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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Paris Loves US
9 mins 45s
1 Apr 2019
"Together is our word, and Paris is our land" declares the narrator of this lengthy ode to Parisian solidarity.

"The Selection"
19 Sep 2018
There's a nicely judged sense of fun in this French commercial which has a teenage girl playing with a model version of the advertised car.

"When I Was Young"
3 mins 17s
29 Nov 2017
Those already pining for Halloween will appreciate this atmospheric Mě promo.

Dizzee Rascal
"Bop N Keep It Dippin"
6 mins 14s
19 Oct 2017
What should you never do as an accountant to a brutal gangster? Get caught strapping his cash to your puny bod, that's what.

"Enter the Zone"
1 min 37s
28 Mar 2017
Park Village's Thibaut Grevet taps into the racing mindset with this arresting Renault film.

Paris Opera
"The Slap"
2 mins 46s
12 Sep 2016
Rattling Stick's Loren Denis turns a trip to the opera into an out-of-body experience with this forceful ad for the Paris Opera.

26 Jul 2016
This French ad for McDonald's features an astronaut flagging outside his spacecraft in the cold wastes of the void.

Road Safety (Republic of Ireland)
"Never Let Go"
6 Apr 2016
Irish International BBDO's impressive work for the country's road safety campaign continues with an unsettling film which is all about a loss of control, and a preventable one at that.

"Belvita Meets Tassimo"
25 Mar 2015
This action-packed commercial for a Belvita/Tassimo team-up warns rogues and villains there's a new crimefighter in town. His name? Jean-Francois.

"La Vie Est Belle"
8 Sep 2016

Naive New Beaters
"Words Hurt"
4 mins 11s
20 Apr 2017

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