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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Megaforce 92.4%  
 2. Steve Rogers 91.6%  
 3. Seb Edwards 91.5%  
 4. Wilkins & Maguire 90.0%  
 5. Frédéric Planchon 89.6%  
 6. Mark Molloy 89.1%  
 7. Ian Pons Jewell 89.1%  
 8. Mark Albiston 89.0%  
 9. Kim Gehrig 88.7%  
 10. Andreas Nilsson 87.7%  
 11. Sam Brown 87.3%  
 12. Max Fisher 87.1%  
 13. Dougal Wilson 86.6%  
 14. David Shane 86.2%  
 15. Tom Kuntz 86.0%  
 16. DOM&NIC 85.8%  
 17. Stacy Wall 85.8%  
 18. Alex Boutell 85.8%  
 19. The Sacred Egg 85.5%  
 20. Nicolai Fuglsig 85.4%  
 21. James Rouse 85.0%  
 22. Jeff Low 84.6%  
 23. Tom Green 84.5%  
 24. thirtytwo 84.4%  
 25. Matthijs van Heijningen 84.0%  

Five Star Work
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14 Jan 2020
Another thoughtful ad for HSBC explores the concept of home and what it really means. Spokesman Richard Ayoade is a level presence, as ever, bringing enough gravitas to his delivery to really make ask, "Is home where we're from, who we love, or how we got to where we are?" In addition to these philosophical ponderings, it's an attractively shot piece of work.

"Second Shave"
1 min 47s
14 Jan 2020
The Buddhist practice of tonsure - the ritual shaving of the head and face - is part of the ceremony involved in becoming a monk. While little-seen in these parts, Thai culture considers time spent as a monk as one of the most important events in a man's life. That’s the premise of this engrossing ad for Gillette by director Coral Amy Brown.

"Picture Frame"
14 Jan 2020
Sex sells, as the old adage goes, and Zoopla - perhaps surprisingly - are the latest brand to indulge in a bit of rumpy pumpy. One of three new ads by Lucky Generals and directors thirtytwo, this spot introduces flatmates Tia and Jake… well, sort of. The two are actually nowhere to be seen as Diane Morgan’s VO describes the joy inspired by Flat 16 on Savoy Road.

Sport England
"Me Again"
14 Jan 2020
Having encouraged scores of women to get involved in physical activities following its launch in 2015, Sport England’s 'This Girl Can' campaign returns with a typically diverse and dynamic outing. Focused on breaking down preconceptions people might have about what stops them from exercising, the film exudes confidence as it frames a quickened pulse as an act of empowerment.

"Meatless Meatball Marinara Sub"
13 Jan 2020
Subway’s disruptive streak continues with this 90” plug for the brand’s vegan Meatball Marinara sub. Keen to attract more health-conscious punters through their doors, the brand introduce said sandwich at a tasting session brimming with open-minded diners. Alas, not everything goes according to plan.

"It's Normal to Us"
13 Jan 2020
People are encouraged to let their freak flag fly, so to speak, in this comprehensive commercial for BUPA... at least, when it comes to healthcare. The private healthcare provider claim they're equipped to handle whatever your 'normal' is - regardless of whether physical, mental, or emotional help is required.

National Trust
"125 Years"
10 Jan 2020
The National Trust celebrate their one-hundred-and-twenty-fifth year in existence with this compelling ode to stillness. Juxtaposing the brutal pace of modern life with the calmness of the natural world, it may surprise viewers that the accompanying text was written by the organisation's co-founder over a century ago. People, it seems, have always needed downtime.

Vue Cinemas
"Get Lost"
10 Jan 2020
The release of the latest ‘Star Wars’ film - divisive as it may be - is an event which prompts those who don't usually indulge to take a trip to the cinema. So it's no surprise that Vue have tapped Finn himself, John Boyega, to narrate this ode to the power of the big screen. Watching films on phones and tablets is all very well, says the ad, but it's not really watching them.

"Made for Ireland"
10 Jan 2020
Czech car maker Skoda aim to re-affirm their status as a major player in the Irish market, courtesy of this Zak Emerson-directed film. As the brand take a cautiously optimistic stance on car sales in 2020, the ad uses bracing photography and a graceful soundtrack to coax motorists from all walks of life into their dealerships.

9 Jan 2020
Adidas kick off 2020 with this kinetic and shapely piece of work from Iris Worldwide and director Sarah Chatfield, who weaves together an all-female cast, varied camera angles, and Madame Gandhi’s ‘Top Knot Turn Up’ to potent effect. Propelled by Gandhi’s whip-smart lyrics, the ad pays tribute to those who get things done, whether it be in the gym, on the beach, or on a steep incline.

"The Guilt Fairy"
7 Jan 2020
This is one of those rare commercials that captures your attention as you browse Twitter on your phone during an ad break. The conversation taking place is authentic… given the personnel involved and their history of pointing cameras at ordinary people, we don't doubt that this is completely genuine. And it feels it.

