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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Simon Connor 91.2%  
 2. Stephen Cross 90.4%  
 3. Lynsey Atkin 89.2%  
 4. Antony Nelson 88.7%  
 5. Mark Lewis 88.6%  
 6. Matt Fitch 88.6%  
 7. Mike Sutherland 88.5%  
 8. Jonny Parker 88.5%  
 9. Chris Birch 88.5%  
 10. Richard McGrann 88.4%  
 11. Susan Hoffman 88.2%  
 12. David Billing 87.9%  
 13. David Wigglesworth 87.1%  
 14. Toby Allen 86.5%  
 15. Feargal Ballance 86.3%  
 16. Matt Gay 86.3%  
 17. Rob Webster 86.3%  
 18. Alexei Berwitz 86.3%  
 19. David Masterman 85.8%  
 20. Guy Hobbs 84.7%  
 21. Dan Watts 84.4%  
 22. Gareth Butters 84.0%  
 23. Helen Rhodes 83.7%  
 24. Felipe Guimaraes 82.8%  
 25. Dan Cole 82.3%  

Five Star Work
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"Missed Calls"
1 min 48s
17 Apr 2024
This remarkably moving commercial for Swedish telecoms company Telenor brings to mind Jesse Pinkman in 'Breaking Bad' listening endlessly to his deceased girlfriend's voicemail message. In this instance, a young man continues listening to a message from his mum long after she has died, something facilitated by the advertised company.

Salvation Army
"I'm Hiring (DC)"
17 Apr 2024
The slow burn pays off in a Salvation Army commercial from agency VML Paris and film collective BRBR. Scored by a harsh, portentous soundtrack, the ad focuses on vulnerable men, women, and children who need urgent help, but who will provide it?

"A Little More Mmm..."
17 Apr 2024
This ad looks like a McDonald's commercial and sounds like Classic FM. The fast food chain have tweaked the recipes of items like the Big Mac, the Quarter Pounder, and the Double Cheeseburger, but how will these changes go down with diners? As one present-day Egon Ronay puts it: "It's just a little bit more… mmm!"

17 Apr 2024
With season three of 'Bridgerton' upon us, allergy relief brand Flonase wonder how nobility and gentry coped with hay fever season. Not well, as it turns out. All the Regency cast want to do is read Lady Whistledown's Society Papers in a beautiful garden, but pollen has other ideas.

Pet Plan
"Wait (DC)"
15 Apr 2024
As Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers once sang, "The waiting is the hardest part." So it proves for Mr Wilson, a man whose dog must undergo surgery. It's out of his control, so all Mr Wilson can do is bide his time and hope for the best. If he heard the soundtrack, 'Lost Without You' by Freya Ridings, the poor bloke would burst into tears.

"Push It to the Limit"
14 Apr 2014
Paul Engemann provides the soundtrack to a Renault commercial that would win Best Costume at a 70s, 80s, or 90s club night. Scored by 'Scarface (Push It to the Limit)', the ad from agency Publicis Conseil and director Rodrigo Saavedra revels in nostalgia, but is not blinded by it.

"Humans Called Cat"
2 mins
14 Apr 2024
This is the kind of nonsense at which James Rouse excels... Indeed, you could say, it's catnip to him. It's a script which could have been written for him, and given his fruitful relationship with adam&eveDDB over the years, might well have been.

Voom Nutrition
"The Climb"
12 Apr 2024
Professional rock climber Louis Parkinson stars in this pitch-perfect parody of films like 'The Alpinist' and 'Free Solo' for Voom Nutrition. He plays an obsessive Alex Honnold type who's planned the Big One since he could first climb stairs. He will climb his personal Stone of Destiny, oh yes—he will climb it.

"Northern Soul x Basketball"
12 Apr 2024
Typical, eh? You arrive at the old leisure centre to play basketball and a bunch of Northern Soul fans turn up at the same time on the same court. Most people would sort this whole ruddy mess out at reception, yet the cast of this nimble Lucozade commercial have other ideas.

"Synthetic Pleasures"
5 mins 20s
11 Apr 2024
As The Streets once sang: "Geezers need excitement/ If their lives don't provide them this, they incite violence." In Stuart Langfield’s new short film, 'Synthetic Pleasures,' it's AI assistants that need excitement. Human cast members Ling Tse, Aidan Jolliffe-Byrne, Roxi Hofmann, and Michael Jean-Marain will be glad to know these AIs are non-violent.

2 mins
11 Apr 2024
Now this is how you reboot a brand. The RSPCA have played it safe in recent times, but this two-minute commercial is animal crackers in the best way possible. Instead of an earnest voiceover or an anaemic cover of a pop song, we get Aretha Franklin's 'Respect' as sung by animals—not all of which survive the opening bars.

