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Five Star Work
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"Summer Never Sleeps"
25 Sep 2022
To judge by the completed work, outdoor wear company Kathmandu are keen to attract younger customers. It neither emphasises the quality of the clothes or the wonders of nature... well, not in the traditional style anyway. Instead, director Daniel Warwick has created a film which celebrates a very different spirit of adventure.

30 Sep 2022
The unrelenting march of plus signs continues as Starzplay becomes Lionsgate+ in the UK. To mark the occasion, agency adam&eveDDB and director Finn Keenan have made this slick commercial delving into the physiology of viewers.

"Fear of Failure"
29 Sep 2022
A man's fear of failure goes haywire in this well-performed spot for Pinterest. Atychiphobia is personified as a sweaty bloke cowering under the kitchen table, and he is spooked rotten. Why? Because the protagonist dares to cook a new recipe for his in-laws.

25 Sep 2022
Seinfeld fans will appreciate this multifarious commercial for iShares. Like Jerry, George, and Elaine in The Stock Tip ("Sendrax have got some new kind of technique for televising opera"), the protagonist is a jittery mess as he tracks his investment. His train might be moving, but the market sure ain't.

British Heart Foundation
"Cum On Feel the Noize"
25 Sep 2022
The British Heart Foundation appeal to Boomers and Gen X in this whistle-stop tour through history. Featuring a stand-in 'cameo' from Slade with their familiar hit 'Cum on Feel the Noize' as soundtrack, the piece takes viewers from the hippie movement and widespread anti war protests to the emergence of the contraceptive pill and the first successful heart transplant.

"The Life Collection"
25 Sep 2022
Not even a Billy bookcase is safe from neglect in this timely IKEA spot. The retailer demonstrate what happens when life becomes incompatible with flat-pack furniture for whatever reason: pregnancy, death, marriage, divorce, boredom, etc. As a cover of Don’t You Forget About Me by Simple Minds plays in the background, we see other used IKEA items and the reason for their domestic demotion.

"Everyone's Got a Thing"
21 Sep 2022
This commercial for DFS emphasises the idea that the furniture offerings are able to match the individual taste of the chain's customers. This is a pretty wild claim, but will assume that the in-store experience is keeping pace with the advertising... we certainly hope so.

League of Legends
"Wild Rift"
5 mins 20s
21 Sep 2022
This film by Ross Cooper is an absolute tour de force, and when you discover the limitations the director faced when making it, its achievement is all the more impressive. The film was commissioned at the eleventh hour when a resurgence of the pandemic meant that the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship in China had to be cancelled.

"Because Crocs"
22 Sep 2022
A woman plays a strange game of Hot and Cold in this ad for Australian retailer Catch. When she arrives home, she's greeted by twenty-four men and women in crocs—as good an excuse as any to call the police, you might think.

"Why Choose The Alternative?"
21 Sep 2022
This is a fantastically persuasive piece of advertising disguised as a bit of amusing fun. A woman has prepared a sandwich using the advertised meat alternative, and is about to take a bite when she becomes distracted by a mellifluous voice over extolling the virtues of her food.

Back Market
21 Sep 2022
As Cravendale customers know all too well, cats always have an agenda. Those in this Back Market spot are no exception, as they scratch, smash, and sabotage every electronic device they can get their paws on. We've all seen cats knock over stuff, but this is next-level vandalism.

National Network of Abortion Funds
16 Sep 2022
Those concerned by the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade, rejoice—the Eff-Urself is here for you. Perhaps the biggest and ugliest dildo since Donald Trump, the aforementioned product is, among other things, "the best way to swear off semen forever".

14 Sep 2022
Not since the Tide commercial which dominated the Super Bowl a few years ago has there been such a fantastic opportunity to make fun of the advertising business. Director Andreas Nilsson is in his element as he parodies multiple genres in an endless series of questions about what the advertised product might be.

Vodka Cruiser
"Cruisin' On My Own"
2 mins 42s
15 Sep 2022
Much has been made online about the frankness of this paean to female masturbation, but DAVID suspects the authors of these pieces have been paying more attention to the press releases than to the work itself which, while it undoubtedly implies approval of the aforementioned activity, does so in a fashion which is unlikely to frighten the horses.

"Car Crash"
14 Sep 2022
This wonderful piece of insanity directed by Thai director Wuthisak Anarnkaporn riffs on the idea that green is used as a calming influence in filmmaking. The stilted deadpan delivery is absolutely perfect, elevating the script's weird vibe into a comedy masterclass. But, more importantly than that, it also brings home the advertising message.

"Inner Critic"
14 Sep 2022
In this entertaining commercial for Pinterest, a young woman is confronted by her 'inner critic'. It transpires that she's been haunted by this version of herself throughout her life... and, let's be honest, haven't we all? All of her attempts at self expression have fallen foul of this limiting force which persuades her that all her choices are foolish.

INEOS Hygienics
"You Can Handle Anything"
19 May 2021
This riveting collage cleverly pushes the idea that 'you can handle anything' by reminding us of the eclectic array of tasks we require from our hands. The panic buying of hand sanitiser during the early part of the pandemic is forever etched into our cultural memory, and has undoubtedly boosted the profile of this product on a permanent basis.

John Lewis
"For All of Life's Moments"
10 Sep 2022
This beautiful film depicting the special relationship between a father and his daughter has been masterfully put together by director Juan Cabral and editor Rick Russell. It's made up of around fifty separate shots, and they flash by at some pace, while nonetheless coherent into a tender collage of early parenthood.

"Every Moment's a Bet"
1 min 40s
9 Sep 2022
As opening gambits go, "What are the odds of our existence?" is a doozy. Viewers don't have long to ponder before the ad jumps from the Big Bang to a late night diner, where the eventual protagonist's parents meet in a twist of fate. The result of that encounter grows up to see betting odds wherever he goes.

"A Second Chance"
5 mins
5 Sep 2022
This immensely sweet commercial for eBay is a bone fide short film. To their credit, the tech company takes a backseat in a story which concerns itself with the rift that develops between two brothers when they become entangled with a young woman.

"Anything for the Taste"
2 mins 31s
8 Sep 2022
Saul Goodman once convinced a woman he was Kevin Costner because he believed it. The protagonist of this KFC ad convinces staff that he's Mr Molapo, the most formidable quality assurance inspector in town. Armed with a badge, a clipboard, a wig, and a fake moustache, he enjoys more free meals than he's had, erm, hot dinners.

"Grand, Dad"
6 Sep 2022
Commercials about new mums and dads are ten-a-penny, but work about new grandparents is a rarity. Cue this understated spot for Irish meat brand Denny, who chart a man's first steps to grandparenthood.

Head & Shoulders
"I Don't (Director's Cut)"
7 Sep 2022
Head & Shoulders have come a long way since the Joe Hart days, and this genre-hopping effort is another step in the right direction. Once the time-honoured set-up's out of the way, director Tony Barry pushes his leading man's patience to the limit.

7 Sep 2022
Twix remind viewers of their place on the food chain in this wry spot. As identical twins settle into their campsite, one ponders the advertised chocolate bar and says, "It doesn't matter if you choose left or right because both [fingers] are chewy, crunchy, and delicious". Unbeknownst to the men, two bears are having a very similar conversation in the bushes.

"Never Ordinary"
6 Sep 2022
When Homer Simpson asks Mr Burns where his bathroom is, the latter replies, "Twenty-third door on the left". The bloke in this polished Made.com ad has fewer doors to try, but more sentient furniture and parallel universes to worry about.

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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