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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Kellogg's Squares
"Square Yourself"

Ed said:

It's like one of those ads from The Apprentice.



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"Move Like a Man"
2 mins 44s
29 Aug 2019
This forward-thinking film for Dazed looks at the evolution of modern masculinity through the medium of dance.

"Imagine Dragons x Champions League"
21 May 2019
This Pespi commercial uses a flashy ‘tunnel' effect to promote the opening act at this year's Champions League final, Imagine Dragons.

"Scared of Love"
4 mins 05s
29 Jan 2019
Rudimental get meta in this promo for latest single 'Scared of Love'.

"Sucker Punch"
3 mins 14s
29 Oct 2018
Norwegian popster Sigrid has energy to burn in this nimble promo courtesy of directors AB/CD/CD.

"Quarter Past Midnight"
3 mins 25s
24 May 2018
Bastille explore a night out gone weird in this intriguing promo for their latest track, 'Quarter Past Midnight'.

3 mins 17s
3 May 2018
Norwegian artist Aurora delivers 'Queendom' - the first release from her sophomore album - with a stylish video from Kinga Burza.

Kellogg's Special K
"Powering You"
31 Dec 2017
No one at Sport England is going to mind the echoes of This Girl Can in this super new piece of work for Kellogg's Special K.

Franz Ferdinand
"Always Ascending"
5 mins 21s
7 Dec 2017
Art rock veterans Franz Ferdinand return with this vertiginous promo.

Jessie Ware
3 mins 38s
13 Oct 2017
Jessie Ware enjoys some alone time in this lucent promo, courtesy of Forever's Charlie Robins.

Isaac Gracie
"All in My Mind"
4 mins 25s
20 Jun 2017
Analogue trumps digital as singer-songwriter Isaac Gracie's bittersweet track is given the 16mm treatment.

Chase & Status
"This Moment (ft. Blossoms)"
3 mins 35s
20 Jun 2017
This intriguing promo takes an intimate look at the life of a young family of Travellers.

"Get Ready to Live"
15 Jun 2017
Destination unknown, this couple skips town by any means necessary - good thing they're covered by the advertised insurer, then.

"(No-One Knows Me) Like The Piano"
3 mins 50s
8 Feb 2017
Sampha - starting to become known as 'the musician's musician' - tinkles the ivories sparingly as he explains how the piano in his mother's home set him on his journey.

Declan McKenna
"The Kids Don't Wanna Come Home"
5 mins
2 Feb 2017
Young singer-songwriter Declan McKenna continues to impress with his ability to wrap topical subjects in a catchy tune.

Emeli Sandé
"Garden (ft Jay Electronica & Aine Zion)"
4 mins 03s
22 Nov 2016
Rapper Jay Electronica and poet Áine Zion join Emeli Sandé for her latest release, 'Garden'.

Bring Me The Horizon
"Oh No"
5 mins 03s
9 Nov 2016
Isaac Eastgate's promo for 'Oh No' by Bring Me The Horizon is a wild and wacky affair incorporating everything from a hostage scenario to a trumpet-playing clay baby.

"Cold Water Kills"
26 Jul 2016
This haunting film by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency reminds us that our perception of the water after a couple of drinks can result in fatal consequences.

Stevie Parker
"The Cure"
3 mins 32s
16 Jun 2016
Stevie Parker - a singer-songwriter who looks like a young, more intelligent Madonna - gets a pensive video by Weronika Tofilska for her rather lovely new track 'The Cure'.

2 mins 32s
15 Jun 2016
The guitar work on 'Easy' by Spanish group Hinds reminds us here at DAVID HQ of Lower Dens, and it has the same off-guard appeal.

Iggy Pop
"American Valhalla"
5 mins 35s
10 Jun 2016
Iggy Pop's 'American Valhalla' gets a promo by Jamie-James Medina built around footage of the Nigerian-set boxing match between Dick Tiger and Gene Fullmer in 1963.

H & M
"Coachella is Everywhere"
1 min 40s
11 May 2016
This year's Coachella festival may have been and gone, but the California magnet for the young, the hip, and the famous lives on in this evocative H & M commercial.

4 Apr 2016
For those in the market for a sound system, this contraption inspired by Grolsch's distinctive swing top bottle would no doubt inspire a squint at the price tag.

Garden Bridge Trust
"Garden Bridge"
23 Mar 2016
This engaging film for the Garden Bridge Trust is a celebration of London's hustle and bustle while outlining the project's ambitious goal to bring an extra burst of greenery to the UK's biggest urban jungle.

"Empty Threat"
4 mins 32s
23 Nov 2015
Chvrches seems to be opting for the safe bet with this track from their new album Every Open Eye.

Naughty Boy
"Runnin' (ft Beyoncé, Arrow Benjamin)"
3 mins 36s
23 Sep 2015
This astonishing promo by Charlie Robins for Naughty Boy's 'Runnin' is already set to scoop up award after award - it's as inevitable as the tug of the tide.

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