too well, cats always have an agenda. Those in this Back Market spot are no exception, as they scratch, smash, and sabotage every electronic device they can get their paws on. We've all seen cats knock over stuff, but this is next-level vandalism.

"Why Choose The Alternative?"
21 Sep 2022
This is a fantastically persuasive piece of advertising disguised as a bit of amusing fun. A woman has prepared a sandwich using the advertised meat alternative, and is about to take a bite when she becomes distracted by a mellifluous voice over extolling the virtues of her food.

"Everyone's Got a Thing"
21 Sep 2022
This commercial for DFS emphasises the idea that the furniture offerings are able to match the individual taste of the chain's customers. This is a pretty wild claim, but will assume that the in-store experience is keeping pace with the advertising... we certainly hope so.

League of Legends
"Wild Rift"
5 mins 20s
21 Sep 2022
This film by Ross Cooper is an absolute tour de force, and when you discover the limitations the director faced when making it, its achievement is all the more impressive. The film was commissioned at the eleventh hour when a resurgence of the pandemic meant that the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship in China had to be cancelled.

Quaker Oats
"Uncle Guber"
21 Sep 2006
Windy Miller is being visited by his Uncle Guber from Norway. Being from Scandinavia, naturally he's a nudist and objects are strategically moved around so that we never get a view of his nether regions. He's certainly red in the face after a bowl of the hot cereal lands in his lap.

Fifa 09
"Manchester United Vs Real Madrid"
4 mins
21 Sep 2008
An epic commercial to launch the latest version of the popular video football game pits Manchester United against Real Madrid. The fans of both teams ready themselves for a monumental struggle with Wayne Rooney standing among the console players as the video game is played out on a big screen.

"Hammond's Search"
21 Sep 2009
Richard Hammond, looking like Suzi Quatro after a sex change operation, pushes his trolley to extreme locations in his search for decent meat. You have to wonder why he doesn't drive to the supermarket... he does know how to drive, doesn't he?

LG Refrigerators
"Something Better"
21 Sep 2009
This impressive American ad asks a series of questions about the LG Refrigerator it advertises. Mind you, the answer to the last question is fairly obvious: "so, is it a refrigerator or something better?" It'll be the first one.

Peugeot 207
"Oh To Be Young"
21 Sep 2009
Older cars which are being scrapped are provoked into song by the sight of the advertised car as it passes by in this charming French ad. It's a bit odd that all the singing cars are old American models rather than ageing European models though.

Apple iPod
21 Sep 2009
To illustrate the news that the latest versions of the iPod Nano can capture video, a succession of people are shown singing and dancing as the device captures their efforts. Apple's ads for the iPod are so much more fun than their ads for the iPhone.

"MPs, Planes And Gravy Trains"
21 Sep 2009
Stock footage has been cleverly used to make a spoof ad which advertises a Dispatches programme which will examine the profligacy of our representatives at Westminster.

National Lottery
21 Sep 2010
Pocketful Of Rainbows by Elvis Presley provides the musical backdrop for this charming lottery ad out of Ireland. Water is fired into the air to create rainbows which enchant and enthral as people make their way about the city.

On This Day
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