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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Chayse Irvin 89.0%  
 2. Daniel Landin 88.9%  
 3. Deepa Keshvala 88.7%  
 4. Justin Brown 88.2%  
 5. Kaname Onoyama 87.6%  
 6. James Laxton 87.3%  
 7. Mauro Chiarello 87.2%  
 8. Steve Annis 86.4%  
 9. Joost van Gelder 86.3%  
 10. Ben Fordesman 85.1%  
 11. Luke Jacobs 85.0%  
 12. Lasse Frank 84.9%  
 13. Simon Chaudoir 84.8%  
 14. Jim Jolliffe 84.5%  
 15. Alex Barber 84.2%  
 16. Sebastian Blenkov 84.2%  
 17. Vanessa Whyte 84.2%  
 18. Ray Coates 84.2%  
 19. Jaime Feliu Torres 83.8%  
 20. Stéphane Fontaine 83.7%  
 21. Franz Lustig 83.7%  
 22. Rina Yang 83.1%  
 23. Patrick Meller 83.0%  
 24. Stephen Keith-Roach 82.5%  
 25. Ben Smithard 82.4%  

Five Star Work
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Dancing On Ice
"Music Box"
6 Dec 2019
ITV announce the new season of wintry competition show Dancing on Ice in charming style with this animated commercial. A music box ballerina comes to life ‘Toy Story'-style and finds herself longing for companionship, only for an enterprising spaceman to strap on his skates and step up to the plate.

5 Dec 2019
Money transfer business Azimo go against the grain of current anti-immigrant rhetoric to remind viewers of the arduous journey many indviduals take to provide for their families back home. No matter where your money is going, the brand say, you deserve to get the most from every hard-earned penny. Well cast and strikingly shot.

4 Dec 2019
How do you let a hulking, clingy robot down gently? That's the premise of this slow-burning ad for Spark New Zealand, featuring a boy wise beyond his years and concerned about his his screen time. The latter is represented by a Transformers-style mech, who just about fits into the lad's bedroom and clearly plays a huge role in his life. As director Mark Albiston's playful spin on adult break-ups shows, however, it is easily cut down to size.

Posten Norge
4 Dec 2019
This cheeky commercial for the Norwegian postal service offers an alternative take on a familiar Christmas story. The audience is transported to approximately nine months BC, following a conspicuously blonde postman as he goes about his scroll deliveries in the dusty town of Nazareth... at least, until a familiar set of names appear on the latest package.

"The Surprise"
3 mins
3 Dec 2019
The track 'Married Life' by Michael Giacchino is so firmly attached to the 2009 Pixar film 'Up' that you'd think it'd be necessary to cut an umbilical cord to use it anywhere else. But its use in this fantastically emotional film for Apple by Mark Molloy is simply perfect. It's a very deliberate nudge to the audience that the story they're watching has echoes of the famous sequence in 'Up' which delivers the back story of its cantankerous elderly protagonist.

Hafod Hardware
"Be A Kid This Christmas"
2 mins 03s
3 Dec 2019
Each year, something unexpected and delightful shows up on our radar at Christmas, and 2019 is no exception. According to the Daily Mail, this film for Hafod Hardware cost just £100 to make. In many respects, it looks like it only cost £100 to make but that is actually part of its charm. And while the production budget may have been extremely modest, the idea is priceless.

"Hide and Seek"
3 Dec 2019
A game of hide and seek goes global in this smartly scripted commercial for Easyjet. A woman relaxing on the beach begins to count to a hundred while her companions dive for cover, but all is not what it seems... and she has a lot further to look than we expect. Sure enough, deft scene transitions take her to different locations all over the world.

Hobby Lobby
"Christmas Is What You Make It"
2 Dec 2019
This beautifully measured film for US craft retailer Hobby Lobby skirts the margins of mawkishness without ever crossing the line. Christmas is, or at least ought to be, a moment for reflection, and the teenage boy in this commercial has nothing short of an epiphany as herecognises everything that his mother does for him.

"A Holiday Reunion"
2 mins
29 Nov 2019
Just when you thought it was safe to go back outside, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial returns to Earth in this two-minute ‘sequel' for Sky that also sees Henry Thomas reprise his most famous role. Fortunately, that whole near-death experience thing hasn't scarred Elliott too much. In fact, he's got his own family to impress E.T. with this time around, as well as a, er, Sky Q box

"The Joy of Connection"
28 Nov 2019
For all some members of the older generation like to gripe about smartphones preventing 'real' interaction, Vodafone prove the opposite in this poignant commercial. Celebrating the power of modern technology to bring people together even over vast distances, the ad sees an elderly father keep up tradition even when his daughter can't be with him in person.

28 Nov 2019
ClearScore's uncanny streak continues with a deceptively simple ad that shows while a zebra can't change its stripes, it can pursue a career in a hospital's A&E department. After all, life at the end of the alphabet isn't all it's cracked up to be. his is cheerfully explained by a zebra who can walk on two legs and perform basic medical procedures (hooves make some duties harder than others, you understand).

