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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Nicolas Larrouquere
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"Better Together"
31 Oct 2019
Heineken's latest Champions League commercial focuses on companionship... or more specifically a lack of it.

Paco Rabanne
"Invictus Legend"
9 Apr 2019
This souped-up power fantasy for Paco Rabanne reeks of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road', and all the better for it.

Moët & Chandon
"First Time"
19 Jun 2018
Keen to halt Prosecco's millennial boom in its tracks, Moët & Chandon insist a glass of champers is the only way to mark life's milestones.

"Go with the Flaw"
2 mins 11s
14 Sep 2017
Diesel continue their campaign to embrace the weird and wonderful in this striking ad directed by François Rousselet.

"Not Just a Pretty Hairstyle"
9 May 2016
Lynx have taken to life at the grown-up table like a fragrant duck to water, and this James Blunt-inspired ad underlines this evolution.

"Look Who's Driving"
2 mins 25s
3 Dec 2015
What a marvellous idea for an online spot promoting the sheer resilience of Volvo trucks: rig one up like a giant remote controlled car, give the controls to a four year old girl, and let her steer it.

Jack White
3 mins 51s
5 Jun 2014
The indefatigably eclectic Mr White is back with a new bag of tricks for our delectation.

"Grab Her"
3 mins 44s
24 Jan 2014
Despite its alarmingly Neanderthal title, Disclosure's Grab Her is a regular dance track.

Jackson and His Computer Band
"Dead Living Things"
4 mins
9 Sep 2013
This is a sludgy, sexy nightmare of a song with a grinding synth bass and vocals that seem to issue from a dead-eyed seductress with a snake for a tongue.

Bouygues Telecom
10 Nov 2011
This French ad appears to claim that the company is run by adorable kittens.

10 Nov 2011
This strange offering from Finland demonstrates that Scandinavian chocolate can be as joyous as anything emanating from these islands.

Petits Filous
"Be Ready Out There"
2 May 2011
A western spoof is neutered by the need to adhere to the various regulations governing the conduct of children in commercials.

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