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Five Star Work
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Bross Bagels
"Mama Bross"
1 min 44s
16 Dec 2018
This film by freelance director Charlie Parker is a perfect example of how stuff created on a shoestring can sit alongside much better financed films these days. Written and performed by Larah Bross and Keir McAllister, this ad for a small chain of Edinburgh bakeries demonstrates an astute understanding of what will fly on social media and looks certain to generate a ot of friendly interest in the brand.

"Jacqui Oatley"
13 Dec 2018
Sports journalist and broadcaster Jacqui Oatley spearheads this compelling piece for Twitter's #WomenInFootball campaign, as the first female commentator in Match of the Day's history relates her journey to the airwaves. Needless to say, she's had to listen to some dissenting voices along the way - but now she's made the gantry her own.

"New Santa"
3 mins 50s
13 Dec 2018
Even Father Christmas isn't immune from a mid-life crisis, according to this playful Audi commercial. When the big man spots a slimmer, younger bloke with an RS5 coupé in the driveway, he embarks on a training regime worthy of Rocky Balboa. Unsurprisingly, the man who actually ate all the pies must enlist extra help to achieve his sportscar bod.

"The Handmade Gift"
12 Dec 2018
This wooly Greenpeace film blends tactile animation and grim topicality as the NGO targets air pollution in urban spaces. When a little girl acknowledges the risk posed to her family (and teddy bear's) health, she decides to combine fashion and function by crafting air masks for her nearest and dearest.

Roger Vivier
"Duo des Chats"
11 Dec 2018
Catherine Deneuve stars in this off-kilter piece for designer shoe brand Roger Vivier, which casts the French screen siren as mum to a pair of ultra-competitive sisters - both of whom seem intent on scratching one another's eyes out. And the reason for this sibling animosity? A pair of Roger Vivier pumps, of course.

Co-op Supermarkets
"Round for Christmas"
12 Dec 2018
As punters finalise their Christmas viewing plans, the Co-op tackle one of the festive season's most divisive posers: "Is Die Hard a Christmas film?" Whether John McClane's exploits in Nakatomi Plaza count as festive fare is a matter for debate, and this 30" ad should compel viewers to argue their respective cases.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
2 mins 20s
11 Dec 2018
Despite having its thunder stolen by the likes of Fortnite and Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 4 in recent months, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) remains one of the battle royale genre's fiercest competitors. To mark the title's PlayStation 4 bow, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts delivers a balletic display of improvised violence… and it all starts with a frying pan.

11 Dec 2018
More seasonal impatience from Waitrose as a town prepares to switch on its Christmas lights with a traditional countdown. Crowd primed and oversized red button operational, a local dignitary relishes his chance to deliver those ten all-important digits - alas, the peckish mayor has other ideas. Another light-hearted lark from the upmarket grocer.

7 Dec 2018
Following Huawei's recent festive heart-warmer, German supermarket chain Rewe are the latest brand to put hearing loss at the centre of their 2018 Christmas campaign as a girl takes a crash course in sign language. Initially, the audience is unclear whether this is for her benefit or someone else's… but furtive glances at a local boy give us a sizeable clue.

7 Dec 2018
Eager to spark would-be investors into action, online investment outfit E*TRADE claim "there are dogs with better live than you" in this entertaining commercial which takes the term "pampered pooch" to obscene levels. Needless to say, the ad's human protagonist can only dream of such opulence.

Women's Aid
"More Than Bruises"
2 mins 41s
7 Dec 2018
Hayley Atwell undergoes a gruelling transformation in this well-constructed Women's Aid film from director Paul Andrew Williams, as the organisation use an actor's make-up session to underline how mere seconds can have devastating consequences. Once a chirpy Atwell arrives on set, her make-up crew set to work on crafting a distressing facial wound.

"The Little Hedgehog"
1 min 37s
8 Dec 2018
This enchanting film from Passion Pictures' Kyra & Constantin tells the tale of a new arrival at a school for woodland animals who is having a lot of trouble fitting in. The beautiful animation captures his dilemma perfectly as he tries to edge closer to his schoolfriends and finds only rejection.

"The Cell"
1 min 43s
6 Dec 2018
This Finnish Lidl commercial offers hope to jailbirds everywhere as a warden ignores protocol in favour of Christmas spirit. As a wizened prisoner looks out on a snowy night, he's shocked to receive a beautifully wrapped metal file, which is duly applied to the iron bars on his cell window. It's enough to make prison staff balk, but there is a suitably festive twist to this escape.

