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Five Star Work
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"Lighthouse Keeper"
25 Feb 2024
The car is modern, but the occupation isn't… there aren't actually any unmanned lighthouses in Australia any more, but let's not quibble because the premise is lovely. A man lives a peaceful existence maintaining the lighthouse where he appears fully reconciled to his solitude.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
"The Bond"
3 mins 29s
23 Feb 2024
Everyone gets first day jitters, even at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. It's Tommy's first day with the charity, and you can tell he's nervous by the way he picks at his lanyard or disposable cup. Even more worried than him though is Lucy, a rescued dog with a long, long road ahead.

H & R Block
"Life's Certainties"
22 Feb 2024
It was Mark Twain who famously observed that life's only two certainties are death and taxes. This commercial advertises a service which helps you deal with one of the certainties... and it's not death, you'll be relieved to hear. Things have moved on since Mark Twain's time and this film introduces us to a spate of new certainties, all of which reflect an aspect of modern living.

Apple TV
"Fever Dream"
22 Feb 2024
As the Lionel Messi-Hong Kong scandal rumbles on like a political 'Football Manager' mod, Apple TV+ use the Inter Miami forward to promote the MLS Season Pass. "You've never seen Major League Soccer like this," the brand declare, which gives director Georgia Hudson licence to roam much like the Argentine.

Quaker Oats
"You've Got This"
2 mins 20s
21 Feb 2024
If, like DAVID, you appreciated Charlotte Wells's masterpiece 'After Sun', you may, like DAVID, have found yourself two-parts eager and one-part fearful about the prospect of her first TV commercial. The advertising world hasn't always been a happy hunting ground for visionary filmmakers, and there's always the worry that the match will prove unsatisfying.

United Airlines
"Kyle Chandler"
18 Feb 2024
Fans of 'Friday Night Lights' will appreciate this Big Game spot for United Airlines. Kyle Chandler, who played high school football coach Eric Taylor, delivers a pep talk to fans whose teams did not make it to Super Bowl LVIII. Sure, they may get swept up in the atmosphere, but it feels weird to cheer for another team.

"An American Love Story"
2 mins
18 Feb 2024
With the possible exception of the original Mini, there is no car with which drivers have a more affectionate relationship than the VW Beetle. Its distinctive shape combined with its unusual combination of inexpensiveness and reliability attracted a whole generation towards it, and its devotees imbued it with a live-action nostalgia which somehow unfolded in real time.

"Smash It"
19 Feb 2024
People like to say that good things come to those who wait, or that patience is a virtue. It's tough to hear such platitudes when you're hungry, though, as it feels like you ordered hours ago and the delivery gods have forsaken you. Yet once that bell, buzzer, or knocker goes, agony turns to ecstasy.

"Sweet and Sore"
19 Feb 2024
Spring is almost here, but that means sod all to the dreaded lurgy. It can still strike when people least expect it, as demonstrated by this 30" Boots commercial from agency The Pharm and director James Rouse. A birthday party's in full swing, and the protagonist seems content with a bowl of nuts and someone to chat to. Unbeknownst to him, said nuts used to be chocolate-covered.

National History Archive
1 min 35s
18 Feb 2024
The world is reeling from the news of Alexei Navalny's murder. And, such was his courage in continuing to defy Russian dictator Vladimir Putin even from inside prison, it felt as though fate had a different trajectory in store for Navalny - one where he would emerge triumphant and lead his country towards freedom and democracy.

"Burna Boy"
16 Feb 2024
Afrobeat star Burna Boy is both the new face and the new sound of G-Star RAW. Directed by Dave Meyers, this black-and-white commercial uses 2023's 'On Form' to set the tone, then turns on the style with fluid camerawork and skilful choreography (Meyers knows a thing or two about music videos, after all).

"Dan Mancina"
16 Feb 2024
This is the most grounded Doritos commercial in recent memory. Director Thomas James takes viewers to London's BAYSIXTY6 Skate Park, where Dan Mancina does what he does best. Thanks to the the degenerative eye condition retinitis pigmentosa (RP), he does it in complete darkness.

Cadbury Creme Eggs
"How do you eat yours?"
15 Feb 2024
It's been twenty years since Cadbury last used the 'how do you eat yours?' conceit for Creme Eggs, and VCCP have made it a very welcome return with a superb 30" commercial directed by duo Terri Timely. Heather, played by Sarah Middleton, likes to do ting her own way and in a series of beautifully imagined vignettes we see her doing exactly that. There are so many little details in this that it rewards multiple views as Heather charmingly rampages her way through life.