"Accent Yourself"
8 Jan 2020
Embarrassment can often be a barrier to learning a new language, as people are hesitant to attempt to pronounce something if they can't do it perfectly. It's a common problem that language app Babbel address head-on in their latest campaign, which neatly encourages users to embrace their, erm, unique accent.

"Stan the Smartbot"
7 Jan 2020
Santander riff on smart home culture with this entertaining outing from chirpy spokes-slebs Ant and Dec. A plagiarism scandal threatens to topple their Antandec venture, leading the pair of harried CEOs to scramble for ways to revolutionise banking and distract the haters. New technology is, of course, a logical port of call.

On The Beach
7 Jan 2020
Everyone copes with loss differently: some practise mindfulness, others drink themselves into a stupor. John Trowler, however, prefers the sun lounger method. It’s presumably what his late pet goldfish, Gordon, would have wanted. According to narrator Iggy Pop’s gravelly baritone, an ex-goldfish should be the least of John’s worries.

6 Jan 2020
Aspiring directors will be delighted to hear that fancy camera rigs are a thing of the past when it comes to shooting for the big screen - at least, according to this whiteout commercial for Apple. And assuming they can afford over a thousand quid for the latest model, of course. The action centres on an all-out snow war, opposing factions of kids pulling out their best moves to try and rescue a kidnapped teddy bear from frozen peril.

Haven Holidays
"Beach Boy"
6 Jan 2020
The triumph of a truly inspiring local vacation fuels this dreamy commercial for Haven Holidays that draws from ‘Chariots of Fire’ and ‘Ben Hur’. A lad rides a Roman chariot through crashing surf, hair and cape billowing in the breeze as he embraces the freedom of his imagination and charges into a world of his own.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
"Become a Jedi"
1 min 34s
13 Dec 2019
Despite the clunky title, ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order' has gone some way to repairing the damage done by EA's controversial ‘Battlefront II'. Devoid of microtransactions or loot boxes, the game's relative innocence is reflected in this spunky commercial from 215 McCann and director Garth Davis. A warm-hearted blast of escapism.

"Qiang Diao"
2 mins 17s
12 Dec 2019
Director Finn Keenan's new gung-ho commercial for Nike introduces Western viewers to the concept of qiang diao, or "confidence, swagger, or flair" in Mandarin. Everybody wants some; not least a certain nouveau riche tool in a pool. Cue a madcap dash by his servant into China's biggest city and one sweaty journey of self-discovery.

Aviator Gin
"The Gift That Doesn't Give Back"
11 Dec 2019
Ryan Reynolds is no stranger to extended cinematic universes, so perhaps it's no surprise that he's created one in Adland for his Aviation Gin brand. The now-infamous 'Peloton Woman' (played by Monica Ruiz) has been enlisted to reprise her much-maligned role... except this time, there's no exercise bike in sight.

"Tooth Fairy"
11 Dec 2019
Mother's fun debut ad for TV marketing body Thinkbox extols the magic of advertising through a highly successful entrepreneur. Thinkbox being Thinkbox, however, this is no ordinary entrepreneur. Shot like a corporate video with extra fairy dust, the ad charts the Tooth Fairy's journey from a co-working space to magazine covers and her own skyscraper.

"Limited Edition"
10 Dec 2019
Delicacy is the name of the game in this quietly satisfying commercial for Prada's limited edition collaboration with Adidas. Filmed with maximum detail on a minuscule scale, every step in the process of creating a bowling bag and a pair of sneakers is shot with a forensic attention to each stitch, loop, and loose thread.

2 mins 03s
10 Dec 2019
Christmas can be a time when families come together, some travelling great distances to reconnect with relatives they rarely see. However, the festive period can be an isolating time of year for many elderly people, with increasing numbers spending the big day alone. This touching animated film from Passion Pictures sheds further light on the issue.

H & M
"Moments in Between"
9 Dec 2019
Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) celebrate the quieter moments of the Christmas season in this charming festive offering. From spending low-key time with loved ones to travelling to highly anticipated events, the film proves that not every minute of the holidays needs to be packed with distracting tinsel. Director Max Vitali handles the low-octane action nicely here.

"You Are Your Story"
9 Dec 2019
Ancestry.com exploit Germany's divisive history to compelling effect with this 90" commercial from director Michael Lawrence, who charts one family's turbulent lineage from the late-nineteenth century to the present day. The costumes and set design boast plenty of beautiful period detail as you might expect, but there's also a theatrical quality to the piece.

6 Dec 2019
The recent popularity of DNA testing kits has ruined many a Christmas across the nation, exposing family secrets before the sprouts are even served. However, a hapless bloke takes things one step further in this entertaining ad for Chilly's water bottles. The man's delivery is deliciously awkward as he presents his in-law's Christmas gift - complete with a lengthy backstory.

Five Star Work
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