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Five Star Work
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Everyman Cinemas
"Music Makes You Feel Film"
1 min 52s
14 Jun 2019
This artfully shot commercial for upmarket cinema chain Everyman is an intriguing three-hander, with up-and-coming artists Celeste, Master Peace, and Obongjayar taking centre stage as the brand defiantly shun the multiplex crowd. Split across scenes of civil unrest, waterside dancing, and a transcendent club night, director Sophie Jones's film shuns narrative coherence in favour of rich visuals and an eclectic soundtrack.

"Defy The Odds"
2 mins 09s
14 Jun 2019
This eye-opening film for Sportsbet.io draws attention to the Conifa European Football Cup, a tournament designed to represent teams from ethnic or cultural minorities and unacknowledged or disputed territories - those left behind by mainstream football and its organisations. 'Defy the Odds' shines a light on Székely Land, a Hungarian indigenous enclave within Romania.

"The Two Lives of Sara"
3 mins 24s
13 Jun 2019
Finnish pharmaceutical company Roche raise awareness about the early detection and treatment of MS in this affecting film. Shot split-screen style by director Pekka Hara, the film follows the life of Sara - detailing the way two alternate realities split and differ after her diagnosis. Her struggles are delicately drawn, while the stark emotional impact as she faces the camera at the end is incredibly moving.

"Chilled Juice"
13 Jun 2019
Tesco's Food Love Stories campaign has recently shifted from character-focused ads to fetishised shots of various groceries, with comedian Sarah Millican on commentary duty. This latest outing sees the brand in full flow, so to speak, as they showcase their range of fruit juices. Director Charlie Stebbings does his fruity cast justice as the brand show off their liquid assests.

"Andressa Alves"
12 Jun 2019
As the Women's World Cup brings female players an unprecedented moment in the spotlight, it's the perfect time for Nike to release this compelling ode to following passion against the odds. When a young Andressa Alves is given dolls to play with, she repurposes them for her own use - not matter what anyone around her thinks.

"The Power of Doing"
12 Jun 2019
Everyone wishes they could jet off to an exotic location at a moment's notice. Now spare a thought for the humble suitcase cast under the bed, on top of a wardrobe, or left to stew inside a cupboard. That's the launching pad for this whimsical commercial for Allied Irish Banks (AIB), which sees a red suitcase leave its sleeping owners behind in search of adventure.

Pepsi Max
"No Can Left Behind"
11 Jun 2019
Paul Rudd brings his inimitable comic skills to this 90" ad for Pepsi Max, directed by fellow Marvel alumnus Taika Waititi. The campaign, er, launches with Rudd as the familiar bumbling everyman - in this case an astronaut who can't possibly take off without his carbonated beverage of choice. Rudd's 'Ant-Man' co-star Michael Peña proves an able foil.

"Shouting Men"
11 Jun 2019
It's not like men to make their voices heard. Well, that one's up for debate, but it is true that blokes struggle to share their feelings when it matters most - especially in regards to mental health. That's where Philips and Finland's Mieskuoro Huutajat [Shouting Men] come in. Director Meeto's sonorous film sees the choir express themselves through the medium of - you guessed it - yelling.

Virgin Trains
"Fast Chair"
9 Jun 2019
Virgin Trains take re-imagining rail travel quite literally in this pleasantly surreal commercial. Directed by Keith Schofield, the ad sees a bloke fancifully consider how his trip to the exotic climbs of Wigan could be as comfortable and convenient as possible, setting off on a madcap jaunt only to realise he's trying to reinvent the wheel.

Ad Council
"End Family Fire"
7 Jun 2019
Whatever political and social bullshit our little island happens to be dealing with this week, we can at least be grateful that 'family fire' isn't a concern. The gun-heavy culture of the USA, however, sees eight kids a day die in accidental firearms incidents - something this deceptively calm film from the Ad Council attempts to address. Director Bennett Johnson skilfully lulls the viewer into a false sense of security, as it becomes abundantly clear that kids can, and will, get into anything.

"Hello Light"
1 min 45s
7 Jun 2019
The 2015 VW emissions scandal risked turning an industry stalwart into a pariah. Four years later, Volkswagen aim to clear the air, so to speak, with this brooding ad that draws on the brand's storied design history. Shot in almost complete darkness, director Daniel Wolfe's film is a pleasingly tactile and stripped-down portrayal of a VW engineer at work.

