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Five Star Work
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"The Marine"
14 Apr 2021
A bloke discovers his family's military history and immediately regrets it in this amusing, mischievous piece of work for Find My Past. The genealogy website boasts exemplary access to British army records, and encourages the public to seek out their forgotten relatives of yore... cuckolded consequences be damned.

"The Journey"
1 min 40s
13 Apr 2021
While the Tokyo Olympics organising committee bid to make the 2020 Games as safe and, erm, git-free as possible, this pacy commercial from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reacquaints viewers with the nascent refugees team. Argentine directing trio PANTERA depict one woman's escape from an unnamed warzone.

"The Journey"
13 Apr 2021
This beautiful film by Seb Edwards uses the sheer quality of the director's work to underline the idea that Aviva are a serious financial company who won't let you down when it matters. It follows a woman who is inspired by a vision of children playing in an idyllic Scottish landscape, as she sets about making her dreams come true.

Ronald McDonald House Charities
"Family Is Medicine (Director's Cut)"
2 mins
12 Apr 2021
Charlotte Regan directs this stirring piece of work for Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada that underlines the importance of family in a sick child's recovery. As a boy and his family enter their accomodation late at night, we realise they’re in it for the long haul. The reality of extended care is well-handled

9 Apr 2021
The success of WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney Plus must have brands itching for a piece of Marvel action. Sure enough, Chinese smartphone maker Oppo enter the fray with this nimble commercial directed by Nick Bartleet. What it lacks in character development, it makes up

2 mins
8 Apr 2021
A chirpy bloke named Bjorn fronts this safety-conscious ad for Volvo. Touting the marque's long history of putting driver and passenger welfare above all else, the film follows its host on a tour of the aptly named Safety Centre, where creative tests take place in order to put each new vehicle through its paces before it hits the road.

"Breakfast Done Properly"
8 Apr 2021
This handsomely shot McDonald's commercial portrays breakfast with reverence. Bathed in light as they tuck into McMuffins, hash browns, bacon rolls, and more, each cast member savours their respective happy places. One diner even breaks the fourth wall as she slots a hash brown into her Egg McMuffin and says: "We all do it".

7 Apr 2021
The world's most laid-back hula-hooper stars in this entertaining commercial for Lucozade. Ini Kamoze's dancehall classic 'Here Comes The Hotstepper' provides a fittingly rhythmic soundtrack to the bloke's shopping trip with a twist, as his ever-moving hoop and casual attitude draw curious attention from passers-by. Well, it's one way to keep cardio fun.

"Little Moments"
6 Apr 2021
The past year has brought many of us a renewed appreciation for the minutiae of life... mainly because it's all we've had while stuck indoors. Yet for families with disabled or seriously ill children, these small instances of togetherness and support can often be much harder to come by - something McCain aim to address with their latest ad campaign.

Tesco Mobile
5 Apr 2021
What if Tesco Mobile took over an entire supermarket? That’s the premise of this light-footed piece work featuring new twists on store staples. Once the foundation has been laid - thanks, in part, to a fleet of lively shopping trolleys - the fun can begin. Familiar aisles and counters are refitted and Blue Supermarket's phone division takes centre stage.

"Breaking Down Barriers"
1 Apr 2021
Converse and director Jared Malik Royal shed light on a key moment in basketball history here, with a tribute to the Crispus Attucks High School team from 1954-55. They were the first all-Black team to win Indiana's state championship, and Royal believes they can inspire more impressionable youngsters nearly sixty years later.

B & Q
"We Will Grow Again"
30 Mar 2021
Hope springs eternal in this inspiring commercial for B & Q, which celebrates the changing seasons. More than a simple call to appreciate the spring thaw, the film offers a timely allegory for a nation slowly emerging from a year of sacrifice - one of isolation, depression, and anxiety. Game of Thrones alumnus Rory McCann provides a mellifluous voiceover, addressing winter in defiant fashion as imagery of frost and ice slowly thaws.

"Just a Lump of Metal"
28 Mar 2021
Actor Shaun Evans narrates this attractive commercial for motors.co.uk, who are curious about the nation’s relationship with four-wheeled "lumps of metal". As the Endeavour star explains, this bond runs deeper than expected. This represents another deft example of advertising's response to the pandemic.

