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Five Star Work
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18 Oct 2019
Experian's alternative spin on the Rapture continues with this 40" commercial set on a fishing lake. Like the credit score company's previous outing on a goth-filled train, it's the few, not the many that count - namely, a bloke called, erm, Rod. Before he takes centre stage, however, directors DOM&NIC treat us to another mass, amusing vanishing act.

Iris Tyres
"No Matter The Distance"
18 Oct 2019
Algeria is the real star of this sweeping commercial for tyre manufacturer Iris, which features a sentient tyre rolling its way across the North African country's varied terrain. Fetchingly shot by director and DP Theo Gottlieb, the ad sees the holey protagonist come full circle, so to speak, as it's drawn to a car factory many miles away.

"Test To the Limits"
17 Oct 2019
Gore-Tex prove they're serious about making sure their clothing can meet life's challenges in this pacy commercial. The brand let viewers in on their extensive testing procedures as fabric is stretched, drenched, and battered in extreme conditions. Interspersed with this are real-world examples of clothing under similar duress.

Sick Kids
"This Is Why"
2 mins 23s
17 Oct 2019
A precocious cover of Nine Inch Nails' ‘Hurt' drives this latest affecting communication from Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children, with the charity keen to show those lucky enough never to have required their services what staff and patients encounter every day. As a children's choir deliver lyrics such as "Everyone I know/Goes away in the end" with disarming power, director Mark Zibert's camera roves up and down the hospital's corridors.

"The New King"
17 Oct 2019
We suspect there are many more expletive-laden celebrations (and commiserations) than gambling ads let on, so for this Winamax commercial to drop the f-bomb after mere seconds is quite the achievement. What follows is an otherwise PG riff on Disney's 'The Lion King' (1994 or 2019, depending on your taste), as the residents of a housing estate pay tribute to the lucky son of the gun who wins £284.

Apple Watch
"Series Five"
1 min 50s
16 Oct 2019
This slick communication for the Apple Watch draws attention to the tech's most important feature - telling the time. At least, that's ostensibly its most important feature, as director Ian Pons Jewell demonstrates with tongue firmly in cheek. Indeed, with all the other uses on display, it seems like there would hardly be, er, time to stay on schedule.

Direct Line
"The Torment"
1 min 57s
15 Oct 2019
As numerous brands get in on spooky season with thrilling trips into the unknown, Direct Line go full horror movie with their latest commercial. This intriguing piece of work finds a woman relating a traumatic experience to a shadowy figure - immediately drawing curious viewers into the story as the tale of terror unfolds.

"Paradise Motors"
15 Oct 2019
Squarespace channel raw ambition in this Patrick Daughters-directed ad, which features a would-be garage owner with his game face well and truly on. At first alone and bathed in the glow of his laptop screen, the protagonist soon watches as Paradise Motors - complete with fetching neon sign - comes together before his very eyes.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
15 Oct 2019
This disarming commercial for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home has plenty of wiggle in its tail, as the charity pay tribute to rescue animals of all shapes and sizes. Confidently scored by The Black Keys's ‘Howlin' for You', the film bids to take ownership of the rescue label and challenge preconceptions about sheltered mutts and moggies.

15 Oct 2019
Following in Irn Bru's iconic footsteps, Experian employ an army of goths for their latest commercial outing. The film has a wry sense of humour which serves its subject well, as a tube carriage packed to bursting with leather, spikes, and eyeliner is slowly whittled down to just one individual.

Diamond Producers Association
"The Diamond Journey"
3 mins 13s
14 Oct 2019
A diamond's journey through the ages takes centre stage in this intriguing film for the Diamond Producers Association. From cosmic origins to far flung futures, there's affection and romance aplenty as the stone follows its winding path back to where it came from. With a quietly compelling narrative and atmospheric soundtrack, the film turns the precious stone into something far more significant than just an expensive gift.

Stand Up To Cancer
"Delivered With a Punch"
11 Oct 2019
Cancer is in the crosshairs in this celebrity-heavy commercial for Stand Up To Cancer's annual fundraising drive. A series of fast-paced vignettes see stars such as Martin Freeman and Tom Felton describe the disease in various ways, before asserting that people themselves can be just as ruthless in their decision to fight back.

"Sorry, Italy"
11 Oct 2019
Subway gleefully celebrate upsetting an entire nation with their new rip off of a beloved national cuisine: pizza subs. Embracing their image as the shittier version of more upmarket foods has an anarchic quality to it, and is a canny approach to take as opposed to harping on about the quality of ingredients like others in the sector.

