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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

    • Circular economy.This nimble commercial marks thirty years of The Big Issue, with the brand keen to recognise former magazine vendors and their accomplishments.
    • Ghostly greetings.A little annoyance goes a long way when it comes to a dad doing his bit to tackle the issue of climate change.
    • It's a knockoutThis kinetic ad for Jean-Paul Gaultier has a curious narrative progression.
    • Harassment heard.This tense campaign from timeTo draws attention to the risks of sexual harassment cases spiking on a return to corporate environments.
    • Thirsty work.Water Aid have news for anyone who thinks the charity will swoop in and save the day: they can't.
    • Supernova head to You Are HereYou Are Here have added South American directing duo Supernova to their roster for representation.
    • The Corner Shop nab Vincent René-Lortie.The Corner Shop have signed director Vincent René-Lortie for work in the UK, the US, and the Netherlands.
    • An important call.This is really interesting way to make an important point... by using a comic take on the awkward questions we sometimes face from our nearest and dearest, it lures us towards its reveal – which is as serious as it gets.
    • Treks in the cityThis beguiling glimpse of New York City, as seen through the eyes of a quartet of women is like a cultural antidote to 'Sex & The City'.
    • Same Time Next YearThis moving love story illustrates the patience and fortitude required if the object of your amour is only able to put in an appearance once a year.


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The Big Issue
23 November 2021

This nimble commercial marks thirty years of The Big Issue, with the brand keen to recognise former magazine vendors and their accomplishments. Whether they've returned to work, learned new skills, or are just back on an even keel, previous sellers retain the brand's respect long after they've retired the red vest.

This is illustrated by some neat transition shots that show how individuals progress with The Big Issue's help. Their surroundings change, their clothes change, and soon they're the ones buying a copy of the magazine for themselves. It's an effective bit of storytelling, and reacquaints viewers with the brand's mission after a disruptive period.

"Believe in Tomorrow"
1 min 43s
26 November 2021

Everyone DAVID's shown this quaint film for Erste bank to has expressed the urge to pitch the child at the heart of the narrative into the nearest recycling bin. That being said, a little annoyance goes a long way when it comes to a dad doing his bit to tackle the issue of climate change.

Rather than sleigh bells, the poor man is beset by the insistent jingling of his offspring's favourite teddy bear. He's chided over all manner of environmental sins (leaving the tap or lights on, taking the car to work, accepting a plastic bag with his shopping), yet somehow manages to take it all in good humour and adjust his behaviour accordingly.

Cynical viewers may be less impressed at the final narrative twist - that the child is actually a shaming projection of an unborn fetus - but it tugs at the heartstrings nonetheless. Tactile animation and hearts clearly in the right place go a long way to fostering affection for the story, although the persistent emphasis on individuals rather than major corporations solving the climate crisis does leave a less than festive taste in one's mouth.

Jean-Paul Gaultier
"The Boxer"
26 November 2021

This kinetic ad for Jean-Paul Gaultier has a curious narrative progression. There's plenty of glitz and glamour on show as a collection of bright young things attend a boxing match with a difference - namely that it ends in what's implied to be a wall-shaking shag.

Run-DMC's 'It's Like That and That's The Way It Is' brings some requisite energy to the film's soundtrack, with rapid cuts and well-designed visuals ensuring audiences never have the chance to get bored. A broad variety of punters watch the explosive fight unfold, barely noticing when the ceiling begins to crack above them.

Perhaps the Eiffel Tower showstopper is a bit over the top, but then that's an essential part of the brand's appeal. Glossy and camp, it wouldn't be Gaultier if there was anything restrained about promoting a fragrance called 'Scandal'.

"It's Time To Draw The Line"
26 November 2021

While it would be remiss to say that sexual harassment ever stopped in light of the pandemic, being out of office spaces did give many a break from bad bosses, creepy co-workers, and other such workplace nasties. This tense campaign from timeTo draws attention to the risks of returning to corporate environments, projecting a red line through empty offices to illustrate the need to be vigilant about such behaviour.

