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Five Star Work
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Riyadh Season
"The Spectator"
2 mins 45s
20 Jun 2024
Want to feel old? Then let this plug for Tyson Fury versus Oleksandr Usyk take you back to November 13, 1999. The protagonist remembers it like it was yesterday. Why? Because it was the night Lennox Lewis beat Evander Holyfield in a rematch to end all rematches.

19 Jun 2024
Every World Cup, every European Championship, every Nations League (that one might be a stretch), a particular sort of fan appears. The kind that not only supports the team, but wears the team. Replica shirt? Check. Face paint? Check. Novelty hat? Check. Air horn? Double-check. Suffice it to say, they attract attention wherever they go.

"Kango Kian"
18 Jun 2024
Vanessa Carlton provides the soundtrack to this Irish Three commercial from agency Boys+Girls and director Nick Roney. Protagonist Kian may be the happiest fibre installation engineer on the planet with his pneumatic drill and lack of supervision. Carlton would walk a thousand miles, but Kian would drill it.

"Awaken Your Madness"
2 mins 22s
18 Jun 2024
Erling Haaland, Vinicius Junior, and Kylian Mbappe each have a screw loose. They train hard, work hard, and play harder than anyone else—Mbappe even talks to the ball ("Top left") like King Charles talks to plants. If Wimbledon were the Crazy Gang, this is the Crazy Trio.

INEOS Automotive
"Built for More"
17 Jun 2024
This fantastic commercial is an excellent reminder that the best car commercials do not advertise vehicles, but instead advertise drivers. It's not a question of whether the INEOS is worthy of you so much as whether you are worthy of the INEOS. At its best, this approach breaks through our natural tendency to stay with car brands we know and trust, and opens our minds to a new possibility.

"What a Time To Be a Live Sports Fan"
17 Jun 2024
According to this YouTube TV commercial, spectators have been missing big moments since the Stone Age. Sure enough, a caveman's view is blocked by tall-ass tribespeople—a boulder kick fan's worst nightmare. How about the Roman who gets knocked to the floor by an errant flail? Or the medieval nobleman blinded by a flag at a jousting tournament?

"Follow That Kea!"
17 Jun 2024
Stefan Hunt directs this madcap spot for outdoor brand Kathmandu. A bird puts the kea into kleptomaniac when, straight from the 'Untitled Goose Game' playbook, it steals a man's wallet and flies away. Some hikers would give up and let nature triumph, but not this one.

"Bring Your Wave"
17 Jun 2024
The longest Mexican wave on record took place at the 2019 Rocket League World Championship, where fans waved for over twenty seventy minutes. To promote Euro 2024 at Ladbrokes, agency Neverland and directors The Sacred Egg only have a minute or so to play with.

"Believe in Chicken"
1 min 50s
14 Jun 2024
On Mother London's watch, KFC have exhibited an astonishing willingness to draw attention to the animals used to create the food on offer at the fast food chain. It blasts right through the cognitive dissonance of the modern meat-eater, and it doesn't quite make sense that it works as well as it does.

"Hate. Not in My Shirt: England"
14 Jun 2024
One of two anti-hate commercials directed by Sam Aminzadeh for EE, this instalment focuses on England. Scored by 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' (geddit?), the ad drowns out the sort of vitriol that makes fans and players alike despair. Marcus Rashford may have missed out on a place in the England squad for the Euros, but the brand acknowledge his importance to the cause with a brief cameo.

Lemonade Dolls
"Swing It, Girls"
14 Jun 2024
"Our all-new technology prevents boob wobble." That's all comedian Jayde Adams before she goes off script in this Lemonade Dolls commercial. "Fuck it," she says, confident that the men have tuned out by now. Two unconscious crew members confirm the coast is clear.

"Midnight Mums Club"
14 Jun 2024
This is a really solid idea from Wonderhood Studios, delivered perfectly by director James Rouse. It's just past 3am, and a new mum sheds a tear as she struggles to put her baby to sleep. She's not alone though—in fact, six other mums are in the kitchen, all tired but happy to see her.

