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Recent Promos
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Yu Su
5 mins 35s
19 Jan 2022
There's a really lovely retro vibe to this promo for Yu Su's 'Melaleuca'. Not to be confused with the suspect 'wellness company', the track takes its name from the Latin classification of tea-tree oil, and accordingly provides refreshing beats to accompany director Jordan Minkoff and animator Lee McClure's enthralling film.

"My Tears Are Becoming A Sea"
3 mins 44s
17 Jan 2022
M83's 'My Tears Are Becoming A Sea' receives a promo depicting a dicey journey courtesy of directors Sacha Barbin and Ryan Doubiago. Never knowingly understated, the French electronic group's latest noise epic says "the stars and planets are calling me/A billion years away from you"—which sounds like a NASA technician's attempt at poetry.

The Wombats
"This Car Drives All By Itself"
4 mins 50s
17 Jan 2022
Forget Forza Horizon 5, says this Wombats promo—Scalextric has all the vehicular thrills and spills you need. The competitive protagonist in this film by director Callum Lloyd-James' takes this message to heart, as she abandons her games console and constructs a slot car racetrack instead—complete with toy spectators and K'Nex gantry.

3 mins 52s
17 Jan 2022
Jason Pierce, the multi-tasking frontman of Spiritualized, directs another promo that uses archival footage and photos to good effect. Like 2021's 'Always Together With You', Pierce (or J. Spaceman) turns visual magpie and constructs a narrative from what he finds—in this case, a story about the risks we take throughout our lives.

Miles Kane
"Nothing's Ever Gonna Be Good Enough"
2 mins 43s
16 Jan 2022
Romance isn't in the air in this entertaining promo for Miles Kane and Connie Bailey Rae's collaboration 'Nothing's Ever Gonna Be Good Enough'. Younger versions of the pair get off to a rocky start on Walton Pier, initially butting heads before steadily warming up to each other via claw machines, dodgems, and a spot of dancing.

Fontaines D.C.
"Jackie Down The Line"
4 mins 03s
17 Jan 2022
This promo for Fontaines D.C. from director Hugh Mulhern has shades of REM's surreal 'Losing My Religion' video, featuring a riot of rose petals, a mysterious figure in a red dunce cap, and assassination via arrow. It makes for an intriguing watch, which complements the song's cryptic lyrics about unsuccessful love. Probably one to swerve come Valentine's Day.

3 mins 14s
14 Jan 2022
This intimate promo for Stromae's 'L'Enfer' focuses on the Belgian pop star's internal strife. While singing candidly about his struggles with mental health and suicidal thoughts, the film comprises of a long, unbroken take which begins in extreme close-up before pulling back slowly to reveal the singer in full. Thought-provoking stuff from across the Channel.

"Won't Stand Down"
4 mins
14 Jan 2022
Given Muse frontman Matt Bellamy's obsession with conspiracy theories, we half expected 'Won’t Stand Down' to be an anti-vaxxer anthem with lyrics like, 'I don't trust your vaccine/I'd rather take my chances in a latrine.' However, the band's comeback trades paranoia for an anti-bullying message.

"Love Me More"
3 mins 33s
13 Jan 2022
Melancholy pop star Mitski is in a reflective mood on latest track 'Love Me More', which sees her plead for love to deliver her from the crushing grind of existence. "How do other people live/ I wonder how they keep it up/ When today is finally done/ There's another day to come". The accompanying promo has an intriguingly retro vibe, fitting the song's synth-driven Eighties feel

The Weeknd
4 mins 50s
12 Jan 2022
The Weeknd's latest album 'Dawn FM' was released with little notice last week, and has been warmly received by fans who were all out of sad, coked-out tunes about falling in love in the club. This promo for 'Gasoline' gives the singer a makeover, as he takes on his elderly alter-ego in a mysterious version of the afterlife.

Kanye West
"Heaven and Hell"
2 mins 38s
12 Jan 2022
This atmospheric promo for Kanye West's 'Heaven and Hell' depicts a rapture of an unexpected kind. Hooded and masked figures move through a world cast in shadow, faces entirely covered regardless of age as they drift through the empty streets as though waiting for something.

Potter Payper
"Gangsteritus (ft. Tiggs Da Author)"
4 mins 21s
12 Jan 2022
Rapper and ex-convict Potter Payper makes a strong impression with new single 'Gangsteritus', which he defines as "an affliction where one feels the need to live a lie". The East Londoner adds: "That lie is a life that only ends one way/And that's with the afflicted's demise." Imagine hearing that from Countdown's Susie Dent.

