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    • Shake it out.High street fashion chain River Island offer a typically chic spin on the Christmas dance with this nimble ad from director Hanna Besirevic.
    • Spindle are looking sharp.London’s newest production company has arrived in the form of Spindle.
    • Mischa Rozema joins Nexus StudiosDutch filmmaker and motion graphics guru Mischa Rozema has joined the team at Nexus Studios for global representation.
    • ODDs on success.ODD is one of the interesting new companies taking advantage of the ad industry's shifting landscape by providing a new offer to brands.
    • Sleigh luck, mate.Santa gets a helping hand in this charming Christmas ad for Aldi's Aussie arm.
    • The flying squad.Donna Summer's ‘Hot Stuff' provides the apt soundtrack to this airborne Just-Eat commercial.
    • Rattling Stick welcome Jamie Jay Johnson.Rattling Stick have signed television comedy director and documentarian Jamie Jay Johnson.
    • Mustafa Mazouzi legs it to Outsider.DAVID chats with Mustafa Mazouzi as the French director joins Outsider.
    • Elton's grand tour.The rumours around Elton John's involvement in this year's John Lewis Christmas ad were true then.
    • Jess Coulter heads to O PositiveO Positive have signed comedy director Jess Coulter to their roster for commercial representation.
    • Caught in the act.Director Oliver Kember pits a burglarising Santa Claus against an insistent little girl on Christmas night.
    • Not a cut and dried argumentWe're given a specific reason to feel good about playing the lottery in this low-key spot.
    • Emilio Gamal Boutros fits in at Nice Shirt.ADCAN award-winner Emilio Gamal Boutros has been promoted to Nice Shirt's New Talent roster.
    • Do I feel clucky?The season of goodwill may be upon us, but KFC are in a fighting mood if this 60" outing is anything to go by.
    • Going undercover.Discretion is paramount in this charming Cadbury ad, which sees a cadre of Secret Santas avoid detection through precision, good timing, and - most importantly - a paper Santa mask.
    • UNIT9 sign Cleo Samoles-Little.UNIT9 are pleased to welcome an "exciting new talent" in the form of London-based filmmaker Cleo Samoles-Little.
    • The holiday essentials.This glitzy commercial for Marks & Spencerl rattles through an ostensible festive checklist.
    • Ballsy van ad.This film for VW has an unusual twist which brilliantly conveys an important message.



Has anyone said we're wrong about awards?


Literally no one.


So, everyone agrees with us?


I expect so.


And they'll stop entering awards?


Almost certainly.


What do you think they'll do with the money they save?


I expect they'll buy unicorns.


Unicorns?! Oh, I've got you.

River Island
"Move To Your Own Beat"
15 November 2018

High street fashion chain River Island offer a typically chic spin on the Christmas dance with this nimble ad from director Hanna Besirevic. Flitting between a music promo-esque studio and a deconstructed living room, the brand subject their festive party wear to a thorough workout.

Whether the advertised threads are to your taste or not, one cannot argue with the energy on display. Besirevic lets her young cast work up their appetite for Christmas dinner with a tightly choreographed routine - one which may lead over-ambitious punters to pull a muscle, let alone a festive admirer.

Spindle are looking sharp.

London’s newest production company has arrived in the form of Spindle.

The brainchild of Greg Hackett, Stitch Richardson, Lois Newcombe, and Tim Swaby, Spindle launches with a roster of ten directors and a desire to nurture ideas from concept to completion.


Mischa Rozema joins Nexus Studios

Filmmaker and motion graphics guru Mischa Rozema has joined the team at Nexus Studios for global representation.

It’s the first time Dutchman Rozema has been represented as an individual, and the co-founder of high-end production house PostPanic is keen to make a name for himself as a solo artist.


ODDs on success.

The changing advertising industry landscape offers many challenges, and that's proving difficult for a number of companies struggling to adapt. It also provides an opportunity for a new, agile approach and some very interesting companies have edged into the space which was once the exclusive domain of the big agency brands.

ODD is one such company, and although they're new to us, they've been around a while. Their low profile is partly down to the background of co-founders Nick Stickland and Simon Glover who were an architect and an industrial designer before they came up with the crazy idea of starting a creative agency. Their outsider status has been a fillip in terms of business, less so when it comes to self-publicity.

DAVID went to meet the two recently at the N1 headquarters they've since abandoned in favour of offices in the newly-fashionable creative hub forming in Southwark, and talked to them about their company and their approach.


"Crash Landing"
15 November 2018

Santa gets a helping hand in this charming Christmas ad for Aldi's Australian arm. When a sleigh crash ends his seasonal trip around the world a little earlier than expected, a tight-knit outback community take it upon themselves to get him back in the air.

The action is nicely understated, as the townspeople pool their resources and accept St Nick as one of their own. From rebooting his holographic reindeer to crafting a new Santa suit, it's a fundamentally Australian response to finding a bloke down on his luck.

The bearded one certainly takes the town to heart, too, fully embracing both the people and their way of life - outdoor feasts and all. Heartwarming work from agency BMF and director Hamish Rothwell.


