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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Alice Tonge 96.0%  
 2. Colin McKean 87.2%  
 3. Carlos Alija 87.0%  
 4. Laura Sampedro 87.0%  
 5. Till Diestel 86.4%  
 6. John Long 82.8%  
 7. Matt Lever 82.6%  
 8. Kim Papworth 82.3%  
 9. Psembi Kinstan 82.0%  
 10. Colin Jones 81.4%  
 11. Phil Martin 81.4%  
 12. Dominic Goldman 80.7%  
 13. Matt Gay 80.6%  
 14. Antony Nelson 80.0%  
 15. Mike Sutherland 80.0%  
 16. John Allison 79.4%  
 17. Chris Bovill 79.4%  
 18. Nick Gill 77.8%  
 19. Alex Grieve 77.7%  
 20. Adrian Rossi 77.7%  
 21. Ben Tollett 77.2%  
 22. Ben Fallows 77.2%  
 23. Simon Robinson 77.2%  
 24. Ewan Paterson 76.9%  
 25. Freddie Powell 76.9%  

Five Star Work

"The Faith of a Few"
1 min 43s
21 Sep 2017
This fantastic vintage film for Mini by Daniel Wolfe feels as timeless as it is compelling. We watch John Cooper oversee the building of the first racing Mini, even as he's told it will never work. This becomes a mantra, a soundbite repeated along with others which build up into a cacophony of doubt... all accompanying footage of the car proving the haters wrong.

"Share the Drama"
20 Sep 2017
Heineken and Sonny’s Fredrik Bond have good form with on-foot capers. With the Champions League underway again, the two reunite for this 60” foot chase. Former Real Madrid and Manchester United striker Ruud van Nistelrooy summons his inner action hero as he evades capture. He may be outnumbered, but van Nistelrooy has his own particular set of skills.

Taylors of Harrogate
19 Sep 2017
Taylors of Harrogate offer another fetching insight into their craft. Patrick Stewart reveals how far the brand will go for quality tea leaves before their “flavour wizards” take over. The end result? A rose lemonade brew to make any cat owner swoon. Striking visuals and a homely pay-off widen the brand’s appeal.

Taylors of Harrogate
19 Sep 2017
This excellent ad for posh coffee boffins Taylors of Harrogate shows just how much finesse goes into making great coffee... or decent coffee, as the case may be. We see beans growing into their 'astonishingly magnificent' potential, demonstrated by some great animation and a perfectly over the top voiceover. Standout work from Erik Morales and Lucky Generals.

Apple Watch
19 Sep 2017
Since its 2015 launch, the Apple Watch has struggled to justify its existence. Forgettable advertising hasn’t helped matters. Launched during Sunday’s Emmy Awards, this 60” commercial bucks the trend. While Labrinth’s ‘Misbehavin’ plays through Kilian Martin’s AirPods, the Spaniard turns this train station into a skate park.

Canadian Club & Dry
"The Big Question"
19 Sep 2017
This amusing ad announces Canadian Club's launch of their pre-mixed cocktail range Down Under. A series of blokes come to the shocking realisation that they actually don't like beer, one even mournfully hanging his head as he explains that he 'thought it was compulsory'. Generations of beer drinkers see the light when Canada Club & Dry slides down the bar as an tastier alternative.

New York Bagels
19 Sep 2017
The Mayor of New York City may be surprised to learn he doesn’t run the Big Apple - an eighty-something baker called Edna does. That’s the conceit behind this entertaining New York Bakery ad. From the moment Edna opens her bagel shop, she keeps the city moving. Even if we can’t sample the Edna treatment for ourselves, the brand have UK bagel fans covered.

"The Winner"
2 mins
18 Sep 2017
Avid readers of DAVID - as we're sure you all are - will remember the fantastic film which encouraged viewers to guess which car would win Bwin's mad dash through the city streets. This version reveals the winner... and a twist ending to the whole shebang. We won't spoil it, but keep watching until the end...

Absolut Vodka
"Big Bang"
15 Sep 2017
Having previously insisted love is indeed all around us, Absolut now go back to the beginning with this eye-catching commercial. Starting with the Big Bang, the Swedish vodka cram trillions of years worth of history into 60”. Director Emmanuel Lubezki crafts a brisk jaunt from dinosaurs to Pong and beyond.

H & M
2 mins 30s
15 Sep 2017
Rumour has it that those at the top of the creative tree at adam&eveDDB have been trying to identify an opportunity to incorporate Wham!'s Wham Rap! into a commercial for years. If this is true then they seem to have found the perfect moment to unleash it. This ad for H&M is given a huge dollop of energy by George Michael's perfect 1980s earworm, and you may find yourself forming a new appreciation for a song that once seemed quite inconsequential.

Virgin Atlantic
15 Sep 2017
Virgin Atlantic get meme-tastic to show off their new wi-fi capabilities in this fun ad. With internet now available on every flight, passengers can browse the latest videos to their hearts' content... and even recreate them, if this film is to be believed. Director Jamie Maule-Ffinch has dug deep into the viral archive, bringing back deep cuts including 'peanut butter jelly time', Chocolate Rain, and Salad Fingers.