Formula One
"Make Yourself Comfortable"
26 Mar 2021
Romain Grosjean's hellish crash at the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix evoked memories of Ayrton Senna, Jules Bianchi, Niki Lauda, and other Formula One disasters. Four months later, the competition returns to the Middle East with an ironic call for fans to make themselves comfortable. A refreshingly human launch film.

"The Renter"
25 Mar 2021
Scummy landlords and outrageous rent may characterise not owning a home for many, but this upbeat ad for Rightmove looks on the bright side of renting. Flexibility and novelty are the key words here, as the film follows an adventurous woman who's able to move wherever—and whenever—the mood strikes.

"Perfect Match"
24 Mar 2021
It's rare for any ad with a romantic angle to spark a shred of warmth in DAVID's jaded husk of a heart, but this rather sweet outing for Heineken proves there's life in the old ticker yet. The film focuses on two couples with a central conflict in common: they support diametrically opposed sports teams. The cast's lovely performances really sell their jovial teasing, ensuring that the ad's playful vibes never veer towards meanness.

23 Mar 2021
This amusing commercial for US insurance firm Progressive sees a free-wheeling bloke cruise down the highway on his own two feet... or wheels, as it were. The half-man half-motorcycle hybrid (far less disturbing than Salvatore Ganacci's model) rolls along to the tune of Culture Club's good-vibes classic 'Karma Chameleon', happily taking in the ambience until disaster strikes.

"Elsley Football Club"
21 Mar 2021
Elsley Football Club may be a fictional team, but it’s hard not to get swept up by their promotion to the top flight in this 60" Adobe Sign ad. When demand for replica kits and official merchandise dramatically outstrips (pardon the pun) supply, marketing manager Kate Morrison is thrust into action.

"I Like It Like That"
17 Mar 2021
Despite the blips and the worries, we are clearly approaching a significant moment in the pandemic and will soon gain the freedom to spend time with friends and family. After all the false starts of the last year, it's difficult to get too excited but, nonetheless, we all have varying degrees of anticipation for what lies ahead, and it's high time that advertising began to reflect that mood.

Billie Razors
"The Perfect Woman"
17 Mar 2021
Billie Razors have taken a confrontational stance on the portrayal of women in commercials since their first outing in 2019, and this latest ad is no exception. Directed by Quinn Wilson, the film addresses the concept of a 'perfect woman' head-on, interrogating what that might mean without letting it up for air.

Free Mobile
1 min 47s
16 Mar 2021
This entertaining, tongue-in-cheek ad for French mobile network provider Free (no relation to Three) examines the tenuous relationship between price and quality. Beginning in the Stone Age, the film claims consumers have been hardwired to pay over the odds for centuries. Short of offering their services for, erm, free, the brand reckon they have a better deal in store.

Apple AirPods
1 min 45s
15 Mar 2021
Acrobatics have become something of a mainstay for Apple when it comes to marketing their AirPod headphones, and this dynamic film from director Sam Brown makes another worthy addition to that canon. With the rumoured release of a third-generation of the wireless earbuds looming, it's the opportune moment to emphasise their portability.

16 Mar 2021
Toyota take a lyrical dive into the journey of thirteen-time Paralympic gold medalist Jessica Long in this enchanting commercial. Framed around her difficult start in life - adopted as a baby from Siberia with a rare medical condition - the film follows her long road from there to sporting glory. Contrasting dimly-lit water with warm flashes of scenes from her past, the film sees Long literally swim her way to where she is now.

"Good Ideas Deserve to Be Found"
15 Mar 2021
There's a cool vibe to this musical commercial for Facebook, which draws attention to how the social media giant can help boost small businesses. The retro soundtrack has a Pet Shop Boys feel, combining a restrained electro beat with spoken vocals which drop with Eighties-style nonchalance. Good ideas deserve to find the spotlight, it suggests, only if they're truly hip.

"The One"
12 Mar 2021
Having achieved the impossible by muting former spokesman Brian Blessed, Ladbrokes adopt a new, understated approach ahead of the 2021 Cheltenham Festival. As the high-stakes event looms large, romance is in the air. The well-dressed cast each reveal what attracted them to their respective suitors, be it their confidence, their fashion sense, or their, erm, "lean, muscular build".

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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