"Hey Jude"
2 mins
13 Jun 2024
Every football tournament only has one winning team, and England's men have been longing for it to be them for a very long time. The expectation of the fans sometimes becomes something more akin to entitlement, and the pressure this places on the players has often appeared to be a decisive factor in their failure to secure a long-awaited trophy.

"Media Envy (DC)"
1 min 33s
13 Jun 2024
The product at the heart of this Amazons Ads commercial could be a laundry detergent, an energy drink, or lube for all we know. What we do know is that Zing drives a marketer (played by Tim Downie of 'Geek Girl' and 'Toast of London' fame) to despair.

Devolver Digital
"Volvy's 15th Birthday Party"
20 mins
13 Jun 2024
Devolver Digital's 2024 showcase delves further into the cult of Volvy, the rodent mascot introduced last year. The protagonist is a DD devotee—so much so that real life has taken a back seat. All that matters is Volvy's fifteenth birthday party and whatever the publisher have in store for gamers.

11 Jun 2024
This commercial for Eurail asks us whether we are on a journey or merely travelling. It's a neat way of delineating between the two and making the case for the much more romantic idea that we are exploring pastures new, rather than arriving at a familiar destination.

"Forever. Faster. See the game like we do. (DC)"
2 mins 49s
12 Jun 2024
We are all familiar with the concept of 'effortlessly cool', but there's nothing wrong with a little 'effortful coolness' from time to time, and this captivating film from ProdCo's Leigh Powis epitomises this idea. It is brimming with fantastic imagery from first to last, and that would be impressive enough, but it's the way they cohere – aided and abetted by fantastic soundtrack – that really makes this stand out.

Short Films
"Moon Under Water"
15 mins
12 Jun 2024
Tom Heyes (also known as Blackhaine) stars in this consummate drama from director duo Grandmas. Based on the character he played in a 2019 Pearl City promo, twentysomething Jack looks after his father Glenn (Lalor Roddy). The old man has dementia, and the son has almost become a ghost.

Sports Direct
"Football Fever Starts Here"
12 Jun 2024
If you thought Ian Wright would take it easy after 'Match of the Day', think again. The sixty-year-old is a bona fide nutter in this Sports Direct commercial as he drives an ice cream van down the street. England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford has no idea what to make of him, but it’s the other residents Wright has plans for.

"There's No Going Back"
11 Jun 2024
Fans of 'Job Simulator' will appreciate this tongue-in-cheek spot for global real estate services company JLL. Both turn the modern office (or "cubicle farm" as the game calls it) into a museum exhibit, though Jamie Lane's 60" commercial doesn't require a VR headset.

"The Breath"
1 min 41s
11 Jun 2024
Rubberband direct this gorgeous tie-up between Spanish luxury fashion house Loewe and Swiss sportswear company On. If you prefer a louder, sweatier commercial, there may be one a couple miles down the road. What Jason Sondock and Simon Davis have come up with is far more brooding and, well, breathy.

Casey House
2 mins 07s
9 Jun 2024
DAVID suspects this thought-provoking film may not land well with those it targets, as they will likely find it condescending but it shines a light on an enormous issue in healthcare and does so with a comic brutality that's impossible to ignore. Healthcare workers may resent the message but that doesn't mean it won't make them reconsider their actions.

"Everything You Care About (DC)"
9 Jun 2024
This immensely sweet commercial uses one of advertising's favourite tricks to describe the relationship between a mother and daughter over the years. A comfort blanket is at the centre of proceedings as the shifting sands of the mother/daughter dynamic affects them both at different times and in different ways.

"Bigger, Better, Smarter, and Faster"
10 Jun 2024
This deft commercial says Hyundai's electric vehicles are "bigger, better, smarter, and faster" than ever before. Yes, that sounds like a Daft Punk song, but the car maker have a belter of a spot to go with it. Propelled by 'Ratata', a breakbeat track courtesy of Skillrex, Missy Elliot, and Mr Oizo, the ad bathes a whole city block in coloured light.

"Dog. Car. Window."
10 Jun 2024
The simplicity of crisps is brought to the fore by this commercial which uses joyous footage of dogs enjoying the experience of wind to make its point. Director Nick Ball and cinematographer Alwin Kuchler capture the canine euphoria in such a simple fashion that the viewer doesn't give a thought to how hard this must have been logistically.

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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