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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Ben Polkinghorne 98.3%  
 2. Scott Kelly 98.3%  
 3. Andy Clough 98.1%  
 4. Richard McGrann 98.1%  
 5. Eoin McLaughlin 92.1%  
 6. Scott Taylor 91.9%  
 7. Andy Shrubsole 91.9%  
 8. Francesca van Haverbeke 91.4%  
 9. Florence Poppy Deary 91.4%  
 10. Jim Hilson 91.1%  
 11. Jack Snell 90.7%  
 12. Joe Lovett 90.7%  
 13. Andy Parkman 89.6%  
 14. Joe de Souza 89.2%  
 15. Juan Sevilla 89.2%  
 16. Toby Allen 88.5%  
 17. William Cottam 88.3%  
 18. Matt Searle 88.0%  
 19. Olly Wood 88.0%  
 20. Lynsey Atkin 88.0%  
 21. Hollie Walker 88.0%  
 22. Caleb Al-Jorani 88.0%  
 23. Paul Knott 87.5%  
 24. Nicholas Hulley 87.5%  
 25. Nadja Lossgott 87.5%  

On This Day
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Sony Ericsson
3 Oct 2005
A policeman needs to find the right soundtrack to keep going when pursuing a villain so he keeps adjusting his Sony Ericsson phone to listen to different tracks and eventually asks the fleeing crook to 'hang on one second' while he takes a call.

"Early Departure"
3 Oct 2005
Finally, an ad for Ikea where the cleverness is not undone by smugness - a man's decision to leave work early is greeted by his colleagues in a style that brings to mind a departure from a prison. He's able to take time off because stuff costs less at Ikea.

3 Oct 2005
A return to top form for one of our most celebrated advertisers takes us on a journey through evolution in a backwards direction to explain why three men are so glad to get their hands on the drink. It's all because they didn't like the taste of the primordial slime of yesteryear.

Honda Civic (USA)
"The Game"
3 Oct 2006
A homage to the Disney movie Tron which was the first computer generated feature film, this American commercial for Honda Civic was a dream come true for directorial team RBG6 who claim they missed out on the entire summer to study Tron despite a record-breaking hot spell.

"Less Packaging"
3 Oct 2009
What a brilliant way to illustrate a welcome proposition. A series of people attempt to bring home coffee which has been sold without packaging but it proves too tricky... so Kenco concedes that reducing their packaging by 97% will have to do.

3 Oct 2010
This commercial succeeds in generating a nightmare quality as a woman seeking health treatment is thwarted by a frustrating conveyor belt beneath her feet. The cartoonish set adds to the surreal vibe and adds to the desired atmosphere.

"An Angelic Romance"
3 Oct 2011
The angels are back. Or one of them is, at least. We're offered an insight into the complications of a relationship with a celestial being in the amusing follow-up to an ad from last year. Its tongue is more firmly in its cheek than before and that makes it all the better.

"Chip Perfection"
3 Oct 2011
More cute noises inside the wooden shack where the advertised product is made are employed to underline the wholesomeness of the advertised product. The small mechanical creature watching over the process is a little reminiscent of Pixar's Wall-E.

Heinz Baked Beanz
3 Oct 2011
A cute retelling of a fairy tale forms the basis of this charming ad for Heinz Baked Beanz. It's one of those ideas that's so simple that you can't quite believe no-one thought of it before... and those are very often the best ideas of all.

"Gets You Back To You"
3 Oct 2011
Beautiful animation is used to depict a troubled journey across a tempestuous stretch of water. A red-haired woman is assisted by some magical birds and makes it to the beach where she appears to discover her twin sister waiting for her... but actually it's herself.

"What Smells So Good?"
3 Oct 2013
Have we woken up in the '70s? This ad feels so hilariously authentic it's disorientating. Fishermen in sou'westers ask repeatedly: "What smells so good?", and everything - from our memories of TV advertising in that era to the grading, shot decisions and product itself - suggests it's a resurrection of some quaint campaign from the vaults.

"Pay TV"
3 Oct 2013
Clever little ad from Norway for a pay TV channel. Dad's off to watch the footie match live when his little baby girl starts to cry at his departure. She is so irresistibly adorable he can't bring himself to go - but it's okay, because he can watch his team on telly with her.

