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"The Greatest"
3 mins 46s
14 Jun 2024
The conceit behind this fun promo for Austrian singer Friedberg's track 'the Greatest' lies in a chameleon-like tendency of the artist to adopt the style of some of those she passes in the street. Director Wouter Stoter manages to inject a degree of intrigue into the notion with a little bit of misdirection which leaves the audience unsure whom the singer will be next.

5 mins 34s
14 Jun 2024
In 2021, DAVID waxed lyrical about 'Jag Har Fattat (I've Understood)', a short film-cum-music video that explored grief and masculinity. Director Maceo Frost has since teamed up with actor Robin Nazari to form Biji, an audio-visual project that celebrates Kurdish culture.

"Alter Ego"
3 mins 28s
9 Jun 2024
You can't tear your eyes away from the promo for this sexy profane track by Doechii. It is a perfect complement for the song as it matches its energy with a ribald sequency of erotic comedy which includes scenes that make it appear sexiness is being developed in a lab.

7 mins
12 Jun 2024
How do you follow up a debut album like 'My 21st Century Blues'? Well, this seven-minute single is a good start. 'Genesis' is a three-part, genre-hopping tour de force from Raye, the singer-songwriter who left Polydor Records in 2021 and never looked back.

2 mins 10s
9 Jun 2024
This cute short promo for a catchy track doesn’t seem to have that much going for it, and yet it works. Its disparate elements don’t appear to relate to each other at all, but they somehow hang together and become an engaging tangle of silliness that ensures you take in the whole thing. How it coheres may be a mystery but that hardly matters.

Cate Tomlinson
"Half Lover"
4 mins 12s
9 Jun 2024
Director Luigi Calabrese has fun with some nicely judged literalism in this promo for up-and-coming star Kate Tomlinson's song 'Half Lover'. Opening with what seems to be a scene from a hokey horror movie, the singer is bloody and beaten after an attack, but is all as it seems? You'll have to watch on to find out.

Moses Sumney
4 mins 13s
10 Jun 2024
Moses Sumney self-directs an assured promo for 'Vintage', a song that asks: "Do you ever wish we'd redone it?" No need for reshoots here, as far as we can tell, as Sumney nails both the Nineties R&B aesthetic and choreography (bonus points for the indoor rain machine bit). We also like to think certain mansions in the world are used just for music videos like this one.

5 mins 19s
9 Jun 2024
There are a lot of bells and whistles in this outstanding promo, but, arguably, the best sequence comes towards the end when performer Mette dances with her doppelgänger as director C Prinz's camera whirls around them. The rest of the promo is none too shabby with various incidents of destruction breaking into the action.

Sabrina Carpenter
"Please Please Please"
4 mins 22s
7 Jun 2024
If Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan ever break up, they’ll always have 'Please Please Please'. Directed by Bardia Zeinali, it's a music video inspired by the likes of 'Badlands', 'Bonnie & Clyde', and 'Natural Born Killers'. Carpenter was arrested at the end of the recent 'Espresso' promo, but someone has already bailed her out.

"Any Way (ft. Maggie Rogers)"
4 mins 29s
7 Jun 2024
Zite et Léo direct this quirky, retro-futuristic promo for French disco group L'Impératrice. Anchored by the directors' love of analogue technology, 'Any Way' is an ode to gee-whiz science fiction from the 1950s and 1960s, with Flore Benguigui and company as visitors from outer space. Guest vocalist Maggie Rogers appears as a hologram for extra scientific merit.

Jamie xx
"Treat Each Other Right"
4 mins 13s
7 Jun 2024
The music video for 'Treat Each Other Right' is an assault on the senses. It’s hard to take your eyes off it, as director Rosie Marks and her crew pack as much as they can into 4' 13". Human tables, Gordan Ramsay/Nigella Lawson lookalikes, toilet Mar, a doorman who loves Babar the Elephant… now this is what you call a party.

Rag'n'Bone Man
"What Do You Believe In?"
3 mins 23s
5 Jun 2024
Director Taz Tron Delix unleashes a neat bag of tricks in this engaging promo for a new track from Rag'n'Bone Man. The singer is shown in a rural idyll, cavorting in a meadow with a collection of dancers, before the latter take off (quite literally) and Rag'n'Bone Man amuses himself with some visual effect trickery.

Keaton Henson
4 mins 23s
4 Jun 2024
Will Williamson directs another enigmatic music video for Keaton Henson as the Irishman's new album draws closer. 'Even' is an instrumental track from 'Somnambulant Cycles', so Williamson takes inspiration from the words of Emily Dickinson: "We dream—it is good we are dreaming." The result is a trip to the beach found only after the bedside light has gone off.

