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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Seb Edwards 91.6%  
 2. Steve Rogers 91.0%  
 3. Frédéric Planchon 89.8%  
 4. Ian Pons Jewell 89.5%  
 5. Mark Albiston 89.1%  
 6. Kim Gehrig 89.0%  
 7. Megaforce 89.0%  
 8. Mark Molloy 88.6%  
 9. Andreas Nilsson 87.3%  
 10. Sam Brown 86.6%  
 11. DOM&NIC 86.3%  
 12. Dougal Wilson 86.2%  
 13. The Sacred Egg 86.1%  
 14. Nicolai Fuglsig 85.9%  
 15. Stacy Wall 85.6%  
 16. Tom Kuntz 85.6%  
 17. Nicolas Jack Davies 85.4%  
 18. James Rouse 85.2%  
 19. Jeff Low 85.1%  
 20. Max Fisher 85.0%  
 21. Tom Green 84.9%  
 22. Matthijs van Heijningen 84.8%  
 23. Sam Pilling 84.5%  
 24. Declan Lowney 83.7%  
 25. Ninian Doff 83.7%  

On This Day
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VW Passat
"Mid Life Crises"
9 Apr 2007
Hilarious look at the self-absorbed nature of various men's mid-life crises as they describe the World as they see it to their therapist. One of the patients notices a VW Passat outside and asks the counsellor if it's his. The well-adjusted fellow learns how the other traded his in for a 'big motorbike'.

"Set The Joose Loose"
9 Apr 2008
The return to our screens of an absolutely classic piece of advertising... there is nothing clever or sophisticated about a manic kilt-clad Scotsman dancing with joy because of the fruit juice in his Sweetie. And who can resist a dancing moose and jiving bagpipes? But it works... more revivals like this please.

Cadbury Dairy Milk
9 Apr 2010
A return to form for Cadbury in this splendid deadpan piece that shows an alchemist showing us how the full glass and a half of whole milk is added to each bar of the company's Dairy Milk Chocolate.

"Farmer's Race"
9 Apr 2011
It's just as well this is an ad for bread rather than for a supermarket... otherwise, it might provide a rather unfortunate representation for the hoops farmers are required to negotiate by the retail giants. Instead it acts as an amusing metaphor for the standards required by Hovis.

"The Royal Wedding"
9 Apr 2011
Apparently, these are the three Corgis that appeared in the Oscar-winning film The King's Speech (though none of the trio were so honoured). Anyway, as you might expect, they're very excited about the possibility of watching the forthcoming Royal Wedding.

Pepsi Max
9 Apr 2013
Alone in her studio, the bootylicious singer practises a dance routine to her latest track and stops for a glug of the carbonated drink. Once refreshed, she continues – as images of her past incarnations join in and dance back at her in the mirrored wall. At the end, she tells us via VO: "Embrace your past... but live for now". What exactly does Pepsi Max want us to take from this?

Wispa Hot Chocolate
"This Is My Frothy Life"
9 Apr 2013
This marvellously quirky piece of advertising introduces us to the self-styled 'Frothy Beast'. Wearing hair and a beard that looks like it's been fashioned from the froth found on top of the advertised drink, he resembles the kind of 1970s telly detective brilliantly lampooned by Mike Myers in Austin Powers.

National Geographic Channel
"Rubik's Cube"
9 Apr 2013
This is a darned clever piece of work. To advertise a season of programmes about the 1980s, images from those years are displayed on an ever-turning Rubik's Cube - itself a potent symbol of that much-maligned decade. It's full of smart little ideas - none more so than the depiction of the Berlin Wall captured in our still image.

"I Am the Monkey"
9 Apr 2014
Children behave like monkeys in this charming short for Weetabix directed by MJ Delaney. The choice of music, combined with lovely shots of children monkeying around make this a perfect recipe for the breakfast cereal company. Given her superb track record, it's unsurprising that so many of Delaney's TVCs projects involve children but as she demonstrated with her debut feature The Powder Room she has a lot more to offer than that.

Birds Eye
"A Boy's Tail"
9 Apr 2016
Birds Eye manage to put the ghost of children's canapés to rest with a lovely commercial which brings a long overdue sense of adventure to the brand while evoking a seasonal atmosphere. Just as the school day is drawing to a close, a boy gets a sniff of something tasty in the air. His brow furrows, his nostrils flare... and a bushy tail suddenly springs up from behind.