Director Lexi Kiddo viscerally captures the dread many will be feeling at the prospect of seeing inappropriate co-workers in person again, as a diverse cacophony of voices swells with complaints as yet unheard. Speaking up can be a deeply frightening prospect, the film asserts, but there is support and help to be found from the advertised organisation.

Water Aid
26 November 2021

Water Aid have news for anyone who thinks the charity will swoop in and save the day: they can't. This 60" commercial argues that climate change is already past the point of no return, with floods, droughts, and rising sea levels now beyond their capabilities. Hardly the pep talk we need after a bumpy COP26.

Yet before anyone gets too downhearted, one of the cast reveals what the organisation can do, and that's help those worst affected thrive in spite of climate change. Of course, Water Aid still need viewers to help improve the odds of success.

Diverse, multigenerational casting helps the brand's cause, as it shows how anyone from any background can relate to these issues. Furthermore, incidental details like fish and chips juxtaposed with cracked earth neatly bring the reality of the situation to our doorstep.


On This Day
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Microsoft XBox
"Jump In"
28 Nov 2005
Marvellous film for Microsoft's next generation of games console has a young man discovering a sword in the ground before a medieval army starts firing arrows at him and then a strange monster picks him up. The lad, perhaps mindful that it's only a game, seems remarkably unfazed.

John West
28 Nov 2006
A return to our screen for a classic ad in which a fisherman representing John West takes on a grizzly bear in a fight over a salmon. Watch out for the Ali Shuffle from the bear though if you've never seen this before you probably don't know what an Ali Shuffle is.

Soda Stream
"The Soda Stream Effect"
28 Nov 2012
This commercial has been shown in other markets but Clearcast have deigned unsuitable for UK viewers. The full story is available at The Drum... read it for yourself and judge whether this is a justifiable decision.

Red Stripe
"Make Music In The Corner Shop"
1 min 45s
28 Nov 2012
This delightful and funny concoction reveals what happened in a corner shop when a series of tricks were used to create an exciting response whenever a punter picked up a bottle or a can. 'A Message To You Rudy' was slowly put together by unusual musical instruments and the effect is magical.

"Can't Wait"
28 Nov 2013
Shot in a number of exotic locations - including a Moroccan souk, a Brazilian favela, a Tokyo apartment and a London bank - this film catches the keen anticipation that builds around a major football event. It gives us notice of what we can expect when the World Cup proper rolls into Brazil next year.

Richmond Sausages
28 Nov 2015
Every parent will have learned to dread the loss of the one stuffed animal their offspring cannot live without. It's an attachment that may seem ridiculous to non-parents or to the unsentimental but it can feel like a very real emergency when child and 'best friend' are involuntarily parted with no prospect of an immediate reunion, and this 60" film taps into that with aplomb. When 'mum' tearfully reveals that 'teddy' is part of the family, a lot of mums and dads will know exactly what she means.

"It Begins With A Blanket"
1 min 35s
28 Nov 2016
This UNICEF film arrives just as many in the West will be counting their spoils from Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Amidst a whirlwind of discount tellies and clothes, it's easy to forget how drastically wants and needs differ across the globe. A girl wanders around a makeshift refugee camp picking up odds and ends - after all, her life depends on it.

28 Nov 2016
This magnificent ad from director Bart Timmer introduces us to John - a 52 year old office worker suddenly gripped by a sense of carpe diem. Urged by an inner monologue, he feels literally unstoppable and not even walls can contain his bid for freedom. Or so it seems. It's an utterly brilliant way of bringing to life an apparently dull detail about work-based pensions.

28 Nov 2017
A dedicated concierge gets the appreciation he deserves in this heartwarming ad for Samsung. We see the guy going the extra mile for the residents of his apartment building, ensuring that everybody feels at home. From Diwali to Hanukkah, the guy painstakingly decorates the lobby according to the season, putting in the effort to celebrate everyone's culture.

"The Joy of Connection"
28 Nov 2019
For all some members of the older generation like to gripe about smartphones preventing 'real' interaction, Vodafone prove the opposite in this poignant commercial. Celebrating the power of modern technology to bring people together even over vast distances, the ad sees an elderly father keep up tradition even when his daughter can't be with him in person.