Ingrid Michaelson & Zooey Deschanel
"Merry Christmas, Happy New Year"
3 mins 08s
11 Jan 2022
Ingrid Michaelson and Zooey Deschanel's 'Merry Christmas, Happy New Year' could feature in any Hallmark Channel Christmas film for years to come. Listen out for it next time a workaholic protagonist chooses love over a promotion or reopens the family bakery/toy shop/hotel (delete as appropriate).

Karel Havlíček
"Above Ground"
7 mins 22s
5 Jan 2022
A lonesome astronaut stars in this intriguing promo for Czech composer Karel Havlicek's 'Above Ground'. The film rewards patient viewers, unspooling steadily over almost seven-and-a-half minutes as it cuts between the solitary figure's musings and his presence at a party populated by strange guests.

The Weeknd
4 mins 03s
10 Jan 2022
Photosensitive epilepsy look away now - this sleek promo for The Weeknd's 'Sacrifice' makes extensive use of strobe lighting and flashing imagery. Both are rendered very effectively by directing duo Cliqua, who draw viewers into a sci-fi world in which veiled figures sap the singer's life force for their own gain.

Falling in Reverse
3 mins 57s
7 Jan 2022
It's always slightly concerning when a media figure rails against 'cancel culture' in advance of actually being 'cancelled', and emo holdouts Falling in Reverse are the latest to pre-emptively defend themselves. Still, the promo accompanying Zombified is a fun, shlocky ride through a dark city mid-zombie apocalypse.

Black Country, New Road
6 mins 28s
6 Jan 2022
You'd have to be one unfortunate alien to land on Earth right now, but desperate times call for desperate measures. One such extraterrestrial stars in this beguiling promo for Black Country, New Road's 'Concorde', which sees him captured and abused by local troops. We dread to think what our planet's Tripadvisor rating is.

"Hard Drive Gold"
3 mins 31s
5 Jan 2022
This is quite the film to mark the debut of a newly formed directorial partnership. Joe Newman of Alt-J and choreographer Darcy Wallace are the duo in question, and this promo for Newman's band is a quite startling piece of work, and one which appears to confirm today's DAVID REVIEWS theme as being 'the end of the world as we know it'.

Tom Cardy
"Mixed Messages"
2 mins 24s
5 Jan 2022
Antipodean comedians are known for their strong line in musical comedy, and the genre has entered the spotlight with new appeal following Bo Burnham's tragi-comic quarantine Netflix special 'Inside'. Up-and-comer Tom Cardy has captured international attention via his viral TikTok films, and enters longer-form content with this entertaining promo for 'Mixed Messages'.

Big Zuu
"Offline (ft. JME, Novelist) "
3 mins 30s
15 Dec 2021
Stop-motion ultra-violence is the order of the day in this promo for Big Zuu's latest track. Featuring JME and Novelist, the song emphasises the severity of taking conflict off the internet and into the street, while the accompanying film from director William Child sits somewhere between revenge fantasy and claymation nightmare.

Leon Bridges
"B-Side (feat. Khruangbin)"
4 mins 33s
14 Dec 2021
Soulful sensation Leon Bridges and funky Texan trio Khruangbin team up for new single 'B-Side'. The track blends Bridges' distinctive croon with the brand's psychedelic sound, creating a smooth, danceable vibe which makes the most of bright guitar licks and sleek bass lines. Philip Andelman helms the accompanying promo, which sees the artistic pals face off in a Wild West duel with a difference.

"Three Strikes (ft. Khalid)"
3 mins 24s
10 Dec 2021
At one point during Honne's 'Three Strikes', vocalist Andrew Clutterbuck sings, "I need time out/So I can feel sane again". Though it wins no prizes for originality, the line couldn't be more timely as people seek whatever respite they can in the run-up to Christmas.

Carib Brewery
"Can You Feel It?"
12 Dec 2021
This is another of those hybrid films that's part-commercial and part-pop promo. You can tell that director Gil Green is a master of the latter of these two disciples as the main part of the film is essentially a masterclass in eking every drop of colour from an exotic location.

Olivia Dean
"The Christmas Song"
2 mins 55s
13 Dec 2021
Those yet to shove lumps of coal into their ears to block out talk of Omicron may enjoy this jazzy cover of Nat King Cole's 'The Christmas Song'. The artist is Olivia Dean, who, as director Rosie Matheson's promo reveals, is unable to find a dogsitter on the day of the recording. This only adds to the promo's disarming vibe, as Matheson eschews festive set dressing for something more naturalistic.

Bloc Party
3 mins 02s
13 Dec 2021
Bloc Party get sexy on latest track 'Traps', which heralds the release of the London quartet's new album. Kele Okereke and co. are in a playful mood for the song, bringing crunchy riffs and bold beats to the table as lyrics like "There you go-go/ Looking like a snack/ Cute like Bambi/ But you're headed to a trap" suggest they're gearing up for a good time.

Recent Promos
(1-25 of 25)

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