Recent Promos
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3 mins 56s
15 Nov 2018
Hozier goes back to his roots in this cryptic film for latest single 'Movement'. After an extended hiatus spent focusing on various political causes in his native Ireland, the one man folk revolution is back with more of the darkly romantic music his fans crave. The accompanying promo is beautifully shot by directing team Us - and once again stars artistic collaborator and 'bad boy of ballet' Sergei Polunin.

Little Mix
"Woman Like Me (ft. Nicki Minaj)"
3 mins 49s
13 Nov 2018
Little Mix become Little Minxes in Marc Klasfeld's blingtastic promo for 'Woman Like Me'. As you'd expect from a director who has shot videos for more stadium-filler acts than you can shake a stick at, he's done a sterling job of making them seem quite raunchy. Which, considering their audience tends towards pre-teen girls, is no mean feat.

"Love Made Me Do It"
3 mins 39s
13 Nov 2018
Poor old Cheryl Cole - has a baby, releases her first single since 2015, and is immediately swamped with criticism of her looks / weight / clothes / song. We've never been the biggest fans, but give the woman a break. In fairness, 'Love Made Me Do it' is three and a half minutes of pure, earworm pop and she carries it off admirably with help from Sophie Muller's neat promo.

Django Django
"Swimming at Night"
2 mins 56s
8 Nov 2018
Left-field quartet Django Django's latest promo sees frontman Vincent Neff embark on an animated mystery tour whilst performing their latest single, ‘Swimming at Night'. As the track's incessant loops and synthesised warbles unfold, Neff navigates director Gemma Yin Taylor's stop-motion collage of both urban and marine life.

"Extasis Flame"
3 mins 01s
7 Nov 2018
Henry Scholfield strikes the perfect balance between sultry and smooth with his video for rising Spanish singer Rosalia. We don't need a translator to get that she's singing about sex; and her white and pink outfit - a communion dress for a grown-up girl - does a lot of the talking for her anyway. We suspect there's going to be a vertiginous rise in the sales of virginal-looking frocks once this starts clocking up the views.

"I Need"
3 mins 16s
6 Nov 2018
This is England's Thomas Turgoose stars in this economical but compelling video for record producer Wilkinson's latest release, ‘I Need'. Set entirely in a tower block lift, director Charlotte Regan's film zips between a small cast as they experience ups and downs in more ways than one. Well worth skipping the stairs for.

Zara Larsson
"Ruin My Life"
3 mins 09s
6 Nov 2018
Revenge is a dish best caught on camera, according to this carnal Zara Larsson promo. Proving that hell hath no fury like a Swedish pop singer scorned, Larsson baits her absent suitor with some suggestive home footage and a medley of costume changes. Vividly lit work and a potent showcase for Larsson's Scandi allure.

A$AP Rocky
"Fukk Sleep"
3 mins 31s
5 Nov 2018
This striking A$AP Rocky video finds the rapper in a belligerent mood as he pulls an especially vivid all-nighter. Shot by director Diana Kunst, the promo follows Rocky a.k.a. Rakim Mayers and and his accomplice as they tear through the neighbourhood. Juxtaposing convenience store raids with fine dining, Kunst soon turns this urban jaunt into a decadent trip.

Ray Blk
4 mins 11s
2 Nov 2018
Singer Ray BLK has already raised the bar for Mother's Day gifts with ‘Mama' - a gospel-inflected ode to single motherhood. Rita Ekwere's evocative "shoutout to my mama" is matched by Joshua Neale's equally warm promo, which flits between Peckham's Rye Lane Chapel and vignettes brimming with motherly pride.

De Staat
"Kitty Kitty"
5 mins 49s
30 Oct 2018
It's red versus blue in this eye-catching promo for Dutch alt-rockers De Staat, with frontman Torre Florim rallying his bandmates against, well, themselves. Armed with a piercing gaze and a deranged grin, Florim lyrically only has one target in mind though: a certain Donald Trump. For once, the man has inspired something good.

"Sucker Punch"
3 mins 14s
29 Oct 2018
Norwegian popster Sigrid has energy to burn in this nimble promo courtesy of directors AB/CD/CD. Shifting between night and day in the blink of an eye, the singer orchestrates bedsheet ghosts and summons pyrotechnics while she bids to conquer her relationship doubts: "I'm freaking out 'cause I'm scared this might end bad/But I'll still come back for that sucker punch".

4 mins 12s
10 Oct 2018
KWAYE's latest track 'Paralyzed' is fragile and wistful, gradually building in power as he moves from fear of rejection to self-acceptance. This journey is captured in Billy Boyd Cape's promo, which sees KWAYE and choreographer Shay Barclay use dance to portray the complex ebb and flow of relationships. Molly Manning Walker adds a layer of tender vulnerability to the piece with her cinematic, velvety lighting.

John Grant
"He's Got His Mother's Hips"
3 mins 40s
25 Oct 2018
Flagrant synths and discombobulating lyrics already make John Grant's ‘He's Got His Mother's Hips' a heady proposition, but the accompanying promo from directors Casey + Ewan only heightens the track's batshit credentials. The duo's phantasmagoria of a video evokes Peter Gabriel's ‘Sledgehammer', as former Czars frontman Grant assumes ever more surreal forms through a mix of 2D, 3D, and stop-motion animation.

