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Recent Promos
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Gaz Coombes
"Long Live The Strange"
4 mins 23s
7 Dec 2022
As the Joker once said, "Whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you stranger." Former Supergrass frontman Gaz Coombes embraces the Clown Prince of Crime's philosophy on new single 'Long Live the Strange', as does promo director Niall Trask. Automatonophobes may want to leave the room though, as Trask plumps for a supporting cast of mannequins.

3 mins 52s
7 Dec 2022
Composition is key to this promo for Manchester four-piece Corella. Inspired by the work of photographers Enzo Sellerio, Michael Ochs, and Diane Arbus, director Giles Edward-N crafts a music video-cum-photo shoot, with an ornate picture frame used for maximum impact.

"Still Life (feat. Anderson .Paak)"
3 mins 13s
7 Dec 2022
DJ Anderson .Paak features on this jazzy solo track from BTS's RM, which is accompanied by a playful promo. Shaking off some of the po-faced seriousness of being in the world's biggest boy band, the rapper's peaceful train ride descends into a dream as the carriage fractures into pieces and plunges him into a mysterious white void. A mirror version of the artist performing in the train's darkened windows is particularly well executed.

A$AP Rocky
"Shittin Me"
2 mins 49s
6 Dec 2022
Viewers sensitive to flashing lights will wish to proceed with caution when tuning into this disorienting promo for A$AP Rocky's 'Shittin' Me'. The film offers an intriguing rumination on fame, with each shot distorted by camera flashes, the psychedelic alteration of drugs, or the simple sense of not being able to trust one's own mind and surroundings.

Jamie T
"90s Cars"
3 mins 17s
6 Dec 2022
Despite the positive reviews for latest album 'The Theory of Whatever', Jamie T is out of luck in this promo for '90s Cars'. The multi-hyphenate is bloodied and bruised in the passenger seat of his mate's car (a Volkswagen Golf Mk2 GTI, if we're not mistaken), dressed in a white 'Dumb & Dumber' tuxedo.

"This is What I Mean"
5 mins 38s
4 Dec 2022
Filmed on the eve of Stormzy's latest album release (the record has gone straight to number one, to nobody's surprise), Dir. Lx presents this stylish promo for 'This is What I Mean'. Combining live performance at a launch event with stylish shots of guest artists adding their own sonic flair to the piece, it's a rumination on how far the self-proclaimed national treasure has come.

"Wild Flower"
4 mins 48s
4 Dec 2022
Another day, another solo effort from a BTS member before the globally beloved boyband go on hiatus for Korean military service. This VFX-heavy outing comes from rapper RM, and features sparkling flares of traditional fireworks mixed with symbolic storms to represent the artist's inner turmoil. Darker than his peers' offerings so far, it's a departure in sound for the cross-cultural pop darlings.

Tom Cardy
"Red Flags"
2 mins 46s
4 Dec 2022
Antipodean musical maestro Tom Cardy continues his quest for a career beyond TikTok with another entertaining collaboration with director and animator Gabriella Antali. Reprising the characters from the eggplant-annihilating promo for 'Mixed Messages', 'Red Flags' further explores the foibles of single life and blind dates.

"Lux Æterna"
3 mins 30s
4 Dec 2022
Darting camera angles and textured strobes of flashing light create an intense atmosphere in this promo for Metallica's latest track 'Lux Æterna'. Meaning 'Light Eternal' in Latin, director Timothy Saccenti takes the song's title as his guide and focuses on the perennial metal act's performance through a transformative curtain of laser lights. Fans will appreciate the enhanced aesthetics of their enduring faves.

Enter Shikari
"Bull (ft. Cody Frost)"
3 mins 10s
2 Dec 2022
Cody Frost belies her featured artist status and dominates Enter Shikari's new single, 'Bull'. The former talent show contestant (she was a finalist on The Voice) almost wrests control of the track from lead singer Rou Reynolds, as if lyrics like, "You're a bull/And my mind is a china shop" were the reason she woke up this morning.

Jessica Darrow
"A Little More"
3 mins 04s
2 Dec 2022
'A Little More', the soundtrack to Disney's 2022 Christmas ad, receives its own music video courtesy of director Daniel Broadley. Artist Jessica Darrow, who voiced Luisa Madrigal in 'Encanto', watches snippets from the commercial as if it was a festive classic, while her powerful vocals fill an old-fashioned theatre with ease.

Anna B Savage
4 mins 05s
2 Dec 2022
'in|FLUX' by Anna B Savage features a late contender for Song Lyric of the Year: "We had sex - I didn't cum." It, well, comes out of nowhere, and the Londoner's delivery is both tongue-in-cheek and self-assured. There are more surprises nestled throughout Savage's ice-cool track, which keeps even the most savvy listeners on their toes.

