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Five Star Work
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27 Jun 2022
4hero's ubiquitous cover of 'Les Fleur' provides the soundtrack to this lofty Neds commercial. When the protagonist wins $105 on the advertised betting site, his excitement launches him through the ceiling into the flat above. After an awkward pit stop, he continues his journey up a bookmaker's stab at architecture.

Channel 4
"Proud All Over"
24 Jun 2022
Size doesn't matter to Channel 4 when it comes to their new campaign for Pride month. The long-time supporters are celebrating Pride's fifty years of championing LGBT lives by setting up events in more remote areas of the country - making an effort to ensure fewer people have to trek to a big city to take part in their community.

UN Women Australia
"Equality: Our Final Frontier"
25 Jun 2022
UN Women Australia has torn up the rule book and decided that waiting another hundred years for a 50/50 planet is too long. Instead, they are working towards a 2030 deadline for gender equality... a highly ambitious target at the current rate of change as this clever animated commercial perfectly illustrates.

"The Numbers Game"
25 Jun 2022
Some of the Santander films featuring Ant and Dec have seemed more like commercials for the rival bank apparently run by the lovable Geordie duo, but not this time. While some of the scripts have accentuated the TV presenters' charming personas, this one depicts them as genuinely irritating and disruptive, and it's all the better for it.

National Lottery
"The Chase"
2 mins
25 Jun 2022
The National Lottery has adjusted its approach a few times over the years, but seldom has it aimed to make purchasing a ticket seem as much fun as it does here. Well, strictly speaking, this isn't about buying a ticket, it's about a big win... and then jeopardising the triumph by failing to keep hold of the ticket.

"Neonatal Nurses"
25 Jun 2022
The frankness of this recruitment film for the NHS is astounding. Rather than sugarcoat the experience of being a neonatal nurse, this film confronts the viewer with the immensely challenging reality of the role. By doing so, it must usefully filter out those with a more romantic notion of caring for premature babies.

Sony PlayStation
"PlayStation Plus"
2 mins 18s
22 Jun 2022
Easter eggs abound in this spot for PlayStation Plus, Sony’s equivalent to Xbox Game Pass. The protagonist, Mr Malcolm, is a man who tips his waitress, greets people on the street, and buys steak from the local butcher. So far, so humble. But the contents of Malcolm's house are anything but ordinary.

"Wooing Jeff"
23 Jun 2022
There's a superb brand of humour we've come to associate with New Zealand over the years, and as you can see from this TVNZ commercial, it's something director Damien Shatford can deliver in spades. One of three droll ads for the broadcaster, this instalment takes place on a dark and stormy night.

"Suicidal Doesn't Always Look Suicidal"
21 Jun 2022
The advertising industry isn't always at its best when it turns its attention to serious matters, but when it gets it right, the impact can be truly astounding, and this film addressing the immensely difficult issue of suicide deserves a huge amount of praise for the sensitive and compassionate manner with which it has been made.

20 Jun 2022
This 30" ad puts the spite in Sprite, as a woman bristles at the man at the front of a queue who's forgotten an item. Viewers who pride themselves on efficiency and accuracy when shopping will understand her frustration, especially when a headset-wearing chump is to blame.

"The Reluctant Sea Shanty"
1 min 35s
20 Jun 2022
Pandemic isolation left many craving human contact, so it's perhaps no surprise that the communal singing style of sea shanties had a wild resurgence in popularity. Nathan Evans - with his viral rendition of 'Wellerman' - led the charge, and he's using his fame for good with this commercial for the UNCHR.

The Undeclared War
"Emergency Broadcast"
1 min 40s
10 Jun 2022
Channel 4's new techno-thriller, The Undeclared War, revealed itself with a pseudo-breaking news segment starring Adrian Lester and Simon Pegg—two of the most recognisable actors on UK television. Even so, the stunt triggered some odd reactions from 'panicked' viewers.

19 Jun 2022
Last year, Juneteenth, which commemorates the end of slavery in the US, become an official public holiday in America. MTV has marked the 2022 iteration with this excellent film which, in line with the music channel's recently implemented strategy of working with creators from a particular community when the messaging relates to that community, was directed by Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah.

