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Five Star Work
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"First Steps"
3 mins 07s
12 Jan 2021
You know how Matt Berry says the word 'epic'? Well, this magnificent commercial for Facebook's Oculus is very much 'epic' in that sense. Director Ian Pons Jewell has become a director whom agencies turn to when epic is the name of the game, and, on this project, he's delivered in spades once again.

New York Knicks
"The New New York"
14 Jan 2021
New York has always been known for its unique attitude and irascible population, and despite the best efforts of the coronavirus this dynamic film shows there's fight in the ol' girl yet. Two-time NBA champions the Knicks celebrate the city's unquenchable character in stark black and white, as residents assure us that the New York spirit is in no way diminished by circumstance.

Football Beyond Borders
"Black &6Teen"
4 mins 31s
12 Jan 2021
This stirring piece of work offers a valuable insight into growing up Black in modern Britain. Built around a poem written by a 16 year old girl called Abi who grew up in Thornton Heath, it contains truths which demonstrate how far this country still has to go before it can claim to offer equal opportunities to each of its young people.

"Drive Them Crazy"
1 min 39s
12 Jan 2021
This hyper-caffeinated Puma commercial riffs on Neymar's reputation as the ultimate wind-up merchant. Co-directed by Frenchmen Adrien Lagier and Ousmane Ly, the film sees the Brazil and Paris Saint-Germain striker execute Plan Z: an assortment of tricks designed to turn defenders' heads à la 'The Exorcist'.

10 Jan 2021
Pet owners trapped at home with their furry companions during yet another lockdown may feel like they've slipped into a particularly invasive horror film, but this entertaining ad for Waggel puts a cinematic spin on things. The chilling tale follows the exploits of an innocent pooch, whose attempts to shower are interrupted by a feline interloper.

"Whatever It Takes"
2 mins 20s
9 Jan 2021
You could hardly hope to see anything more impactful than this extraordinary film for Macmillan. It takes your breath away with its spellbinding honesty – given its frankness about the reality of being stricken with cancer, it has no right to be as uplifting as it is. Everyone involved deserves the maximum credit for combining their talents and commitment to create a film which does not pull any punches in its depiction of cancer's seriousness.

Breast Cancer Now
"A Love Hate Relationship"
8 Jan 2021
Director Anna Ginsburg's free-flowing animation for Breast Cancer Now offers a colourful twist on relationship dramas. Keen to paint a more inclusive picture of women's health, the commercial features a diverse cast with mixed feelings about their breasts - feelings that may lead some to avoid vital self-care.

"Give It Some"
7 Jan 2021
Recipe box firm Gousto say go big or go hungry in this 60" commercial, which turns cooking into an old-school music channel. Strobe lights flash and dry ice billows throughout Juan Cabral's film, as the cast prepare meals infused with hair metal, big beat, and synth-pop (specifically ‘Enola Gay’ by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark).

"Fortune Favours the Frugal"
6 Jan 2021
Interstellar landfill takes centre stage in this environmentally-minded campaign from IKEA. The meticulously-crafted film from director Tom Kuntz et al. sees a meteor of trash-fuelled cosmic destruction on a collision course with Earth. The only way to lessen the impact is to consume consciously - something the characters here model in stylish fashion.

BBC iPlayer
"Like Nowhere Else"
5 Jan 2021
Many viewers will see themselves as streaming war veterans after months of binge-watching and extreme channel-hopping. This zany commercial for BBC iPlayer feels like an on-demand fever dream, realised thanks to some playful visual effects and repurposed footage. Like BBC Radio 2's Elvis concert from 2006, it's a fun reminder of the brand’s weighty portfolio.

Women's Aid
5 Jan 2021
Staying home has unarguably been the safest course of action for most of us over the past year. Yet for some, their residence isn't a refuge from the threat of other people. This thought-provoking film from Women's Aid makes that clear in poignant fashion, as it depicts a woman finding a moment of peace with her children the only way she can.

On The Beach
2 mins
29 Dec 2020
It's fitting that one of the last advertising notes sounded in 2020 should be from a brand which shares its name with one of the 20th century's most famous pieces of post-apocalyptic fiction, but while it may be impossible for some of us to dissociate 'On the Beach' from Neville Shute's grim novel, it seems unlikely that the holiday company's founders have any awareness of it at all. If they had, they probably would have adopted a different name.

"Chip Shop"
29 Dec 2020
This is fun. QuickBooks are advertising themselves as an essential tool for small businesses, but that doesn't mean their communication has to be dry and dull. Instead, they've opted for a full-on parody of a powerhouse corporate ad… and it's magnificent.

