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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Ben Polkinghorne 98.3%  
 2. Scott Kelly 98.3%  
 3. Andy Clough 97.0%  
 4. Richard McGrann 97.0%  
 5. Jim Hilson 93.0%  
 6. Toby Allen 91.5%  
 7. Francesca van Haverbeke 91.3%  
 8. Florence Poppy Deary 91.3%  
 9. Jack Snell 90.9%  
 10. Joe Lovett 90.9%  
 11. Andy Parkman 89.3%  
 12. Joe de Souza 89.2%  
 13. Juan Sevilla 89.2%  
 14. Nicholas Hulley 88.9%  
 15. Nadja Lossgott 88.9%  
 16. Scott Taylor 88.5%  
 17. Andy Shrubsole 88.5%  
 18. Jamie Starbuck 88.3%  
 19. Prabs Wignarajah 88.3%  
 20. Eoin McLaughlin 88.3%  
 21. Paul Knott 88.2%  
 22. Tim Vance 88.0%  
 23. Matt Searle 87.9%  
 24. Olly Wood 87.9%  
 25. Hollie Walker 87.8%  

On This Day
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"Four Steps"
24 May 2006
A technical marvel here as four versions of the same figure combine in a dance designed to emphasise that Beck's is made in just four steps with the same four ingredients - barley, hops, water and yeast. Three different animation techniques plus a live human being make up the quartet.

The Mail On Sunday
24 May 2007
A marvellous tongue-in-cheek depiction of the battle between the sexes sets it as a medieval battle with both sides unleashing various forms of gender-based hell on one another. Harmony can reign if only people would realise that the Mail On Sunday has a magazine for each.

"Let's Colour"
2 mins
24 May 2010
The transformative power of paint is explored in this lengthy piece for Dulux going out over the Interweb. Sped up footage demonstrates the impact of a bit of colour and the overall effect is both mesmerising and uplifting... if a tad familiar looking.

Marie Stopes
"Are You Late?"
24 May 2010
A number of women are looking anxious and the super reveals that the reason is the same... they are late. By 'late', the ad means that their period is late and they might be pregnant. Soothing piano music and a reassuring female voice draws attention to Marie Stopes.

24 May 2010
This is a cunningly clever way to advertise Sony's 3D televisions. We know we're not getting the full benefit of the experience but the ghosting images hint at a superior outcome if we invest in the new technology.

"Lou & Andy"
24 May 2010
By far the best of the new ads for Nationwide featuring Little Britain's Matt Lucas and David Walliams. The difference between this execution and the other two is the addition of a comedy idea beyond the presence of the comedy duo.

Müller Corner
24 May 2010
In this wonderfully silly commercial, we're introduced to Mary... a cow who has always dreamed of being a horse. To thank her for the milk she produces for Müller, the dairy company has arranged for her to fulfil her dream. Marvellous.

Big Brother
"The Funeral"
24 May 2010
You have to hand it for Channel 4... in the words of Frank Gallagher, they "know how to throw a part-eh". The funeral motif may be a bit unfortunate given the fate of Big Brother's most famous incumbent but it appears C4 is determined to send the show off in style.

"Roberto Custodio"
24 May 2011
This ad for a Brazilian fashion company that also raises money for charity focuses on Roberto Custodio, a boxer who rejected gangsterism. It's a compelling piece of work and an impressive initiative to boot. The voiceover is provided by Idris Elba from The Wire.

24 May 2013
This utterly beautiful commercial for Vodafone makes its point about the network's coverage in an extremely clever fashion. A young woman enjoying the sunshine as she lies on a jetty at the foot of a lake refuses to allow a phone call to shatter her idyll... but the choice is hers. And that's the point.

First Direct
24 May 2013
A platypus with a voice supplied by comedian Tom Wrigglesworth - unless we're much mistaken - explains how he likes to do things a bit differently in this offbeat ad for the online bank. The point of difference being highlighted here is the bank's famously friendly call centre staff.

"Messi's Dreams"
24 May 2014
Although this commercial for Adidas features other players, Lionel Messi is its central focus. As the Argentine striker tries to sleep, he's distracted by thoughts of the other spectacularly good players who'll be taking part this summer and you could be forgiven for thinking that he has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

"Hero for the Night"
16 Mar 2016
Durex embrace heroism - safely - in this entertainingly epic ad for their 'pleasure ring'. Things are appropriately sweeping, with landscape shots setting the scene as we see a pair of Vikings traversing land and sea to spend the night together. We won't spoil the reveal, but it provides a lovely gag to tie the film together.

