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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Orlando Wood 83.8%  
 2. Jeremy Smith 83.4%  
 3. James Sorton 82.8%  
 4. Charlie Crompton 82.6%  
 5. Ewen Brown 81.5%  
 6. James Howland 81.4%  
 7. James Waters 80.5%  
 8. Zeno Campbell-Salmon 80.5%  
 9. Bart Yates 79.9%  
 10. Tim Nash 79.1%  
 11. Rupert Reynolds-Maclean 78.7%  
 12. Dougal Meese 78.7%  
 13. Ben Roberts 78.5%  
 14. Joe Biggins 78.5%  
 15. Emma Butterworth 78.4%  
 16. Hughie Phillips 78.4%  
 17. Stuart Wrigglesworth 77.7%  
 18. Fergus Brown 77.4%  
 19. Dom Thomas 77.3%  
 20. Paul Weston 76.8%  
 21. Matthew Fone 76.8%  
 22. Charlotte Woodhead 76.6%  
 23. Justin Edmund-White 76.6%  
 24. Chris Barrett 76.2%  
 25. Lou Hake 76.2%  

On This Day

Phones 4 U
18 Nov 2013
Again, one of those where casting is everything. David Mitchell informs us that Tom forgot to buy his auntie a Christmas present as we witness the awkward silence between them. But this year he makes up for it with help from Phones 4 U. Auntie is delighted. Tom's face is a picture. Lovely.

Federal Express
"Show the World"
2 mins 18s
18 Nov 2014
Pepper sauce that ages like wine? We'll have some of that, thanks. This lovely ad for FedEx focuses on the story of Llewellyn, who wants his own take on the fiery condiment to be enjoyed all over the world. As such, we see him using the courier service to convey his sauce from the Jamaican island of Nevis where he lives to far-flung climes... and the reactions of the people who sample it.

"Ed Sheeran"
18 Nov 2014
This excellent ad features Ed Sheeran, portraying his rise to fame from his bedroom at the family's home, through to busking on the underground and ending with an appearance at Wembley Stadium. The whole commercial was filmed in a single shot which gives it a lovely dynamism and proves Sheeran must be good at hitting his marks.

"Ship My Pants"
18 Nov 2014
This terrific spot from the US for KMart tells us that if we can't find what we want instore, we can find it online and KMart will ship it to us for free. The twist is that 'ship my pants / nightie / bed' sounds very much like something else, and this is played on to the hilt as various customers young and old proudly announce what they've done in public.

Westfield Australia
"Sophia Grace and Rosie"
1 min 51s
18 Nov 2014
This ad for Westfield Australia features the irrepressible young stars of YouTube and Ellen, Sophia Grace and Rosie. The girls became a sensation a few years ago when a video of them rapping to Super Bass by Nicki Minaj was posted on YouTube, and their big personalities have ensured their fame has continued to grow.

"Aussie Christmas"
2 mins
18 Nov 2014
It's always interesting to see how a brand's personality shifts from one country to another, and this epic from Australia does a cracking job for Aldi. A young man from a small Nordic village comes back from Oz full of tales about the way they celebrate Christmas down under, and incurs the wrath of his elders... until one tastes an Aldi prawn and is converted.

Loteria de Navidad
3 mins 30s
18 Nov 2015
Those itching for another dollop of Pixar-esque magic before the year is out will find plenty to enjoy in this touching ad for the Spanish Christmas Lottery. Night watchman Justino dutifully clocks in for his lonely shift every night. Except he's not really alone - that's the perk of working in a mannequin factory.

"Our Pitch, Our Rules"
18 Nov 2015
Slick and commanding, this Adidas ad encapsulates the reputation of the German national team with clever visuals and a steely team talk for a script. The lines of the pitch become battle lines as players and fans organise themselves with precision. It's a very well-crafted production and one that only strengthens the long-lasting bond between team and kit provider.

"Googlebox Christmas"
3 mins 20s
18 Nov 2016
The cast of Gogglebox become stop-motion characters in this special adbreak from the show's creators Channel 4, and Sainsbury's. Following the groundbreaking ad to promote The Lego Movie - in which Orange Supermarket's current agency PHD recreated an entire commercial break in Lego - this ad sees the Gogglebox crew react to the Sainsbury's animated Christmas ad which launched last week.

