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Recent Promos
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Charlotte Plank
2 mins 55s
21 Feb 2024
If you can't find the rave, then bring it! Director Ben Cole and performer Charlotte Plank were moved by spontaneity when they made this exhilarating and frenetic promo. Plank and her friends are getting ready for a big night out, but they can have no idea where the evening will end, because no one did really. The improvisational nature of the promo generates an energy which makes it exciting to watch. Great fun.

Lucy DK
"Bye to My Last White Boy"
3 mins 26s
21 Feb 2024
The title of this song is by far the most interesting thing about it, as it is otherwise a pretty standard heartbreak track, with a pretty standard performance-based promo to accompany it. It won't pull up any trees but it's all been competently done and both artist and director will doubtless do more noteworthy work than this.

"Chemical Wedding (ft. Tommy Saint)"
2 mins 59s
21 Feb 2024
It's always captivating when the energy of the promo matches the energy of the music, and director Angelo Dominic Sesto has achieved exactly for iagö's collaboration with Tommy Saint. The music has an intensity that is borderline disturbing, and Sesto uses his camera to depict something akin to mania in the performance, and it's a very effective creative union.

3 mins 16s
20 Feb 2024
With its distinctive skyline and cultural heritage, it's easy to see why so many directors are drawn to Port Talbot. Jake Dypka is the latest to visit, though he did so before news of proposed job losses rocked the steel town. We imagine Dypka will keep a close eye on developments as the streets he filmed become protest routes.

Dua Lipa
"Training Session"
4 mins 06s
20 Feb 2024
After a brief cameo in whatever the hell 'Argylle' was, it's back to the day job for Dua Lipa. Her new song, 'Training Season', picks up where 'Houdini' left off with a muscular nu-disco beat and a slinky guitar riff that has Kevin Parker’s fingerprints all over it (the man behind Tame Impala is a producer on Lipa’s as-yet unnamed third album).

Vampire Weekend
4 mins 16s
19 Feb 2024
The promo for 'Capricorn' by Vampire Weekend takes viewers back to 1980s New York—as captured by renowned photographer Steven Siegel. It's a city desperate to put its most violent years behind it, though you can also tell that all is not lost in the Big Apple. Frontman and hometown boy Ezra Koenig turns forty this year, so that might explain the nostalgia trip.

Girl in Red
"Too Much"
3 mins 40s
15 Feb 2024
Jessica Alexander ('A Banquet', 'The Little Mermaid') stars in a theatrical promo for 'Too Much', an alt-pop banger courtesy of Girl in Red. The Norwegian puts on a hell of a show for Alexander, with a giant inflatable heart with a knife through it as the centrepiece. She also has a blade stuck in her chest for good measure.

Anna Prior
"Tech Nao"
3 mins 59s
12 Feb 2024
Director Tom Furse has imaginatively made use of AI to construct the images in this compelling promo for a track by Anna Prior. It's a brilliant use of the technology, and - knowing that many of the images have been generated rather than captured only serves to make it harder to tear your eyes away. But, well, you know...

Tom Odell
"Loving You Will Be The Death Of Me"
2 mins 12s
9 Feb 2024
As opening lyrics go, "Jesus Christ, look at us in the toilet making love/We should slow down" is a doozy. The rest of 'Loving You Will Be the Death of Me' by Tom Odell is rather milquetoast, but we like what director Lucca Lutzky and choreographer Will Pegna have done with the promo: a partner dance with a welcome touch of humour.

3 mins 21s
8 Feb 2024
Not all lyric videos are made equal. Take this one for Clark, the electronic musician and composer who prefers to be on last name terms, but is happy to let his face be used as a canvas. Sure enough, director Luc Rëso Janin slaps the lyrics to 'Dismissive' on it, as well as glitchy shards of colour and cryptic shafts of light.

"Lovers' Leap"
4 mins 35s
8 Feb 2024
Some couples go to Makeout Point, others go to Makeout Creek. Elbow add a new spot to the list, Lovers' Leap, a place where Guy Garvey sings: "Throw my body off the side/There to meet my waiting bride.” After that? "They can name the crater we make after you/And sell little statues of us." He sure knows how to make a girl feel special, eh?

Hannah Grae
"Better Now You're Gone"
3 mins 03s
5 Feb 2024
Director Lola Webster channels '(500) Days of Summer' in the promo for Hannah Grae's 'Better Now You’ve Gone'. The left side of the screen shows what an extroverted Grae expects from her first night out after a break-up, and the right side of the screen covers the more sombre reality. Call it post-split-screen.