Yellow Days
"How Can I Love You?"
4 mins 25s
24 Oct 2018
Don't let Yellow Days a.k.a. George van den Broek's appearance fool you - the nineteen-year-old troubadour has more in his locker than meets the eye. His slender frame and dusty mane belie a voice more suited to a grizzled jazzman, and latest track ‘How Can I Love You?' proves a worthy showcase. A fusion of neat production design and steady camerawork.

Little Dragon
"Lover Chanting"
5 mins
24 Oct 2018
This surreal promo for Little Dragon's latest track 'Lover Chanting' takes a trip through the world of online gaming. The action is well handled by directors Jack Whiteley and Joe Wills, as the film flits back and forth between a player and her in-game avatar as they embark on an unusual quest into Swedish electronica.

Dizzee Rascal
"Money Right (ft. Skepta)"
3 mins 55s
18 Oct 2018
In Bop N Keep It Dippin, Romain Chassaing's last promo for Dizzee Rascal, the irrepressible grime artist was a gangster on the warpath chasing his rogue accountant across the globe. This time, Dizzee is on the side of the law. His cigar-chomping detective is - along with his stern colleague - tracking down a big-time weed dealer. But all is not as it seems...

Kathryn Joseph
5 mins
17 Oct 2018
The soft, minimalist melancholy of Kathryn Joseph's 1111 is beautifully complemented by Rob Chui's promo. A man runs from a house while sirens blare in the distance: something violent, life-changing, has happened and we're witnessing the initial moments post-event. Overcome with emotion and adrenaline, he can only cry out... there are no words available yet to help him comprehend his situation.

Elvis Costello
"Suspect My Tears"
5 mins 01s
18 Oct 2018
This noirish animation from director Mustashrik depicts a torrid love affair in shades of black and white. Set in a rain-soaked city where citizens fear to tread outdoors, the promo is a cocktail of brooding glances, flicked cigarettes, and fork-tongued villains. Paired with Elvis Costello's latest single, ‘Suspect My Tears', this monochrome tale engrosses with its dripping aesthetic and sketchy character designs.

Charli XCX
"1999 (ft. Troye Sivan)"
3 mins 29s
16 Oct 2018
Charli XCX takes us back to the 90s with a heady dose of nostalgia in the form of '1999'. From Jack and Rose astride the bow of the Titanic to Matrix-calibre bullet time, anyone over the age of eighteen will receive a pre-Y2K overdose thanks to this peppy montage of pop culture milestones. An affectionate time warp from director Ryan Staake.

twenty one pilots
"My Blood"
3 mins 52s
16 Oct 2018
When two young boys lose their mother, the bond between them becomes tighter than ever. The eldest protects his shy sibling from the bullying kids at school until - in their teens - everything comes to a head at a Halloween party where twenty one pilots are playing. Tim Mattia's promo confidently ticks the bildungsroman boxes that portray the experience of being a teenage boy in the US.

3 mins 58s
16 Oct 2018
Up-and-coming pop auteur Au/Ra makes a splash with this unnerving promo for 'Emoji'. Directed by Sophia Ray, the film's glitchy visuals create an uncanny atmosphere, as the sixteen-year-old singer applies her make-up in a seemingly normal manner... until things take a slide into the surreal. Those squeamish about technological debridement may wish to close their eyes at certain points.

Imperial Daze
"Always Settling"
4 mins 44s
16 Oct 2018
Thermal imaging and closed-circuit television turn this Imperial Daze promo into a techno-thriller. Flitting between grainy surveillance camera footage and walking heat signatures, director Nathan Sam Long weaves a tale of paranoia and urban detachment as a woman swaps town for country in mysterious circumstances.

Little Big
3 mins 12s
15 Oct 2018
Harlem shook? All flossed out? Fear not, meme-inclined readers - the latest flash in the pan dance craze has arrived courtesy of Russian band Little Big… and frontman-cum-director Ilya Ilich Prusikin has delivered a batshit promo to boot. Like a Cossack fever dream, this three-minute video constantly wrong-foots with its cast of snakeskin-shoed rogues, dancing alarm clocks, and leather-clad gang members.

Grace Carter
"Why Her Not Me"
3 mins 53s
12 Oct 2018
Brighton-raised songstress Grace Carter goes for a loaded walk on the beach in this James Slater-directed promo for ‘Why Her Not Me'. Depicted as a child, a teenager, and an adult, Carter walks the exact same route through her hometown as she pursues familial catharsis. To describe the setting as a character may be trite, but it applies here.

You Me at Six
"Back Again"
3 mins 08s
9 Oct 2018
Pop-tinged rockers You Me at Six reveal a hitherto unknown appreciation for ‘The Big Lebowski' in this video for ‘Back Again'. Set in Harringay's Rowans bowling alley, the promo sees bandmates Josh, Chris, Max, Matt, and Dan cosplay as some of the film's key players. Three-and-a-bit minutes of cinematic mirth.

Recent Promos
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