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Let's Talk About Sex!
31 October 2016

A David Reviews and APA event
sponsored by Coffee & TV.

When director Alma Har'el launched the 'Free the Bid' movement a month ago, she was hoping it would make a splash but she could hardly have anticipated the impact it would have.

High-profile agencies who have signed up to the initiative - which calls for agencies to include one woman on every three-director short-list - have been joined by a number of major multi-national clients, while other advertising agencies have created their own diversity schemes. In the meantime, a huge number of female directors have contacted the movement.

But not everyone is behind it. Conversations across the advertising world have revealed many different positions ranging from outright opposition to unswerving support... and everything in between.

So what should your company's position be?

Come along to our special event next week and hear what founder Alma Har'el has to say. She'll be joined by other key supporters of 'Free the Bid' in a special event - chaired by DAVID REVIEWS editor Jason Stone - which will provide an important opportunity to discuss all of the issues raised by this initiative.

This event which will be held on Monday, 31st October 2016 at the LSE's Saw Swee Hock Student Union building at 1 Sheffield St, London, WC2A 2EY between 2.00 and 4.00.

Tickets are £10.00 (plus VAT) each with proceeds after venue costs going to charity.




On This Day
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King Kong
2 mins 15s
28 Jun 2005
December release King Kong looks like being a spectacular remake of the 1933 original if this trailer is anything to go by. Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson once again takes advantage of marvellous landscapes and digital effects to conjure a visual feast.

Rape Crisis Scotland
28 Jun 2010
This film is part of a campaign designed to make people rethink their prejudices about rape. A young woman wearing a short skirt is "asking for it" according to a male onlooker and that idea is followed through to its logical conclusion so it can be contradicted.

"VW The Dark Side"
28 Jun 2011
Did VW make themselves a hostage to fortune when they made an ad aligning themselves with Darth Vader? Turns out they did... this immensely crafty spoof has Greenpeace aligning themselves with the goodies from the Star Wars gang to oppose VW's environmental record.

"Plan B"
2 mins 26s
28 Jun 2011
If you're willing to ignore the clunky start and finish and concentrate on the lengthy bit in the middle, this is a rather lovely piece of work. East London chanteur Plan B breaks down a hit single, highlighting the advertised technology in the process.

Coca Cola
28 Jun 2016
Typical, eh? On the day you manage to wrangle golfing superstar Jordan Spieth for your commercial, Mother Nature throws a wet blanket on proceedings with a torrential downpour. Luckily for Coca-Cola, the soft drink find creativity in confined conditions - namely Jordan Spieth's trailer. In lieu of a dry practice range, Spieth decides his shelter for the shoot provides ample opportunity to keep his aim in check.

"Fino Platter"
28 Jun 2016
Earlier this year there was much hilarity on social media as Americans tried and failed to understand the concept of "a cheeky Nando's". The owners of the chicken restaurants must have enjoyed it... not least because you can't buy that kind of publicity. Neither can you buy a place in popular culture and Nando's enjoys this as well. It's the "turn to" reference of comedians like Jack Whitehall when they want to invoke a certain kind of dining experience.

National Lottery
"Against the Odds"
28 Jun 2019
This well crafted film rattles through some of the grassroots football schemes funded by the National Lottery. As England's women currently ensure another memorable summer for the beautiful game, director Ben Falk takes a closer look at those playing for more than fame or glory. A salient reminder that it's not the winning but the taking part that counts.

Apple AirPods
1 min 47s
28 Jun 2019
Apple's latest AirPods commercial highlights the product's wireless charging capability in an unusually acrobatic way. A man's day is brightened up with the addition of music - especially when he discovers his tunes give him reality-bending abilities. Up-and-comer Tessellated's 'I Learnt Some Jazz Today' accompanying the fluid black-and-white visuals.

"This Is Home"
1 min 50s
28 Jun 2019
This film was an Internet sensation when it was 'leaked' towards the end of June. Charismatic footballer-turned-pundit Ian Wright explains how both London and Arsenal - the club where he spent most of his career - have a tendency to adopt people and claim them as their own. The current crop of Arsenal stars prove they are game as they underline his point by speaking in the vernacular of those born in and around Highbury.