"Oscar the Grouch"
2 mins 33s
27 Nov 2019
The Muppets have been getting a new lease of life in the ad world recently, and this time it's their grumpiest member's turn to shine. A passing art connaisseur catapults Oscar the Grouch and his beloved piles of trash into the mainstream with a few brief clicks, letting a page from the advertised website builder do the talking for him.

Aston Martin
"Beautiful is Relentless"
25 Nov 2019
This is a visually striking piece of work from director Daisy Zhou, who brings shades of red and black and more than a hint of shamanism to proceedings. The result is nimble, stylish, and aesthetically daring, as the ensemble cast dance to their own mysterious rhythm. It feels like an out-of-body experience... which is the sort of thing a £150,000 price tag will do to you.

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network
2 mins 48s
26 Nov 2019
This intense communication for the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) highlights the lack of trained support workers currently available in American hospitals. Director Samantha Scaffidi ratchets up the tension from the word go, as ominous sound design and jolts of unexpected noise begin to wear on a woman in a waiting room.

1850 Coffee
"Quality That's Criminal"
1 min 54s
25 Nov 2019
"Four filthy numbers" threaten to bring a city to its knees in this entertaining spoof of police procedurals by 1850 Coffee. As a pair of grizzled cops - both of whom have seen, heard, and smelt too much over the years - discuss a citywide caffeine hit, we catch a glimpse of some of the prime suspects… and no-one is safe from a thorough bean-grinding.

"Christmas is Where We Are"
22 Nov 2019
An enterprising grandpa saves Christmas in this charming ad for Aussie department store Meyer. A young girl becomes concerned about Santa's ability to find her during the family's holiday camping trip, and does her best to leave a trail - Hansel and Gretel style - for him to follow. Despite her naysaying brother's assertion that it won't work, an unexpected ally ensures their tent is impossible to miss.

Movember Foundation
1 min 53s
22 Nov 2019
Men are encouraged to recognise the signs of depression in this intriguing film for Movember. Much of the movement around men's mental health centres on that fact that, traditionally, men aren't particularly forthcoming with their feelings - particularly when they're negative. By prompting others to start the conversation, Movember hope to change all that.

"Life Saving Lingerie"
21 Nov 2019
Underwear innovation isn't something we talk about often at DAVID (in fact, we're not sure it's come up before), but CoppaFeel! have changed all that with their new range of touch-encouraging bras. The breast cancer awareness charity have designed a range of patterns to give wearers a template on how to check themselves for lumps, practically increasing their chances of catching cancer early.

21 Nov 2019
Directors Los Pérez have gone above and beyond with this Latitude commercial, which brings an overactive social media feed to life. Said feed belongs to a chap with smartphone in hand, but big ideas in his head. All he needs is the right lender to make them a reality. Suddenly, the viewer is presented with a screen divided into multiple segments.

BBC Sounds
"Have You Heard George's Podcast?"
14 Nov 2019
One of several films promoting BBC Sounds podcasts, this engaging piece of work is all about, well, getting the word out there. The spokesman in question is ‘Have You Heard George's Podcast?' creator George the Poet, and he prefers substance over style. This is illustrated by George sliding onto the set of the cheapest, tackiest game show around.

3 mins
18 Nov 2019
Nike's German arm offer a timely ode to diversity in this thought-provoking three-minute film. At a time when humanity seems more divided than ever, the brand hone in on the universal nature of sport to remind us that - regardless of whether we're a star athlete, refugee, disabled, young, or old - we are all residents of the same rock hurtling through space.

"Daughter of the Sea"
3 mins 49s
19 Nov 2019
Generations of history provide the background to this poignant film for French fishing union Pavillon. A father prepares to pass on his legacy to his daughter during an emotional final day on the water, reflecting on her life spent growing up alongside the ocean. There's a lovely sense of hazy nostalgia to the film, as scenes of the family changing over the years are interspersed with crisply-shot views of the water itself.

"Feel the Power of Pro"
18 Nov 2019
This impeccably realised ad for the PlayStation 4 Pro feels like a ‘Waterworld' reboot at first, as viewers are immediately plunged into an underwater metropolis. Aside from a goldfish that can't believe its luck, there's no other signs of life beneath the surface… but then the flood waters start to recede. One for fans of 'Death Stranding'.

"Monster Fairy"
19 Nov 2019
A rare but welcome festive outing for Homebase sees a woman's perfect Christmas threatened by a rogue tree decoration - a toilet roll that's part angel, part nightmare and, most importantly, made by her young daughter. The wordless exchange between the two as said ornament graces the tree is well played, as is the moment ‘Carol of the Bells' turns more ominous than usual.

17 Nov 2019
There comes a point in every teen's life where the magic of Christmas wears thin, when the whimsy of the season gives way to familial obligations and tinsel and twinkling lights are met with rolled eyes rather than delight. This 90" commercial for McDonald's, however, suggests that even the most cynical adolescent has a little festive spirit left in them.

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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