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On the Menu
21 May 2024
The last of the recent trio of commercials for On the menu once again has someone abandoning their station because they're concentrating instead on the food provided by the advertised service. This time a man has to drag a fridge down the street single-handed because he's been left to fend for himself, and, once again, the comedy is enhanced by the length of time it takes him to shift it.

Genesis Motors
23 May 2024
Nicolai Fuglsig directs this gorgeous commercial for Genesis, Hyundai's luxury off-shoot. After a long day at work, the protagonist wants some light relief from the dark of night. When she unlocks her GV80 SUV, lights go out across the city, but one locks onto the advertised vehicle and its driver.

"Take a Hike"
23 May 2024
Past Boots commercials have made a song and dance about summer. This 30" spot is much more low-key, but in a good way. A few weeks ago, Mum's colleague John (also known as Triathlon John) recommended a mountain for the family to climbÖ and itís clear that his idea of a relaxing hike differs from most.

"Drink Responsibly This Summer"
23 May 2024
Sun and cider have always gone hand in hand, but what about sun, cider, and SPF? That's the premise of this tie-up between Kopparberg and the Melanoma Fund, who both want "drink responsibly" to have a wider remit.

On the Menu
21 May 2024
Isnít it lovely when an idea is given room to breathe? The simplicity of the gag is amplified no end by allowing the viewer to slowly take in the dilemma of the dentistís patient. Strapped pitifully to the chair as she awaits the return of her torturer (sorry, dentists, but you know itís true) her plaintive cries for attention go unheard.

"What if you can?"
1 min 35s
21 May 2024
This gorgeous and charming film taps into the power of positivity as Nikeís traditional mantra is challenged by a teenage girl convinced she canít íjust do ití. Director Haifaa Al Mansour and editor Paul Hardcastle have worked brilliantly together to create a series of magical effects which slowly show the protagonist that she can do more than she imagines.

"This is my space"
21 May 2024
This charming commercial for E45 was the winner of this yearís Channel 4 Diversity in Advertising award and everyone involved deserves huge congratulations for offering support to the beleaguered Trans community at a time when itís badly needed. Not just that, but doing so in a fashion thatís brimming with empathy.

New Balance
"Grey Days"
7 mins 12s
21 May 2024
New US agency American Haiku sets out its stall in the most impressive style possible with this fantastic commercial for sportswear brand New Balance. Itís inconceivably ambitious to try to revive a brandís image in one fell swoop, but thatís pretty much what you witness when you watch this commercial directed by Daniel Wolfe and Elliot Power.

Amazon Prime
"T20 World Cup"
21 May 2024
In this striking commercial which advertises the news that Australians will be able to watch the upcoming T20 World Cup on Amazon Prime, cricketer Usman Khawaja wanders the suburban streets noticing some pretty strange occurrencesÖ so strange that he may be living in Stepford.

"Bank Your Time"
3 mins
17 May 2024
Who knew that South African financial services group Nedbank were fans of the Proclaimers? A cover of 'I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)' drives this commercial from agency Joe Public and director Greg Gray, who condenses a life not lived into three minutes.

Wilkinson Sword
20 May 2024
Director Craig Ainsley manages to land every gag in an excellent script from Pablo London to create a memorable piece of advertising for a brand badly in need of revival. While the commercials of Wilkinson Swordís main rival may be shockingly cheesy, the relentlessness of their media spend lodges the brand in the minds of consumers as the market leader, and itís been a while since Wilkinson Sword have done anything to challenge that idea.

Irn Bru
16 May 2024
Sanjeev Kohli, best known as Navid Harrid in 'Still Game', plays a doctor in a Euro 2024 warm-up ad for Irn-Bru. His patient has some odd symptoms: arms aloft; butterflies in her stomach; a spring in her step; and weird facial movements that look like, erm, smiles. Maybe it has something to do with those pesky mosquitoes up north.

"The Great Data Heist"
14 May 2024
The Wild West becomes the AI Wild West in this entertaining Salesforce commercial starring Matthew McConaughey. The actor fits the role of laconic lawman like a buckskin glove, mindful of the threat posed by train robbers in loud shirts and ill-advised gilets.