"Feel My Feelings"
2 mins 47s
3 Jun 2024
Director Kassandra Powell’s latest collaboration with Girli is 'Feel My Feelings'—an alt-pop historical romp inspired by lyrics like: "Walk in a room and I fill it up/With all of my inner drama." What we get is an episode of 'Come Dine with Me' that fell into a dressing up box, but also a punchy take on the emotional rollercoaster Girli rides every day.

Alfie Templeman
"Hello Lonely"
3 mins 33s
31 May 2024
A few speed ramps enliven this straightforward performance video which flits locations between the kind of cellar where Al Qaeda used to keep their hostages, and an open green field. All in all, it's a good match a rather sweet song by Alfie Templeman which, though unlikely to storm the charts, is a pleasant enough listen.

The Irrepressibles
"Yo Homo"
3 mins 42s
31 May 2024
This wonderfully defiant promo for an equally defiant song by The Irrepressibles has such an aggressive homoerotic energy as to be tongue-in-cheek. Starting with a low-key sequence which almost hits a plaintive note, the tension is ramped up and up until it hits full-blown punk rock energy.

"Always Forever"
3 mins 07s
31 May 2024
There are some deft camera hiding skills in a lengthy sequence that makes use of many many mirrors in this sweet promo directed by Charlotte Wells for the artist Romy. Some nifty contemporary dance moves have been introduced to express the singer's feelings in between straightforward performance bits and bobs.

5 mins 25s
31 May 2024
RM, one-seventh of BTS, goes on a mazy run in the ambitious promo for 'Lost!' Inspired by the myth of the Labyrinth, isometric video games, and office drudgery, director Aube Perrie plonks Kim Nam-joon into a world designed to throw characters and viewers alike off-balance. After all, this is 'Lost!', not 'Found!'

Sienna Spiro
"Need Me"
4 mins 04s
31 May 2024
If Nigel Tufnell of Spinal Tap watched this Sienna Spiro promo, he'd say: "It's like, how much more red could this be? And the answer is none. None more red." Almost everything in 'Need Me' is red, from the tiles on the wall to the telephone by the kettle. Spiro stands out in her white clothes, her voice powerful enough to shake the room at points.

"Stereo Bluff"
2 mins 49s
31 May 2024
Fans of Grade II-listed buildings may be interested to learn that the promo for 'Stereo Bluff' was filmed in Trellick Tower, a Brutalist tower block in west London. Singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ Baobei has moved in, though her sound is too melodic and refined to prompt any noise complaints. Neighbours might ask her to turn it up!

Soft Play
"Act Violently"
3 mins 46s
30 May 2024
Soft Play (née Slaves) visit Royal Tunbridge Wells in the promo for 'Act Violently' and what a day it is for the town twinned with Wiesbaden, Germany. Directed with anti-social glee by Thomas Davis, the clips sees Isaac Holman pestered by a gang of e-scooter hooligans led by bandmate Laurie Vincent. As the title suggests, non-violent resistance is off the table.

Sasha Keable
"Hold Up"
2 mins 27s
29 May 2024
Sasha Keable rides shotgun in the promo for 'Hold Up', her first single in three years. Jackson Forsythe directs a promo driven by a desire to move on after a break-up ("Man, fuck her and fuck you too"), so Keable flits between a joyride and the pub. Both director and performer have fun with the lyric: "Bitch why you calling asking me for money?"

Purple Disco Machine
"Honey Boy"
3 mins 52s
24 May 2024
DAVID always wanted a sequel to 'The Greasy Strangler', the greasiest film of 2016. Eight years later, Big Ronnie and Big Brayden are still MIA, but Purple Disco Machine have thrown us a lifeline with 'Honey Boy', a tie-up with Benjamin Ingrosso, Nile Rodgers, and Shenseea.

"Double Drop"
3 mins 16s
23 May 2024
Partiboi69 sounds like an Xbox Live Gamertag someone paid to change out of sheer embarrassment. DAVID may well have killed Partiboi69 with a sniper rifle in his 'Call of Duty' days! Fin Bradley, as it turns out, is an Australian DJ and mischief-maker with a new song, 'Double Drop'.

Rosie Lowe
"Mood to Make Love"
4 mins 06s
20 May 2024
Drones and animation are neatly combined to create a laconic feel that neatly matches the laconic singing of Rosie Lowe in this calm promo for her latest song ‘Mood to Make Love’. Director Louis Hemming-Lowe has created an appropriately low-key execution to accompany his sister’s latest single.

Recent Promos
(1-25 of 25)

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