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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Gladstone Brookes

Neil said:

This geezer looks like the type that turns up at your door, holding a clipboard and asking if you have a TV license.



La Pac
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Short Films
"Server Room"
3 mins 17s
2 Aug 2019
Mankind's digital and physical futures merge in this enthralling short film from AB/CD/CD.

"Neymar: Spirit of the Brave"
1 min 34s
14 Jun 2019
Brazilian enfant terrible Neymar has ‘co-created' a new Diesel fragrance called Spirit of the Brave.

"The Selection"
19 Sep 2018
There's a nicely judged sense of fun in this French commercial which has a teenage girl playing with a model version of the advertised car.

Peugeot 208
"Sebastien Loeb"
6 Jul 2018
World Rally Championship driver Sébastien Loeb drives a nervy VO spare in this Peugeot ad.

"Big Part of a Big Sun"
4 mins 16s
3 Apr 2018
This curious promo for French electronic artist DeLaurentis' latest track takes the form of an alien snuff film.

6 Jan 2018
This French commercial for Canal+ reminds us that they can accommodate our viewing habits whatever they may be.

Franz Ferdinand
"Always Ascending"
5 mins 21s
7 Dec 2017
Art rock veterans Franz Ferdinand return with this vertiginous promo.

M & M's
"Faint II"
30 Nov 2017
Over twenty years since Red and Yellow spooked Father Christmas, M & M's reckon we're due a sequel.

30 Oct 2017
Another spooky spot for Renault gives new meaning to the phrase 'hands-off parking'.

"Feeding Time"
30 Oct 2017
This surprisingly cute Halloween themed ad for Renault appeals to parents both living and... undead.

Grizzly Bear
"Mourning Sound"
4 mins 28s
13 Oct 2017
Grizzly Bear's first album since 2012's much-loved Shields has a more electronic slant than we're used to hearing from them, and nowhere is this more apparent than on 'Mourning Sound'.

Charlotte Gainsbourg
"Deadly Valentine"
6 mins 03s
3 Oct 2017
The second track released from Charlotte Gainsbourg's album Rest, 'Deadly Valentine' is an offbeat, dreamy dance number.

Leroy Merlin
"Life's Adventure"
1 min 51s
23 Mar 2017
A couple sets sail through adult life when they purchase a cliff-side house and their journey is rendered into an impressive metaphor.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands
"The Red Dot"
1 min 32s
19 Jan 2017
This live-action ad for 'Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands' sees a cat chase a mysterious red dot around the room.

French Biomedicine Agency
"Deja Vu 2"
2 mins 35s
28 Nov 2016
The French Biomedicine Agency offer more gratuitous violence in their new spot about organ donation.

Human Rights Watch
18 Nov 2016
Non-governmental organisation Human Rights Watch examines the impact of war on the next generation in this grimly effective film.

Saint Vincent De Paul
5 mins 17s
20 Oct 2016
This absorbing short film from the Society of St Vincent de Paul reminds us of what technology has achieved... and what remains beyond its grasp.

"60th Anniversary "
1 Mar 2013
An operating theatre loses power mid-transplant - but it's just to herald the arrival of a sparkler-laden birthday cake to mark 60 years of "living kidney donation".

"The Pursuit"
4 Aug 2011
This French public information ad takes the idea of free love and uses it to send an amusing message about sexually transmitted diseases.

8 Feb 2008
The pair with the moustaches are in danger of being crushed in an avalanche.

9 Jan 2008
The unstoppable 118 boys are back... in this brief winter-based commercial.

"Ice Sculpting"
9 Jan 2008
Another suitably daft piece of nonsense featuring the moustachioed duo carving ice.

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