Hunky Dorys
"The Crinkler"
28 Jun 2021
In this always online, never inhibited world, words cut deeper than ever before. Yet the mouthy protagonist of this Hunky Dorys ad is no internet troll - his job is to scream, abuse, and malign. An employee of Irish crisp makers Hunky Dorys, Christie (played by comedian Darren Conway) yells at slices of fried potato until they form ridges.

Genesis Motors
"Free Diver"
28 Jun 2021
This elegiac piece of filmmaking demands a little patience from the viewer as it's not exactly pacey, but – as we'd expect from the sublime Frédéric Planchon – the visual flair provides more than enough interest to grab and sustain the interest of the audience.

Toyota Yaris
"Small But Big"
28 Jun 2006
Clement Freud provides the voice in a second exploration of the concept of Big Small, small things that have the characteristics of something much bigger. Thus we see an ant carrying a leaf bigger than it is; a small cup of espresso coffee and so on.

28 Jun 2007
Another quite astonishing commercial for the furniture retailer has a middle-aged oriental woman giving her husband a tirade of abuse for the grievous sin of leaving up the toilet seat after he has used it. It transpires this exchange is not happening in the privacy of their home as you might think.

28 Jun 2007
Charming follow up to the 'fireworks' ad from earlier this year uses a child's voiceover to describe how the product creeps up on laundry like a ghost and frightens the dirt away. The clothes themselves form a ghoulish shape to illustrate what we are being told.

28 Jun 2007
An amusing vignette in the style of inexplicably popular comedy Little Britain introduces us to trashy Tanya who uses the splendid bus service to get herself to and from the tanning salon where, alas, one day she overdoes it and gets more than she bargained for.

"Zooming In"
28 Jun 2007
The viewpoint charges impressively into a news agency's building like a missile to establish a metaphor which describes how easy it is to drill through the information made available by Teletext. The vision has been cleverly realised to create a strong sense of dynamism.

28 Jun 2009
Dave Gorman provides the voice one again for another addition to this decent campaign for the DIY chain. A billboard is decorated by having its border repainted and the wall behind it is wallpapered to illustrate some of the stuff that's available.

"It's Why"
28 Jun 2010
This lengthy commercial for NatWest reveals that the bank has made a commitment to do what its customers want. It reflects the growing confidence that we have forgiven them for their role in the fiasco they instigated in 2008. A tad premature, n'est pas?

"Spain Vs South Korea"
28 Jun 2010
Another collection of bumpers purporting to show a football match played between two sets of cars. The idea of mirroring World Cup fixtures in this fashion has proven sufficiently engaging to catch the attention of Top Gear... the BBC programme ran their own version last week.

"England Out"
28 Jun 2010
Such was Leo Burnett's confidence in England that they made this commercial in preparation for defeat. Mind you, it was a pretty safe bet. Graham Taylor provides the voice battling the irritating soundtrack in an otherwise engaging ad for the fast food giant.

28 Jun 2010
Thank heavens for Nike that one of the superstars they backed at this year's World Cup is delivering the goods. Brazilian Robinho has shown as much skill in the heat of battle as he does in the sportswear company's big budget television ad.

"Easy Switching"
28 Jun 2010
This commercial emphasises how easy it is to switch your bank account to Santander. The Spanish banking group which managed to keep its nose clean during the banking crisis is set to become a bigger presence on the high street and their advertising reflects their muscle.

"Le Lion Indomptable"
2 mins 30s
28 Jun 2010
This charming animated film offers a potted history of the career of the Cameroon footballer Roger Milla. He describes the way he was selected to play in the 1990 World Cup and the pride he felt when his country became the first African nation to reach the quarter-finals.

"Dress Up, Stay In"
28 Jun 2010
This stylised commercial for Smirnoff uses is an unusual technique to illustrate the fun of a party dominated by the drink. Not for the first time, the music choice plays an important part in the commercial's success.

BBC Glastonbury
"Hello Glastonbury"
28 Jun 2011
One of a pair of cute ads trailing the BBC's coverage of Glastonbury. Don't get excited... they aren't holding another festival down at Worthy Farm... it's just taken us a while to present this at DAVID. Think of it as a very early trail for the 2012 event, if you like.

On This Day
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