"Serial Winners: Joseph O'Brien"
8 mins 08s
16 Dec 2020
Directing duo That Jam interview horse racing royalty in this compelling documentary for Betfair. Viewers are granted access to jockey-turned-trainer Joseph O’Brien’s stables in Kilkenny, Ireland, where the softly-spoken twenty-something continues to excel in the family business. Fat chance of a day off anytime anytime soon though.

NHS Charities
"The Gift"
16 Dec 2020
This marvellous film directed by Sweetshop's Nicolas Jack Davies is built around the clever idea that Santa Claus – the central figure of Christmas in the modern era – is, by dint of his age, weight, and diet of milk and cookies, extremely vulnerable to Covid. The white-bearded patient is a cipher for all of those who have been lovingly cared for in our hospitals, and the film captures the dedication of the staff to whom we owe so much.

Channel 4
"Merry Different"
14 Dec 2020
According to this irreverent Channel 4 ad, Santa’s ready to axe Christmas 2020 altogether. While that's music to Chief Medical Officers' ears, some believe the holiday isn't beyond saving. The cavalry includes Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, a Halloween ghost, Cupid, and a St. Patrick’s day leprechaun, who each have their own ideas about how Christmas can be salvaged. Some are, well, more disturbing than others.

Coors Light
"The Beerman"
1 min 35s
15 Dec 2020
Much like the bedraggled snowman which stars in this excellent ad for Coors Light, 2020 has left us all feeling battered. However, a joyful musical interlude courtesy of director Mike Warzin is bound to lift audience spirits in unexpected and delightful ways - reminding us all that there is light at the end of what's been a very long tunnel.

"Lucy Adams"
1 min 49s
14 Dec 2020
Over the course of 2020, many of us will have developed the opinion that humanity could do with a reboot every now and then. Sega's latest game allows players to do just that, prompting us to turn history on its head as it develops from the Stone Age to the present day and beyond. Ambitious, megalomaniacal gamers in the audience will doubtless welcome the title's release in April 2021.

Jack Daniel's
"First Timers"
10 Dec 2020
Bucket lists may be on hold under quarantine conditions, but this feisty commercial from Jack Daniel's encourages viewers to get their groove back sooner rather than later. Various characters declare "I've always wanted to do that!" during the pacy montage, as horns are blared, drinks are slid artfully down bars, and work calls are rejected with extreme prejudice.

"When Dating Met 2020"
10 Dec 2020
Casual dating as we know it went out the window during 2020... along with pretty much everything else. This entertaining ad for dating app Bumble celebrates the efforts of those still determined to find love despite lockdown, diving into the awkward, amusing, and sometimes infuriating aspects of forging a relationship under pandemic conditions.

Burger King
"Stevenage vs. Everything"
10 Dec 2020
Burger King's unlikely association with League Two club Stevenage FC continues with a new logo for the women's team. Having already bribed Fifa fans to play as the small-fry club and brought its red and white kit to global digital attention, the fast food giants now focus their efforts on ensuring parity of support with their 'Burger Queen' campaign.

"Take Care"
2 mins 55s
8 Dec 2020
With the upcoming five-day 'Covid vacation' the first time many UK grandparents are likely to have seen their favourite sprogs for most of the past year, this heartwarming German commercial shows how their European counterparts may be preparing for similar reunions. The film follows a former athlete as he begins to work on his physical fitness in his later years - though it's unclear as to what end.

"Doggy Dogg Christmas"
6 Dec 2020
After making his Just Eat debut in July, rapper Snoop Dogg returns for the brand’s 60" Christmas ad… but only in vocal form. His onscreen replacement is a dog puppet who looks too furry and cuddly to match Snoop’s Dobermann alter-ego in 'What’s My Name?' However, separated from the original and taken on its own merits, there is much to enjoy.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons
6 Dec 2020
As one of the few properties which benefited from the Covid-19 pandemic, 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' became a global sensation after its March release - just in time for lockdown and then the endless, relentless expanse of quarantine. Rather than delve into such topical imagery, however, the brand use a more universal, timeless experience in their latest commercial outing: moving to a new home.

Sky Sports
7 Dec 2020
Sky Sports are dreaming of a white Christmas, but not the kind certain Millwall fans are hoping for. Instead of chancing their arm with the local fake snow merchant, the broadcaster cover the land in plain white footballs. Can anyone imagine the next Premier League, World Cup, or European Championship ball showing such aesthetic restraint?

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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