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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Giorgio Armani
"What If You Said Si"
29 Mar 2019
Cate Blanchett brings some class to an otherwise rote fragrance ad for Giorgio Armani.

23 Jan 2018
Diesel continue to 'go with the flaw' in their latest campaign... except this time around there aren't any actual flaws on display.

"Go with the Flaw"
2 mins 11s
14 Sep 2017
Diesel continue their campaign to embrace the weird and wonderful in this striking ad directed by François Rousselet.

"What They Say About You"
8 Mar 2017
Nike leap aboard the International Women's Day bandwagon with typical sure-footedness with this film focusing on female athletes in the Middle East.

"Da Da Ding"
2 mins 52s
12 Jul 2016
This epic commercial for Nike is the first for the sportswear company by Wieden + Kennedy's Delhi office and what a statement of intent it is.

The Avalanches
"Frankie Sinatra"
4 mins 23s
7 Jun 2016
'Frankie Sinatra' by The Avalanches is as batshit crazy as their hit 'Frontier Psychiatrist'... but is it the neon-yellow drink that's the cause this time?

"Spark Brilliance"
6 Apr 2016
Paris Saint-Germain and France midfielder Blaise Matuidi is the star of Nike's energetic tribute to the moments that trigger a lifelong passion for football.

"Find Your Magic"
13 Jan 2016
Axe has been moving away from its previous positioning as the secret to becoming irresistible to women for a little while, but this ad leaves us in no doubt as to where it now stands.

24 Jun 2015
Carlsberg's make-believe business empire continues to grow unabated as they take a short back and sides to a whole new level of luxury.

Snoop Dogg
"So Many Pros"
4 mins 32s
25 Apr 2015
Snoop Dogg - looking more and more like someone's dad having a larf - gets hilariously bad-ass in this excellent promo for his new track So Many Pros.

25 Mar 2015
If tequila-flavoured beer alone isn't enough of an affront to your jaded palate, then get yourself a bottle of Desperados Verde which lobs lime and mint into the mix.

25 Mar 2015
Beer and tequila go head to head - or rather fist to fist - in this new 15 second spot for Desperados; the drink which has the attributes of the former and the taste of the latter.

"Where Is My Trophy?"
25 Mar 2015
An explosion of colour and attitude makes this 15" ad for Desperados hit the spot.

Jack White
3 mins 51s
5 Jun 2014
The indefatigably eclectic Mr White is back with a new bag of tricks for our delectation.

Dansson and Marlon Hoffstadt
"Shake That"
2 mins 39s
25 Feb 2014
West Coast zombie funkster Lil' G shows a bunch of bootylicious bbes who's boss in this promo for Dansson and Marlon Hoffstadt.

"Two on Two"
3 mins 39s
25 Feb 2014
This fairly average track from French electro-duo Jamaica is redeemed by a wonderfully daft video.

"Grab Her"
3 mins 44s
24 Jan 2014
Despite its alarmingly Neanderthal title, Disclosure's Grab Her is a regular dance track.

3 mins 29s
28 Sep 2013
This has come to our attention courtesy of an ad for Johnnie Walker whisky, of all things.

Jackson and His Computer Band
"Dead Living Things"
4 mins
9 Sep 2013
This is a sludgy, sexy nightmare of a song with a grinding synth bass and vocals that seem to issue from a dead-eyed seductress with a snake for a tongue.

3 mins 36s
13 Dec 2017

"Go Up (feat. Cat Power & Pharrell)"
3 mins 14s
13 Dec 2017

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