"Welcome to the Pack"
14 Sep 2017
Lance Acord’s fruitful relationship with Subaru continues with this charming ad. This bloke looks forward to spending some quality time with his girlfriend. There’s just one furry complication: Butch the dog. From the moment man and dog lock eyes, our money’s on the latter. Thanks to Acord’s playful treatment, the marque strengthens its personable image.

The Prince's Trust
"Youth Can Do It"
14 Sep 2017
Director Andrea Arnold is no stranger to coming-of-age stories. 2016’s ‘American Honey’ delivered a vivid, tangible take on youth and young adulthood. It’s little wonder The Prince’s Trust engaged her services for this 60” film. These youngsters rise above abuse, poverty, and other setbacks. In some instances, they tower over them.

"Go with the Flaw"
2 mins 11s
14 Sep 2017
Diesel continue their campaign to embrace the weird and wonderful in this striking ad directed by François Rousselet. To the stirring strains of 'Je Ne Regrette Rien', we see unfinished buildings, decaying landscapes, and imperfect film - even the editor cutting it has a surprising flaw of his own. It's edgier and less cheerful than their last outing, but has a power all of its own.

NBA 2K18
2 mins 33s
14 Sep 2017
The NBA 2K series has cornered the simulated hoops market in recent years. 2016’s edition even tapped Spike Lee for their story mode. With 2K18 around the corner, this feel-good commercial favours a hands-on approach. As soon as this baller hits the block, he exchanges deft handshakes with everyone he meets.

13 Sep 2017
A young inventor develops her tech skills in this excellent American ad for GE. Put out by having to take out the trash in bad weather, she devises an ingenious workaround and heads to the toolbox to make her idea a reality... and it doesn't stop there. We see Molly grow from a little girl putting a lot of effort into being lazy, to a full-grown engineer working for GE.

"Marathon Man"
13 Sep 2017
This Three commercial casts a positive light on smartphone culture. A marathon runner toils as the clean-up operation begins. As night falls, even a giant chicken has finished before him. Not that this bloke minds - the finish line will still be there. While we all enjoy sticking our phones on silent, the brand remind us what we can achieve with a little e-encouragement.

Kari Traa
"Celebrate Yourself"
2 mins 40s
12 Sep 2017
This musical ad for active wear brand Kari Traa - inspired by the Norwegian Olympic ski champion of the same name - is an extremely impressive film which manages to be both silly and heartening. We see a woman finishing a neon-lit jog through dark streets before returning to her locker room... and then the music kicks in.

12 Sep 2017
Another ultra-stylish ad for website builder Squarespace sees a collection of writers - sorry, storytellers - tapping away at their latest masterpiece. There's a 'thousand monkeys writing Shakespeare' joke implied here, which only drives home the brand's point about standing out from the crowd online. The classical soundtrack is a lovely touch, choreographed perfectly with the visuals.

12 Sep 2017
According to Squarespace, there are one-hundred-and-thirty-two bands called Atlas. Quite a leap from Spinal Tap’s Originals/New Originals quandary. Eleven make the cut in this entertaining Squarespace ad. While the brand can’t guarantee dibs on your band name, they can help you stand out from the e-crowd.

"Best Friends"
12 Sep 2017
A pair of unlikely friends star in this charming ad for Dreamies... for a while. Everything is set for this to be a tale of friendship that transcends species: the upbeat acoustic guitar music, pastoral frolics through the woods, nights spent curled up together in comfort. It all seems perfect... until things take a dark turn.

"Go Play"
10 Sep 2017
This cool film for ASOS shows off the brand's rebellious side as it launches their first make-up range. We see a diverse array of bright young things experimenting with their look in bold ways, as an edgy spoken word piece about being 'both the artist and the canvas' serves as soundtrack. With a cool vibe and emphasis on personal sparkle, this is bound to appeal to anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Compare The Market
"The Black Prince"
8 Sep 2017
Sergei and Aleksandr team up with Kingsman's Harry Hart in this funny campaign from VCCP. This homage ad offers a satisfying reminder of why the first film was so enjoyable... and why we're fairly sure meerkats can't be Kingsmen. The furry friends are accosted by a group of yoofs while enjoying a quiet pint at 'The Black Prince', and Sergei's attempts at defending their honour are somewhat... shortsighted.

Halo Top
10 Sep 2017
Every now and then though, we'll see a piece of work where the adjective 'brave' - while still wildly inappropriate - doesn't seem quite as hyperbolic as it usually is... and this film for Halo Top ice cream is a perfect example of this rare beast. It is genuinely unnerving. An elderly woman is force-fed ice cream by a calm but malevolent robot. The situation becomes increasingly fraught as she pushes back against the clinical insistence of her automaton carers and its comedy is very dark indeed.

8 Sep 2017
The media was full of stories last week about a study which had determined that our like or dislike of Marmite was determined genetically. But it was all a clever ruse from ever-inventive adam&eveDDB to maximise the impact of their latest TVC concentrating on the infamous reputation of the yeast-based spread.

Five Star Work

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