1 min 34s
6 Jun 2019
FIFA use sporting ad cliches as a springboard for change in this combative film for the Women's World Cup. Players address the camera directly as they go about their daily lives - which, unlike their male counterparts at the same level, involve day jobs, public transport, and carving out time for training around family life. Bold and upfront, it's a shrewd move to draw lingering inequalities into the spotlight.

Santé Publique France
"One Month"
5 Jun 2019
People experience the various stages of smoking-cessation grief in this entertaining commercial for France's public health authority. Celebrating the efforts of those who stuck to a pledge to spend 30 days without a cigarette for Tobacco-Free Month, the film offers a heightened yet all-too familiar depiction of what it feels like to kick a habit.

Electric Ireland
"Darkness into Light"
2 mins 30s
5 Jun 2019
This inspiring film from Electric Ireland explores the power of using personal tragedy to fuel the greater good. The understated, restrained delivery of a father describing the loss of his son to suicide is heartbreaking - confusion and resignation tangible in the man's voice as he tries to comprehend some sense from the senseless.

"The Stand-Off"
1 min 40s
4 Jun 2019
It's been a staple of Westerns since ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid': two outlaws faced with insurmountable odds opt to go out in a blaze of glory. This ad for Norwegian internet provider Komplett offers a thoroughly modern spin on the trope, and one that will resonate with would-be desperados worldwide.

3 Jun 2019
M J Delaney is no stranger to girl power, having technically worked with Sporty, Ginger, Baby, and Scary on a repurposed version of their 90's hit 'Wannabe' for Project Everyone. Now, the director returns for a more lighthearted romp with the group for Walkers - in which the Spice Women surprise an avid supporter with a visit.

"Big On"
3 Jun 2019
Budget supermarket chain Lidl revamp an old catchphrase for this classy outing which draws attention to their wide range of products at bite-size prices. Keen to entice more discerning customers into their stores, the brand invert their 'Lidl on price' tagline to explore the things they are 'big on' - from beauty products to baked goods and beyond.

3 mins
2 Jun 2019
Nike's boisterous commercial for the 2019 Women's World Cup packs a lot into its three-minute running time, with slick transitions, ample fancy footwork, and enough elite cameos to fill a Panini sticker album. What makes director François Rousselet's effort stand out, however, is the punky vibe that rings throughout.

30 May 2019
A Dr Seuss-style narrator extols the wonders of ‘soft water' in this lively commercial for water treatment outfit Culligan. For those not up on their water works, so to speak, soft water is low in magnesium, calcium, and iron - a good thing in Culligan's book. This is relayed via a lovely compendium of watery moments from director Kevin Thomas.

"The Others"
30 May 2019
We're all familiar with the adage that it's not ourselves but the other drivers who are reckless... so this whimsical spot for VW turns the spotlight on just who those others are. Gently and affectionately the VO describes the traits, experience, and reactions of people we encounter at a distance behind the wheel of their vehicle - and those on foot too.

"Hold Your Breath"
30 May 2019
This uncompromising ad for German humanitarian group Sea-Watch forces viewers to watch a young boy's last moments as he struggles underwater. Shot in one harrowing take, Joakim Reveman's film emphasises how quickly the ocean can take a life - now a tragically common occurrence for refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

"Three Lionesses"
29 May 2019
‘Three Lions' becomes ‘Three Lionesses' in this driven piece of work for Lucozade, as the brand tweak one of England's enduring football anthems in time for the 2019 Women's World Cup. Thus, Messrs Lineker, Moore, and Stiles are replaced by current internationals Steph Houghton, Jade Moore, and Jordan Nobbs.

AT & T
"The Train"
28 May 2019
This genre-hopping expedition from US telecom giant AT & T demonstrates the wide range of media accessible via their unlimited data plans - as well as director Dougal Wilson's ability to handle drama and comedy with equal panache. What begins as a traditional Western flick takes a turn to something far more PG-rated at a critical moment.

"You Make Us"
24 May 2019
Monzo bank patrons needn't worry about branch closures or opening hours - just an omnipotent VO who may wake you in the middle of the night or criticise your fashion sense. That's the gist of this entertaining ad for the digital-only bank, who claim customer interaction is at the heart of their operation. Plenty for savvy e-savers and spenders to mull over here.

Swedish Heart and Lung Association
"Road Trip"
1 min 35s
28 May 2019
The Swedish Heart and Lung Association offer a stark reminder for those who rely on old wives' tales for their medical knowledge in this thought-provoking ad. A father and daughter's trip in a classic car takes a turn for the worse when the neglected vehicle begins to sputter - needless to say, some warning lights shouldn't be ignored.

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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