18 Nov 2016
Halfords sum up the reality of going away for the weekend with your mates in this frenetic ad. The script's staccato barrage carries us along on an exhausting but exhilarating ride, once again smartly implying that a trip to the retailer beforehand ensures we can take spontaneity for granted.

"The Pump"
18 Nov 2005
Trainers with an on/off switch? Impressive special effects consider the possibility of a whole city emerging from your shoe to illustrate how life opens up when you go out running in a pair of Reeboks. But does anybody actually go running in these shoes?

"Too Tarty?"
18 Nov 2005
Kerry Katona is at cross-purposes when she asks "Gaz" if her dress is "too tarty?" He only has eyes for the dessert in front of him and, having apparently reassured her that she looks okay his addendum that he "loves tarts" does not go down well.

"Road Map"
18 Nov 2007
A similar idea to one that appeared in a Vauxhall ad earlier this year has a man crumpling his map in order to create a more interesting landscape to cross. This only works if you have a magic map that causes the local topography to react when you scrunch it up... maybe it comes free when you buy the car.

18 Nov 2008
The photography's immaculate and the food's posh so it can only be Waitrose's annual Yuletide effort. A montage of very attractive scenes and an elegant soundtrack remind the middle classes of the kind of Christmas they will achieve so long as the Chavy side of the family doesn't track them down.

18 Nov 2008
An amusing reminder that we can help to preserve water if we flush our toilets less often. Unlikely music provides an ironic backdrop as people urinate in all kinds of unusual places in a bid to illustrate the green message. Mind you, if this is ad number one, we definitely don't want to see ad number two.

Road Safety
"The Boy Who Didn't"
18 Nov 2008
This animated film reminds children of the importance of crossing the road safely. It tells the tale of a little boy who liked to play football but no longer can because of the severity of the injury he received when hit by a car. The film wisely focuses on something boys genuinely care about without being overly alarmist.

"Football Match Delay"
18 Nov 2008
Another neat addition to this winning series of ads manages, against all odds, to get a decent performance out of pundit dunce Andy Townsend and, less surprisingly, the slick Steve Rider. Everyone at the football must wait until 'Mike in Cirencester' has had his bath and done his hair.

18 Nov 2009
A single-minded man tackles a game of poker on his laptop while strange things are happening to the hunting mementoes and tools that surround him in his log cabin. This Swedish ad shows that it's not just Britain that's caught in the grip of online gambling.

New Zealand Transport Agency
"Urban Speed"
18 Nov 2009
This film from New Zealand reminding drivers that it's wise to drive slowly in the suburban streets shows the difference between driving at 50 kph as against 60 kph using a neat trick. As ever with antipodean road safety work, the suspense is impressive.

"Give A $%@#"
18 Nov 2009
This amusing US ad has a woman explaining how she discovered that it's easy to "give a shit"... only every time she says the word 'shit' it's bleeped out. It's an attention-grabbing piece with a decent pay-off but may be too glib to persuade people to, well, give a shit.

British Gas
"Energy Smart"
18 Nov 2009
The cut and paste animation continues in this ad which explains that the utility company knows that our world can be full of unpleasant surprises. Thanks to a new billing system, what we're charged for energy consumption needn't be among them.

Subaru Legacy
18 Nov 2009
This is an excellent way of illustrating the idea that the advertised car offers more grip in the wet. To see the waters part in this fashion not only brings to mind a well-known Biblical miracle, it also offers a persuasive notion of the car's facility to cope with wet roads.

"Multi Mats"
18 Nov 2009
Another surreal ad for the online gambling Site brings in images from other sports as the pressure builds at the gaming table. The player appears as both a golfer and an ice hockey player in a bid to generate an atmosphere of tension.

Johnnie Walker
"Haile Gebrselassie"
18 Nov 2010
This ad featuring Haile Gebrselassie has been shot in the grand corporatist style beloved of advertisers trying to reach boardroom inhabitants rather than Joe Public. Unfortunately, the decision to drain it of colour makes it look like a charity appeal.

"International Favourites"
18 Nov 2010
A beguiling combination of live action and animation is used to draw attention to a new scene that allows O2 customers to phone abroad from their mobile for surprisingly little money. It's a genuinely impressive commercial advertising a genuinely impressive offer but those that can will still prefer Skype.

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