Super Rugby Pacific
"There's Something in the Water"
15 Feb 2024
Rugby union meets 'Waterworld' in this well-realised spot for Super Rugby Pacific. Each year, teams from Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands battle for supremacy Down Under, but only on grass. Director Richard Bullock asks: "Why not duke it out in the water, too?"

"Twist on It"
1 min 42s
14 Feb 2024
This is such a showy commercial then it's easy to miss the fact that it contains a very clever advertising conceit, and one which DAVID suspects will impressively boost sales of the advertised cookies. After all, the idea of replacing a 'coin flip' with a 'cookie twist' must be very appealing to fans of the advertised biscuits. (Yes, America, they are bloody biscuits!)

"Tom Has Won Enough"
14 Feb 2024
Former New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterbacks Tom Brady won seven Super Bowls, nineteen division titles, nine AFC Championship games, and many, many individual awards over the years. Vince Vaughan and BetMGM reckon that’s too much winning for one man.

"With the Tides"
2 mins
13 Feb 2024
This lovely film by Lucy Fairbanks taps into the current trend for wild swimming and positions the advertised brand as an ideal accomplice for those keen to indulge. It's a shrewd move. Swimwear tends to be associated with Olympians and swimming in chlorinated pools, but with a growing number of people preferring to swim in more natural settings, Speedo have decided there's something to be gained from being their champion.

Google Pixel
"Javier In Frame"
12 Feb 2024
You have to give credit to Google for asking director Adam Morse to helm this Super Bowl spot for them. Morse is blind, and the events depicted in this commercial are his lived experience, but you don't need to know about the directors sight difficulties to appreciate the beauty of this film.

State Farm
"Like a Good Neighbaaaa"
1 min 45s
12 Feb 2024
This commercial for State Farm debuted in a shorter edit during the 2024 Super Bowl, and managed to stand out thanks to a decent comic premise, and the decision to reunite Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito... good friends in real life who have appeared in a couple of movies together. Director Jim Jenkins handles the set pieces with aplomb and coaxes a typically self-aware performance from Schwarzenegger.

"Play Life"
12 Feb 2024
If the entertainment in your home city is getting a little mundane then you should think about heading to Qiddiya in Saudi Arabia, according to this kinetic piece of work out of Droga5, which was directed by Nick Roney (while Ian Pons Jewell looked on approvingly). The film shifts from a simple beat to a crescendo as the momentum builds towards a compelling denouement.

Coventry Building Society
"The Stars of Tomorrow"
5 mins 53s
9 Feb 2024
After a brief but memorable stint as a Coventry Building Society Arena tour guide, Guz Khan is now a youth liaison officer for the brand. It's a shock to him ("Does it look like I got the email?"), but damned if he won't do the job now that he's here. The brief is to inform, educate, and entertain young people interested in a CBS apprenticeship.

"Cheers to All Real Hardcore Fans"
1 min 40s
8 Feb 2024
Mark Molloy is on the ball right now. The director's recent work for Telstra was a love letter to Australian rules football—now he's got association football on the brain. So do the cast of this lively, well-cast Heineken commercial, which champions "real hardcore fans" the world over.

"Emmerdale Sponsorship"
8 Feb 2024
These Confused.com idents remind us of when Eddie Hitler (Adrian Edmondson) rants about an 'Emmerdale' extra who "never says anything and just drinks all day" at the Woolpack. He's not the only one with an eye for detail, though no one shouts at the screen like one of the Hammersmith Hardmen.

Bell Internet
"Intelligent Life"
7 Feb 2024
When extraterrestrials offer to give humanity a new home in this Bell commercial, only one person is shrewd enough to ask the all-important question: "How's the 5G?" The response is a 'so-so' hand gesture from the alien emissary, which is a massive fly in the ointment made of love and happiness.

"Big Tasty Valentine"
7 Feb 2024
With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, Alyssa McClelland directs this lovey-dovey spot for McDonald’s. All the protagonist cares about is a picture of him and his girlfriend—whether he's on a park bench, in a queue, or part way through a meeting, that photo makes him happier than Larry. So, er, why does his partner lash out at three in the morning?

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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