"The Journey"
9 mins
16 May 2024
It's going to be a bit awkward during AICP week in New York next month when they show this film to the assembled throng of eager hopefuls, and it dawns on them that nothing they've made can match it. Every part of this virtuoso film by director David Shane is perfect... and we don't use that word lightly.

VW Tiguan
"Unhappy Campers (DC)"
16 May 2024
Alexander Perkins, the lead actor in this VW Tiguan commercial, has carved out a nice niche for himself in the industry as a likeable everyman. He's been in more ads than DAVID cares to mention, so what's he up to now? The answer lies in the middle of nowhere, as Perkins plays a dad who must have watched Bear Grylls on repeat and went, "Family holiday sorted!"

Leroy Merlin
"The Duel"
15 May 2024
The flamenco is strong with this Leroy Merlin spot directed by Paco Cruz. Bambino's 1966 track 'La Pared' is about a wall that separates two loversóand thus becomes the ideal song for a place that sells sledgehammers!

"Mona (DC)"
8 mins 49s
14 May 2024
This wondrous piece of contemplative film by director Miles Jay is utterly captivating from first to last. It is a meditation on life, death and everything in between, and it doesn't shirk from a portrayal of every aspect of our existence, including our non-existence. Only at the end do you entirely recognise the full meaning of the film... that we all possess a unique perspective, as we look at the world from our own point of view.

Charli XCX
4 mins 10s
14 May 2024
How do you choose the next It girl? You get as many of them involved in the recruitment process, of course. ChloŽ Sevigny, Julia Fox, Gabbriette, Rachel Sennott, and more join Charli XCX in a meta melee of a promo for '360', a track that boils the singer-songwriter's personality down to "666 with a princess streak". Expect to see that in many a social media bio.

Children In Need
"The Heaviest Backpack"
14 May 2024
The humble backpack is one of adland's go-to accessories. It can be used to approach all manner of subjects, like financial worries and teenage curiosity. BBC Children in Need use it to show how psychological burdens weigh children and young people down wherever they go.

"Rise to It"
14 May 2024
Elliot Power directs this gritty commercial for Lexus, sponsors of Sky Sports Tennis, the Lawn Tennis Association, and the ATP Tour. The 60" film follows a boy from crib to court, from empty practice arenas to sell-out crowds. A rising motif runs through the ad, creating heightened moments along the way - literally at one point as the protagonist climbs an actual ladder to success.

"Heal the Future (DC)"
2 mins 37s
13 May 2024
This immensely moving film out of Canada examines a junction in a young man's life. In one scenario, a heart condition which has affected him since birth goes unnoticed and untreated, and his prognosis is not great when he collapses in front of his school. In the other scenario, where his condition is diagnosed, early and ongoing medical intervention ensures he is able to live a full life.

"The Happy Meal"
1 min 44s
13 May 2024
McDonald's has a very creditable record when it comes to walking the walk where children's health is concerned. That's obviously a controversial statement because there are those who feel very strongly that the food they sell isn't in the best interests of young people, but their peripheral activity has always been exemplary.

Minecraft: Story Mode
6 May 2024
Business Club duo Gustav SundstrŲm and Vedran Rupic bring a unique energy to their filmmaking, and the beneficiary here is Minecraft, an online game that held a generation in its grip around a decade ago. Cycles of nostalgia become ever smaller in circumference, and it beggars belief that it's already possible to look back on the golden era of the advertised game... and yet, here we are.

"The Other Hand"
13 May 2024
This ad claims that "99% of people eat Cheetos with their dominant hand". Is that true? Who cares? The important thing is that we get a great commercial out of it. Directed by Harold Einstein, the ad shows how people from all walks of life cope when their good hand is covered in cheesy dust (or Cheetle, to use the technical term).

"Money Never Felt Like Monzo"
13 May 2024
This lively commercial from Uncommon hinges on two words: 'money' and 'Monzo'. When the former is on screen, the world is a grim, stressful, and uncomfortable place. When the latter's on screen, the world is far more palatable andódare we say itófun.

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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