Cadbury Lunchbar
"Hungry for More"
3 Oct 2013
In this ad from South Africa, an ambitious car wash owner becomes a film extra to create ingenious opportunities for promoting his business. It takes a while for the penny to drop, which adds to the intrigue - especially as it's played so solemnly by the protagonist. But it's deadpan fun once you realise - and refreshingly different, too.

"Laura Smith"
3 Oct 2013
The lovely high-flying Laura attends to passengers on board with consummate charm and professionalism. Equally at home with full sick bags and fretful youngsters at 4am, it's little wonder the Halifax is happy to offer her a current account with 15% cashback, is it not?

Blue Lagoon
"Beauty Comes From Within"
3 Oct 2014
Forget all those skincare ads battering our brains into bewildered submission with their pseudo-science. What we really want, it turns out, are entire pools of of natural, milky-pure cleansers and softeners to immerse ourselves in while some elegant piano music tinkles in the background in the style of Satie. Beautiful to watch, and miles more effective.

Flying Horse
"Cat Toast"
3 Oct 2014
The secret of eternal energy is uncovered in this crazy Brazilian ad that has a scientist attaching a buttered piece of toast to the back of a cat. The wonderful thing about this film is the way quite a complicated conceit is depicted without the use of a single word... a neat trick as it means this stuff - whatever it is - could be sold in any market.

3 Oct 2015
SSE's entrancing orang-utan returns in this minute-long commercial, and this time she's discovering the lights and sights of the fairground. The wonders of dodgems, the grab-a-prize machine and the hall of mirrors are all explored, and the way her fur blows in the breeze of the faster rides is a miracle of post production.

"The Love of Soup"
3 Oct 2016
Lips are puckered as people lean in towards the object of their desire in this charming commercial for Heinz. The camera is a cypher for the viewer as faces loom into the intimate space we reserve for our nearest and dearest building a visceral expectation of a kiss. It's quite a surprise when it turns out we've completely misread the situation.

3 Oct 2018
This amusing Belgian ad for Mentos suggests the advertised product can be an icebreaker in difficult situations. A young man is meeting his girlfriend's father for the first time and frantically thinks through his options when abandoned in conversational Siberia. How will he effectively prove his manly credentials? DIY? Woodwork? The answer may surprise you.

"Where You're From"
14 Jul 2019
Various Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) players contribute to this steely commercial from Irish supermarket chain SuperValu. The likes of Andy Moran, Valerie Mulcahy, and Oisín Kiernan show how fraught circumstances ultimately proved the making of them, which is precisely the kind of mettle the brand wish to associate themselves with.

Celebrity Cruises
"Wonder Awaits"
3 Oct 2019
While the traditional portrayal of cruise-goers has been that of older people who want some peace and quiet, Celebrity Cruises are shaking things up by attempting to appeal to a younger audience. They do so via an intriguingly psychedelic look at ship life, in which a passenger is plunged into an Alice in Wonderland-esque world.

"The Drop"
3 Oct 2019
It's raining men, mammoths, and Mortal Kombatants in this entertaining ad for Sony's cloud gaming service, PlayStation Now. Scored by The Platters' 'Twilight Time', director Mischa Rozema's aerial bombardment features some of the PS4's most iconic protagonists as they fall (or row) to earth. It's a thrill to see the platform's big guns form this part live-action, part CG display team.

"Coming Home"
3 Oct 2019
Emergencies - both serious and fanciful - can be dealt with quickly via train travel. At least, that's the premise of this amusing commercial for ticket booking app Trainline. A woman receives an unexpected phone call from her mother and drops everything to head home, barely pausing to pack lunch and book tickets along the way.

BT Broadband
3 Oct 2006
Adam (Kris Marshall) meets the father of his girlfriend's children in the latest installment of BT's soap opera. The tension between the two men is expressed through a moment of competitiveness over broadband, with Adam scoring a moral victory thanks to an intervention from the older child.

Sony PlayStation
3 Oct 2006
A couple's date is played out backwards in this striking film for Sony Playstation. DAVID is assured that the pair actually mastered the trick of moving backwards rather to save the production team the trouble of reversing the film which was not only considerate but remarkably clever.

On This Day
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