28 Nov 2019
ClearScore's uncanny streak continues with a deceptively simple ad that shows while a zebra can't change its stripes, it can pursue a career in a hospital's A&E department. After all, life at the end of the alphabet isn't all it's cracked up to be. his is cheerfully explained by a zebra who can walk on two legs and perform basic medical procedures (hooves make some duties harder than others, you understand).

Pizza Hut
"Pasta Dishes"
28 Nov 2004
So unexpected is Pizza Hut's new range of pasta dishes, customers try to push them into the triangular shape of pizza slices and pick them up with their hands.

Tetley Tea
28 Nov 2005
Auntea returns in this increasingly strange series. Here she swats at an elephant that makes a move for a bun on her lap. DAVID can't help wondering if the script originally had a more involved pun on redbush as that is the tea being advertised and Auntea is a red-haired. Work it out for yourself.

Mars Celebrations
"Someone To Love"
28 Nov 2005
Andy and Mary at AMV must have been getting the old Blues Brothers video out when seeking inspiration for a new Mars Celebrations ad as the commercial not only uses one of the music tracks from John Landis's classic 1980s movie, it also borrows from the choreography.

28 Nov 2005
Peter Kay voices an amusing ad for Tesco in which he mentions a cocktail maker available for £29.99. He suggests that you "can mix a screwdriver for Dad, a marguerita for Mum and a Screaming Orgasm for Nana" before he changes his mind and suggests a cup of tea.

28 Nov 2005
The illness of a three-month old child is likened to a boiler that's about to blow a gasket in this commercial for the children's medicine in the first of a series of visual metaphors that includes the soothing of a volcano's fire by water sent from the spout of the Nurofen whale.

Beechams Flu Plus
"Outer Mongolia"
28 Nov 2005
According to this ad for Beechams, n Outer Mongolia, there are still those who believe that sleeping with Yaks will cure a cold. We hope that this entails merely sleeping in the same stable rather than interfering with the animals in any kind of unhealthy way.

Scottish Executive Anti-Smoking
"Passive Smoking"
28 Nov 2005
Scotland begins the difficult task of persuading its population to abide by the Executive's decision to ban smoking in public places with a hard-hitting film depicting the dangers of passive smoking. A woman who regards it as a bit of nuisance is shown undergoing treatment for cancer.

CK One
"Youth In A Bottle"
28 Nov 2005
Ah, the smell of youth... not the kind of smell you get from a teenager's bedroom when he retreats into for weeks on end emerging only to utter the word "whatever" and take in a week's supply of Frosties, you understand. No, the smell of beautiful young people shot in monochrome.

Sony PlayStation
"Fighting Shapes"
28 Nov 2005
Follow-up to last week's ad has the shapes representing the fun you can have with a Sony Playstaion battling it out for supremacy in impressive style as they slam against the side of a bus and climb a crane.

"Rude Wake Up"
28 Nov 2005
BBH really are determined to get us drinking gallons of Baileys with crushed ice this year. Once again, the cool looking black guy is blending the moreish drink with ice... this time waking a slumbering friend on his sofa as he does so.

28 Nov 2005
Strange one this. A couple are struggling for conversation on what looks like a first date, so she slips away to the loo to browse the internet on her mobile phone to find out more about the author of the book he is reading. This contrivance has them chatting away happily. Hmmmm.

"Missing Computer"
28 Nov 2005
Follow up to last week's glossy opener has a 1940s style detective searching for a missing computer as he tries to figure out how it is you can print directly from a digital camera to a printer without need of a PC. Same agency as IBM; same director as IBM; same look and feel as IBM.

"George Clooney"
28 Nov 2006
When George Clooney overhears some women in a coffee shop talking about something or someone "dark, intense, sensual, delicate and smooth" he naturally enough thinks they are talking about him. In fact, they are talking about the coffee they get from a Nespresso machine.

Channel 4.com
28 Nov 2007
To illustrate a new online service which enables users to download recipes, we see people tucking into computer parts and laptops. As we'd expect from Channel 4, it has all been achieved with considerable élan. Brings a whole different meaning to the idea of eating a bag of chips.

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