"Thorpedo Pool Cleaning"
3 mins
24 May 2016
Though arguably a little lengthy, this sweet piece of spoofery from Australia makes great use of charismatic Olympian Ian Thorpe. The man known as Thorpedo during a brief but extraordinary career as a swimmer has proven a breath of fresh air in the commentary box so it's not entirely a surprise to discover he's a highly capable comedy actor.

"Masterpiece of Intelligence"
24 May 2016
This commercial will not appeal to a lot of people because they'll find its central character quite risible. But Mercedes haven't created this communication for everybody, they've created it for the kind of people who can look at a protagonist like this and see a heroic figure. While the rest of us may spot a man with such burdensome smugness that we hope he falls off the tall building when he steps back to avoid that punch, some people will see the coolest role model they've ever come across.

"Margot Robbie"
2 mins 52s
24 May 2016
This amusing piece for Vogue Australia features Antipodean actress Margot Robbie spoofing the opening scene of American Psycho. Called 'Margot Robbie's Beauty Routine Is Psychotically Perfect', it closely mimics the morning rituals followed by Patrick Bateman, but adds a few deadpan touches of its own. The link between the scene and Vogue feels rather tenuous, but suggests the fashion magazine may actually have a sense of humour buried at the back of its capacious wardrobe.

Lawn Tennis Association
"Go Hit It"
24 May 2016
While the French Open is well under way at Roland Garros, it's usually not until the grass court season - all Pimms, strawberries and cream, and a land mass named after the British number one - that we as a nation make a collective racket about racquets. This beautifully observed film for the Lawn Tennis Association evokes the first summer stroll on to the local tennis court to awaken our inner Andys, Rafas, and Serenas.

24 May 2018
Lexus are promising to take some of the puzzlement out of car buying in this spectacular commercial directed by Skunk's Ben Strebel. As metaphors go, this one is pretty uncomplicated so a lot hinged on the execution and Strebel has made sure that it's visually stunning, plus - by doing so - a hell of a lot more likely to draw punters into investigating the proposition.

"Training Session"
24 May 2018
Lidl tap three of England's World Cup squad for this likeable commercial promoting children's football coaching. Gary Cahill, Raheem Sterling, and Kyle Walker each turn Under-11's coach for the afternoon - though their young charges ably cut their Premier League egos down to size. t's all in good humour though, and Messrs Cahill, Sterling, and Walker come across well alongside their quotable co-stars.

"You Make Us"
24 May 2019
Monzo bank patrons needn't worry about branch closures or opening hours - just an omnipotent VO who may wake you in the middle of the night or criticise your fashion sense. That's the gist of this entertaining ad for the digital-only bank, who claim customer interaction is at the heart of their operation. Plenty for savvy e-savers and spenders to mull over here.

Robinsons Cordials
"Let There Be Fruit"
23 May 2021
Cheesy and cheerful, this ad for Robinsons brings some vintage fun to the small screen. Directed by Ninian Doff, the film sees a choir of children haunting adults when they least expect it, encouraging them to brighten any unfortunate situation with a glass of grown-up squash. And no, we don't mean wine.

"Office Conversation"
24 May 2006
Do you want to be like the sassy women portrayed in this ad as you discuss the latest fashions and gossip in the kitchen area of your office? Or do you want to actually, oh, I don't know, get on with some work like the bloke? Read Grazia for the former.

Teacher Training
"Don't Know"
24 May 2006
Teenagers famously think they know everything but here they are disarmingly unsure as they ponder difficult questions and it becomes clear that they don't. Do you have what It takes to enlighten them (and if you get placed in an Inner City school, have the ability to disarm them with minimum force?)

Army Recruitment
"Everest Chapter 6"
24 May 2006
Surely the strangest use of the word "brave" ever here as the army climbers' sensible decision to abandon their assault on Everest in the face of avalanches ends this campaign. Does it follow that a decision to continue the bid would have been cowardly?

24 May 2007
Splendid special effects as Ribena raises its game in this appealing series. Once again the berries are intent on making their way to the Ribena factory so they can be crushed to a pulp and upended into the gullets of toddlers. As usual, various hazards lie in their path.

On This Day
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