Dan Fable
"One Punch Tommy"
4 mins
1 Dec 2022
The tale of One Punch Tommy is a bleak one, told by artist Dan Fable and director Mori. The titular protagonist (Harry Cadby) is jailed for the manslaughter of a random pedestrian, two lives ruined by a single drunken punch. "He's so sorry," Fable sings, "but hindsight is a bitch."

Hot Chip
4 mins 11s
1 Dec 2022
Maxim Kelly 'co-directs' this Hot Chip promo with the Fairchild 7080, a supercomputer that specialises in music videos. A pitch-perfect parody of educational films and science television reveals how creator Jerry Fairchild and his secretary/wife "fed forty years of music video transcripts" into the machine, with an emphasis on boy bands like Five.

3 mins 22s
29 Nov 2022
Nathan Taylor and Joshua Hercules (aka Machine Operated) direct this heightened promo for Bakar. Inspired by the Londoner's multilayered lyrics that reference both fizzy water and Keane at one point ("I been feelin' more yellow than my San Pellegrino/Run away to a place somewhere only we know"), the duo take viewers on a tricksy tour of the city.

"Bad Man"
3 mins 22s
29 Nov 2022
Heavy metal veterans Disturbed are the latest band to release an AI-generated music video. Director Tristan Holmes and editor Ari Tomasettig provide the human touch, with thousands of Expressionist frames weaved together to make a gnarly tapestry. Consider it a treat for the eyes while vocalist David Draiman makes your eardrums bleed.

Lightning Seeds
"Three Lions (It's Coming Home for Christmas)"
4 mins 04s
28 Nov 2022
The umpteenth re-release of Three Lions is a throwback to the, erm, innocent days of Fantasy Football League—the show where David Baddiel wore blackface and stuck a pineapple on his head to play Nottingham Forest striker Jason Lee. The comedian has since apologised to Lee in person, which makes 'Three Lions (It's Coming Home for Christmas)' a little easier to swallow.

Sam Fender
"Getting Started"
3 mins 29s
28 Nov 2022
Sam Fender's Getting Started illustrates why he's known as the North Shields Springsteen. The track from second album Seventeen Going Under is pure heartlands rock, with observational lyrics (" I came home and you were on the floor/Floored by the letters and the council rigmarole") and a sax line that would have made Clarence Clemons proud.

8 mins 50s
24 Nov 2022
Longtime Rammstein collaborator Specter Berlin returns with this atmospheric and complex promo for 'Adieu'. The track's name won't offer comfort to the fans who fear that this album marks the enduring group's final goodbye, though they'll be enthralled and delighted by the theatrics on display in the accompanying promo.

Lil Baby
"Pop Out"
3 mins 18s
24 Nov 2022
Fast becoming one of the biggest names in rap, Lil Baby adopts a heavily autotuned sound in latest track 'Pop Out'. Featuring a verse from Nardo Wick, the promo's intro sees the rapper briefly return to his roots before swiftly escaping into a life of luxury cars, diamond-covered chains, and other enduring genre touchstones. Fans clearly love the music, but a seasick shooting style will take this off even the most dedicated listener's repeated watch list.

2 mins 45s
24 Nov 2022
This curious promo for DDG's 'Vegan' creates an otherworldly feeling, blending trippy VFX with an unusual landscape to make viewers feel like they're walking on the moon. It elevates the song's rather pedestrian subject matter, as the Michigan native raps uninterestedly about getting high, having sex, and doing it all over again over a lazy electronic beat.

4 mins 29s
24 Nov 2022
We reckon Dr Evil would enjoy this Woodkid promo, filled as it is with diabolical machines and liquid hot magma. Both are triumphs of art direction and CG animation, drawing viewers into a beautiful environmental disaster. Nothing is 'right' in this place, but the cast all find ways to survive and even communicate with this hellscape.

4 mins 15s
23 Nov 2022
K-pop superstars BTS are one of the biggest groups in the world, smashing language barriers and uniting their ridiculously dedicated fanbase (who even refer to themselves as ARMY) regardless of where they come from. However, this solo outing from youngest member Jungkook reminds everyone watching that the global darlings aren't a Western act.

Floss Jordan
3 mins 49s
23 Nov 2022
This Floss Jordan promo's fishy in the best possible way. The synth-pop artist wears ornate prosthetic gills as she sings, "The saltwater's sinking in/And I can't wash you off my skin". Jordan even fondles a fish throughout, which explains the 'no animals were harmed in the making of this film' disclaimer.

"Just Come Home With Me Tonight"
4 mins 30s
23 Nov 2022
Just Come Home With Me Tonight is the fourth track from Joesef's debut album, Permanent Damage, with the Glaswegian still desperate for connection in the wee small hours ("Still I'm drunk enough to play the game/I lean in and you move away"). Regular collaborator Luis Hindman knows his way around a nightclub by now, but he also nails evocative shots of empty streets and steamy phone boxes.

Recent Promos
(1-25 of 25)

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