The Black Keys
"Beautiful People (Stay High)"
2 mins 49s
2 Feb 2024
The promo for 'Beautiful People' (Stay High) by The Black Keys is a world tour with dates in London, Chicago, and Johannesburg. There's no sign of bandmates Dan Auerbach or Patrick Carney, but director Chris Saunders and choreographer Natalie Fisher have played a blinder with the cast of dancers from all walks of life.

Future Islands
"The Thief"
3 mins 51s
1 Feb 2024
If a recent spot for the New York City Ballet put you in the mood for more contemporary dance, then synth-pop band Future Islands and director Ivana Bobic have you covered. The promo for 'The Thief' brims with colour and movement, plus the choreography is inspired by frontman Samuel T Herring's unyoked dance moves.

3 mins 51s
31 Jan 2024
DAVID once knew someone in a band that was called Tourist, only to become Just Tourist for some godawful reason. All we know is that William Edward Phillips has the Tourist name these days, and has his latest promo directed by Ozzie Pullin. Fans of synchronized swimming are in their element right now.

Fat White Family
"Bullet of Dignity"
3 mins
31 Jan 2024
In 'Ten Thousand Apologies: Fat White Family and the Miracle of Failure', author Adelle Stripe describes the group from Peckham, south London as "a drug band with a rock problem". Frontman Lias Kaci Saoudi must agree, as he co-wrote the warts-and-all book with Stripe!

Megan Thee Stallion
3 mins 14s
30 Jan 2024
The gloriously defiant Megan thee Stallion is never backwards in coming forwards and she once again demonstrates a gift for explicitness and profanity in the name of her sex positive approach to feminism. Director Douglas R Bernardt has matched her energy with the promo that is as sexually provocative as the star herself.

The Smile
"Friend of a Friend"
5 mins 25s
16 Mar 2022
The Smile (Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, and Tom Skinner) have played in venues all over the world, from the Albert Hall in Manchester to the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City. The promo for 'Friend of a Friend' takes them to, er, Newington Green Primary School in London.

Rachel Chinouriri
"Never Need Me"
3 mins
25 Jan 2024
Everyone needs a good wingman or wingwoman—for Rachel Chinouriri, that's Florence Pugh. The star of 'Midsommar', Little Women', and 'Oppenheimer' plays Chinouriri's best friend, or perhaps her guardian angel (as far as we can tell, Pugh's character never talks to anyone else). Maybe she just wants the singer-songwriter to be the centre of attention.

Ella Eyre
"Head in the Ground"
3 mins 13s
24 Jan 2024
There are shades of 'Beetlejuice' to this promo for Ella Eyre and Tiggs Da Author's 'Head in the Ground'. Eyre is buried alive, so to speak, but she has more room to manoeuvre than Uma Thurman or Ryan Reynolds did. In fact, her tomb is more like a bedroom, with a coffin, a rug, a lamp, and a side table.

"Gift Horse"
4 mins 34s
22 Jan 2024
This Idles promo, set in a rowdy, uncensored supermarket, doubles as a commercial for KTC vegetable oil. One man buys litres of the stuff at £7.99 a pop, which should please Britain's largest distributor of edible oils and fats, no end. The checkout worker’s face screams: “What have I done to deserve such a fate?"

Jamila Woods
3 mins 23s
19 Jan 2024
This extremely handsome promo has been very imaginatively put together by director Carlos López Estrada. As well as showing singer Jamila Woods performing her song, it uses her hands and those of others to 'mouth' the words, and the effect really grows on you as it becomes more and more ambitious.

Manni Dee
"All of It (ft. Manuka Honey)"
3 mins 51s
19 Jan 2024
This promo is such a perfect fit for the track that it feels as though they were conceived alongside one another. Director Jade Ang Jackman has matched the song's vibe with such perfection that the two entities are like conjoined twins, and you can't imagine one without the other.

"A Love International"
4 mins 55s
18 Jan 2024
In this tale of love set in an exotic location, a boy appears to be punching above his weight. The bookish girl who is the apple of his eye seems supremely uninterested until she witnesses the mockery to which he is being subjected. The denouement is worth waiting for as we see the reaction of those bullying him when she rewards him for his devotion.

Lola Young
"Wish You Were Dead"
3 mins 15s
18 Jan 2024
Typical, eh? You have a shit ton of laundry to do, but singer Lola Young has taken over the whole laundrette. Young and her band perform 'Wish You Were Dead' sans detergent and fabric softener, replaced by lyrics such as: "Until I throw a punch/You call me a cunt." We like to think Young is about to go on a UK laundromat tour.

Recent Promos
(1-25 of 25)

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