10 Apr 2024
New York is the city that never sleeps, but does it ever have enough Marmite to go around? Not if you believe this illicit commercial from agency adam&eveDDB and director Henry-Alex Rubin. Shot like a segment on a consumer affairs programme, the ad shows how desperate times lead to desperate measures.

"Sicker than the Patients"
2 mins
9 Apr 2024
This astonishing film by adam&eveDDB and director Henry Hobson draws attention to the plight of NHS staff buckling under the strain of caring for everyone else. The decision to make some of these vignettes look as though they've been caught on CCTV adds hugely to their power, offering an authenticity that makes it near enough impossible to argue with the reality of an institution teetering on the brink.

9 Apr 2024
DAVID has watched this half a dozen times, enjoying it more with each viewing, and still can't figure out how it's only 30" long. In the best possible way, it feels way longer than that. It's been beautifully shot by director Kyra Bartley, and the combination of striking monochromatic visuals, and beautifully landed humour brings to mind Vaughan and Anthea's classic Levi's commercial from the 1990s.

9 Apr 2024
It's a question that's bugged croquet fans for years: how do you make a Hennessy margarita? Easy—you just need cognac, lime juice, orange liqueur, and agave syrup. Oh, and a ride-on lawnmower. After all, a fine-tuned engine's just as good as a cocktail shaker.

Coca Cola
"The Heroes"
1 min 45s
8 Apr 2024
With the Marvel Cinematic Universe at a crossroads, long-time partners Coca-Cola change course and visit the local comic book store instead. It’s a slow day, however, and the woman in a Juggernaut t-shirt behind the counter needs an urgent pick-me-up.

"The Autograph"
3 mins
3 Apr 2024
When a young Arsenal fan finally manages to secure her idol's autograph on her shirt, she cannot imagine ever being unhappy again, so imagine how crushed she feels when she discovers that her dad has popped the treasured item of clothing into the washing machine with the rest of the family laundry.

"Decades of Confusion"
3 mins 36s
7 Apr 2024
Diligent readers may recall that in our post-mortem of this years Super Bowl commercials, we lamented the way the advertising industry is so unimaginative when it comes to Aubrey Plaza. We pointed out that she is clearly highly skilled comedy performer and were therefore baffled by the tendency to have her perform the same joke year in year out.

"Only O2"
4 Apr 2024
The thing we really like about this commercial for O2 which uses their emblematic robot Bubl to personify the special offers available to their customers is the way that they haven't made a song and dance about its presence as various young people go about their night out he's just there. With them. Kind of doing the things they do.

Microsoft XBox
"Beyond XBox: Field Trips"
5 mins 22s
4 Apr 2024
Over the course of watching this enthralling five-and-a-half minute film extolling the virtues of the XBox as an education tool, something very strange happened... DAVID changed his mind. Knowing who had commissioned this film made us very cynical about its mission, but directors Simon + Ben draw very convincing arguments from the participants, and we very gently found ourselves buying into what they're selling.

"The Last Barf Bag"
13 mins 38s
4 Apr 2024
This piece of branded content is a highly innovative and entertaining piece of advertising. It introduces us to a small group of obsessives who collect 'barf bags' while charting the decline of their hobby at the hands of the highly effective anti nausea drug Dramamine.

"1980s John McEnroe"
3 Apr 2024
This entertaining commercial from New Zealand draws a parallel between tolerating poor service and being coached by the 1980s iteration of tennis player John McEnroe. Director Benji Weinstein manages to keep the comedy understated despite the necessarily bombastic nature of 'McEnroe' in full beast mode.

"Scarlett Johansson"
3 Apr 2024
Jonathan Glazer and Scarlett Johansson who worked together on 'Under the Skin' are reunited in this intriguing commercial for Prada. It opens with the American actress rehearsing the role of Lady Macbeth, giving very different readings to some of Shakespeare's most famous lines.

2 Apr 2024
Vanish won the 2022 Diversity in Advertising Award with a pitch that led to 'Me, My Autism, and I'. A year after that remarkable film launched, we have two new commercials about the spectrum condition from agency Havas London, with Tubby Brother now in the director's chair.

2 Apr 2024
The camera pulls back from a music festival in the current age to a jazz club in the 1930s, before arriving at the scene of a Regency orchestra, and then dropping back to musicians in Ancient Rome, before a shepherd plays a flute to entertain his animals, and we finally arrive at a prehistoric gang blowing into the bottles of the advertised lager to invent music.

Five Star Work
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