1 min 50s
3 Dec 2018
Every Christmas there's a film which swerves into view at the last minute and catches the public's imagination, and this year the honour may belong to this immensely sweet ad for Huawei. It's a purpose-driven piece of advertising which introduces us to a new technology which helps deaf children to learn how to read.

"Season of Good Dog"
1 min 48s
3 Dec 2018
A dog's patchy understanding of the meaning of Christmas propels this charming piece of work for Pedigree. From the moment the pooch is introduced to his family, he thinks he has the rationale of the holiday licked - naturally, it's "the season of good boy". A disarming insight into a dog's perspective on this strange yet colourful event.

Irn Bru
1 Dec 2018
Over a decade since viewers watched the Snowman nick a young boy's can of Irn Bru, this 60" sequel picks up straight after the lad's face-first landing in Glasgow's George Square. While the not-so-whiter than white figure thinks he's got away with it, he forgets that hell hath no fury like a young'un scorned. What follows is another aerial tour of Scotland, as the boy commandeers a seaplane in, well, cold pursuit.

2 mins
1 Dec 2018
Doctor Who may have been shunted to New Year's Day in the BBC's festive schedule, but the corporation's two-minute Christmas ad offers plenty of timey-wimey drama. As a mother and her teenage boy threaten to drift apart, time freezes to offer them an uncanny bonding session. While school friends and co-workers stand still, the pair enjoy everything their seaside town has to offer.

"A Little Company"
30 Nov 2018
This affectionate iPhone commercial proves the Elvis impersonator trade is in rude health as a group of multinational Presleys share their passion via Group FaceTime. As the troupe cover Presley's 1961 ballad ‘There's Always Me', viewers are treated to a world tour with extra "uh-huh-huh".

National AIDS Trust
"Rock the Ribbon"
29 Nov 2018
Erasure's ‘A Little Respect' propels this lithe piece of work for the National AIDS Trust, as the charity urges viewers to don red ribbons on World AIDS Day. Rather than depict scores of people doing just that, NAT enlist choreographer Sherrie Silver for a solo demonstration… and she doesn't disappoint.

"Rocking Room"
29 Nov 2018
One of three winsome IKEA ads from directing duo The Sacred Egg, this latest instalment stars the brand's Lyskraft rocking chair as a bloke tries to soothe his wailing infant. Despite dad's best efforts, only a piece of Swedish flat-pack furniture can pacify his offspring - and its see-sawing properties are even more powerful than expected.

Absolut Vodka
"The Walk"
2 mins 36s
29 Nov 2018
Since Absolut first commissioned Andy Warhol to turn their distinctive bottle into a work of art in 1985, the Swedish vodka makers have become synonymous with outré bottle designs and print ads. To mark the brand's latest talent drive, this engaging film charts four decades worth of artwork in one flowing execution.

"Share Your Gifts"
2 mins 44s
27 Nov 2018
A girl learns to embrace her creativity in this sumptuous animation from Apple, though strap yourself in, folks - it's another Christmas epic. At just shy of three-minutes long, there is plenty of time to admire the film's characterful visuals and wintry vibe as the protagonist hides her ideas from the world.

27 Nov 2018
As pressure mounts on gambling firms to reduce their on-screen presence, this compelling ad for GambleAware draws attention to football's increasingly dubious relationship with both on and offline betting. Like a mash-up between the beautiful game and The Twilight Zone, kickabouts and five-a-side matches across the nation are hit by a mysterious ball shortage.

"Tree Meeting"
27 Nov 2018
How far would you go to say hello to your shoes? That's the premise of this amusing ad for eco-friendly shoe brand Allbirds, wherein a woman absconds from the dentist's chair and embarks on a globetrotting odyssey. Whilst other parties may encourage such aberrant behaviour, the San Francisco start-up's spokesman is at a loss.

The Red Cross
"The One Gift Santa Can't Deliver"
1 min 40s
26 Nov 2018
Santa Claus cuts a haunted figure in this stark Christmas ad from the International Committee for the Red Cross. Children and kids-at-heart beware - there are no candy canes or reindeer to be found in this 100" film set in a war-torn district. As bullets tear through walls and civilians flee in terror, Santa pushes on through the chaos.

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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