"A Mountain of Entertainment"
1 min 55s
20 Jun 2022
Paramount promise "a mountain of entertainment" with their new streaming service, Paramount+. Ironically, the cost of living crisis means the brand also have a mountain to climb. Given how many customers have cancelled subscriptions for the likes of Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime in 2022, is this the best time to launch yet another streaming service? This two-minute ad from New Commercial Arts and directors Los Pérez thinks so.

Espolon Tequila
"Hecho a Mano"
17 Jun 2022
This gorgeous ad for Espolón Blanco tequila would also work as a hand cream commercial. The narrator recalls his father's scarred hands, "knuckles darkened with dust" after countless hours spent working agave fields teeming with spikes and stubborn leaves. Of course, this is only step one of the process.

Just Egg
16 Jun 2022
This Just Egg commercial may be the easiest gig of Jake Gyllenhaal's career. Some of the actor's roles have required him to lose thirty pounds (Nightcrawler), undergo police training (End of Watch) or transform himself into a light-heavyweight boxer (Southpaw)—this one asks him to eat scrambled eggs.

2 mins 24s
15 Jun 2022
Millions of refugees have been displaced by the conflict in Ukraine, and even those who made it out of the country safely are likely to suffer the impacts of war for a lifetime. This powerful film from UNCHR and director Andzej Gavriss reminds viewers that there's a very real mental as well as physical fight going on.

14 Jun 2022
Three over excited employees use every opportunity they get to talk about Autodesk’s cloud-based design and manufacturing app in this hilarious commercial. They’re a force to be reckoned with, unstoppable in their enthusiasm! They talk the ear off anyone who happens to share their space, plug the message to the unimpressed wife, write app inspired songs and even introduce the concept out into the wild!

15 Jun 2022
Tired? Weary? About to make your nth cup of coffee today? This Decathlon ad will make you feel a whole lot worse. Shot by Diego Santana Claudino and Guto Azevedo (aka Salsa), the film argues that children are "possibly the only human beings on Earth that never get tired." Cue nods of recognition/resignation from parents everywhere.

Swiss Tourism
15 Jun 2022
Forgot roadworks, car horns, and screaming children—the loudest thing people must endure is often the voice inside their head. Heinous rather than helpful, Ivano's voice reels off tasks and obligations 24/7: "I need to do my laundry, put away my laundry, call my grandmother", et cetera. He also needs to fill the three boxes that have somehow survived multiple moves.

Royal Ontario Museum
6 mins 17s
14 Jun 2022
Viewers are asked to reconsider their understanding of what a museum is in this powerful short film. Directed by Mark Zibert, the piece takes place underwater and immerses the audience in a visually arresting tour through significant moments of history... made all the more striking by the fact the people involved end up remembered only via what they leave behind.

"Malika Mahmoud"
2 mins 47s
14 Jun 2022
Malika Mahmoud is a DJ with roots in Denmark, Colombia, and Zanzibar, so you can understand why she says "everything about me is mixed". This engrossing ad for Danish newspaper Politiken explores her multi-layered outlook further, as well as the pressure she feels to be "perfect in a white space".

E4 Extra
"Launch Idents"
2 mins 03s
13 Jun 2022
New channel E4 Extra set their stall out with these batty CG idents. Director Michael Marczewski creates a parallel universe where electric eels float past bus stops, children own dangerous interdimensional monsters, birds of all stripes eat fish and chips, and 'butterfly turtles' emerge from a turtle's back. You know, the usual.

Prostate Cancer UK
"He's the One"
2 mins 14s
10 Jun 2022
This Prostate Cancer UK commercial has an intriguing subplot involving Robbie Williams and Welsh singer-songwriter Karl Wallinger. The ad is inspired by 'She's the One'—a track many attribute to Williams, but written by Wallinger for his band World Party. For some reason, Williams has often struggled to acknowledge this.

"Summer Better Be Ready"
10 Jun 2022
Preparation is key in this confident plug for Boots, inspired by the Delfonics/Fugees' 'Ready or Not'. The cast all have people to see and places to go this summer, but only after they've raided the high street retailer's summer range. Once that's done, the months of June, July, and August have their work cut out.

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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