"Epic Dance-Off"
2 mins
9 Apr 2016
Now that Simon Cowell's other ratings juggernaut The X Factor has lost its, well, X factor, an advertising slot during Britain's Got Talent has becomes our island nation's equivalent of a Super Bowl spot. Keen to cash in on the show's returning viewership, moneysupermarket.com bring together their gyrating trinity of dancers - Dave, Colin, and Gary - for a dance-off which pushes the stitching on Dave's denim shorts to the limit.

Lloyds Bank
"New Dawn"
9 Apr 2017
Lloyds Bank unleash the black horse again for this excellent ad, directed by Frédéric Planchon for adam&eveDDB. The iconic beast gallops in slow-motion through the British landscape, past rural scenes and cities to a final 'Chariots of Fire' beach run. To a slow, gospel-style cover of Fatboy Slim's 'Praise You', we're shown the progression of 250 years of history through the landscape.

2 mins 03s
9 Apr 2018
This film for Babbel is a beautifully measured combination of comedy and poignancy. As Charlie Chaplin demonstrated a century ago, when these qualities are cleverly entwined, they tend to amplify one another to create a powerful outcome. The main character is adrift in a sea of strangers. His visible otherness doesn't appear to prompt any reaction from those around him but his alien tongue makes it impossible for him to be understood.

9 Apr 2018
Online furniture retailer Swoon launch their hip new brand identity with this cool campaign. Director Holly Blakey's renowned choreographic talents are in full effect, as a woman explores a sleek environment with precise moves. A pleasantly warm grade makes the featured furniture look both modern and timeless.

"Make Them Sweat"
9 Apr 2019
Rivers of sweat dominate this hot-headed Gatorade commercial, which sees the likes of Lionel Messi and Gabriel Jesus send their opponents' sweat glands into overdrive - anti-perspirants be damned. Director Aaron Stoller's canvas isn't just limited to foreheads and armpits, either: tattoos, paintings, and even Earth itself secrete enough moisture to fill a bathtub.

9 Apr 2019
Halifax express the joy of moving into a new home through the medium of Slinky in this quirky ad. Shot with buckets of style by directing team The Sacred Egg, the rogue toy's adventure takes it down stairs, through drawers and cabinets, and even underwater - all while it manages to convey gleeful abandon, despite not, well, having a face.

"Sky Dive"
9 Apr 2019
Gerard Butler is in full-on action hero mode in this amusing film for Enterprise. As he plummets towards the ground, he uses his mobile phone to hire a car... making precious few specific stipulations apart from an insistence that the roof be opened, to precipitate a reasonably soft landing. Butler provides a steel jaw and a willingness to make fun of the kind of role he usually plays.

American Express
"Jose Mourinho"
9 Apr 2005
Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho anticipates everything according to this ad for American Express that shows the Portuguese catch toast as it pops from a toaster; pause as he reverses his car just as a child runs past and putting up his umbrella moments before rain.

"Oriental Wise Man"
9 Apr 2005
The marketing duo from Orange have trekked up a mountain to seek wise words from an Oriental guru but selective translation ensures that nay point lying behind his ambiguous message is lost.

HypnoSurgery Live
"Sleeping Patent"
9 Apr 2006
The latest piece of tabloid TV on More 4 features a live operation in which hypnosis is used instead on anaesthetic. Although this is potentially a fascinating medical development, one cannot help wondering to what degree the ratings will be driven by those wondering if the patient will wake up screaming.

"La Dolce Vita"
9 Apr 2006
The classic Italian film La Dolce Vita is evoked here in a monochrome tribute in which the presence of the Peroni brand is almost subliminal. The only problem with this ad is the casting of the main actress, as anyone who remembers the 1960 Fellini classic would have to admit, she's no Anita Ekberg.

9 Apr 2006
This series for the RAC continues to impress. The idea is quite simple... instead of directly giving us a reason to join, they offer free bits of advice. Here an RAC asks us to promise him that when broken-down on the motorway we will get out of the car and wait on the verge.

Kingsmill Bread
9 Apr 2007
Ad in which Norman the caterpillar nearly buys the farm because of a boy's refusal to eat brown bread. But wait, what this? Luckily the folks at Kingsmill have found a way of pandering to children's fussiness while sneakily feeding the little blighters something healthy.

Channel 4
9 Apr 2007
Headphones fall like oxygen masks to rescue people from the ennui of their everyday lives in this typically entertaining trail from Channel 4 for their music service. There is something little disconcerting though as, at first glance, the falling objects look a little like the nooses of a hangman.

"The Last Glass"
9 Apr 2007
Quirky animated ad depicts three housemates: a pirate, a cow and a cyclist who discover there is only enough milk for one glass. Naturally they decide who shall have it by holding an impromptu game of musical statues which is won by the cyclist thanks to a crafty trick involving a cardboard cut-out.

On This Day
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