"Lighter Than Air"
10 Oct 2019
Gravity-defying technology takes centre stage in this surreal commercial for HP, although not in a way you might expect. A woman's new laptop is so light it literally floats off the table... and promptly takes her with it. Being flung through floors might not be everyone's idea of a good time, but this intrepid worker takes it all in stride as she moves from meeting to meeting without once having to take the stairs.

"Ride in the Rain"
10 Oct 2019
This kinetic commercial for Rapha gives the audience a visceral insight into a stormy cycling trip. Focused on the brand's collaboration with Gore-Tex to supposedly create the ultimate wet-weather cycling jacket, the action takes place on a hilly rural road - camera following closely as three riders battle through the inclement conditions.

"Break New Ground"
5 Oct 2019
One of two recents plugs for esports juggernaut Fifa 20, this busy commercial from adam&eveDDB and director Yann Demange examines the difference between right and wrong - although students of Kant, Aristotle, and the like have little to grasp on to here. Instead, we see players both virtual and physical ignore the rulebook.

"Britain Get Talking"
9 Oct 2019
An unusual ad break intends to get Britain talking in a new campaign for ITV. Amidst a sea of commercials trying desperately to capture and hold viewers as attention spans decrease ever further, the channel takes a far more low key approach with this spot - conceived in conjunction with mental health charity Mind.

Royal London
"Determination Since 1861"
4 Oct 2019
Determination is the name of the game in this intrepid outing for Royal London insurance. Gethin Alderman's memorable spokesman is replaced by a sticky wall climber who decides to get out and explore the world, steadily making his way to his ultimate destination: an entire building of shiny windows. The animation work is lovingly executed, as the tenacious toy navigates the world.

"The Small Escape"
3 mins 51s
4 Oct 2019
Almost thirty years after the destruction of the Berlin Wall, BMW pay tribute to those who risked life and limb to help others escape East Germany in this compelling piece of work. Evocatively filmed by director Alex Feil, the ad follows a man who uses an unusual mode of transport to hoodwink the guards: an Isetta 'bubble car'.

6 Oct 2019
No prizes for guessing how Churchill's nodding dog mascot responded when told he was being replaced by a computer-animated bulldog. That's the new approach taken by agency Engine and director Nicolai Fuglsig, who reimagine Churchie as a fully CG skateboarding mutt. Scored by Britney Stoney's 'O.D.', the ad draws you in with its sun-kissed visuals and unexpected sense of flow.

"Mind Control"
7 Oct 2019
Marmite offer a fresh take on their iconic 'you either love it or hate it' slogan in an intriguing new campaign. Yeast-spread haters from all walks of life are brought together to try and have their minds changed: not via persuasion, but by way of hypnosis. Director Martin Granger captures the confused delight of the test subjects nicely, making audiences wonder if there is some truth to the trick.

State Farm
"On the Board"
4 Oct 2019
Acts of kindness are encouraged - nay, demanded - in this catchy commercial for US insurers State Farm. The company is challenging all of its employees to commit one-hundred good deeds before its centenary in 2022, and two colleagues take to the unpaid task with an enthusiasm unique to those living in our capitalist dystopia.

"Sharing Makes Us Stronger"
4 Oct 2019
Poet and spoken word artist Aiysha Humphreys vocalises the burden of mental illness in this striking AXA commercial. Artfully shot by Brazilian directors Jones+Tino, the ad continues the insurer's introspective streak with a smattering of eye-catching moments for good measure. From levitating footballers to someone trapped in a hall of mirrors, the piece weaves together aesthetics that channel isolation and uncertainty.

"Donuts for Dogs"
1 Oct 2019
Donuts for mutts. Domuts. It's a barking idea, but a brilliant ad. The surreal premise, in which a gathering pack of dogs bolt towards a portal leading to Domut heaven, is given plenty of build-up time and a terrific soundtrack. Crucially, it bears lots of repeat viewing, and gets more amusing the more you think about it simply because it's so daft and the dogs look so joyful.

VW Vans
29 Sep 2019
Like its two companions, this is an automotive spot that ticks all the boxes instead of being a mere exercise in box-ticking. A professional cake maker, likening her current project to scaling Everest with just the right balance of earnestness and deadpan humour, calls her VW van her trusty Sherpa who helps her reach the summit.

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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