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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Megaforce 94.7%  
 2. Seb Edwards 93.0%  
 3. Dougal Wilson 91.6%  
 4. Sam Brown 90.1%  
 5. Ian Pons Jewell 89.3%  
 6. Matthijs van Heijningen 88.8%  
 7. Andreas Nilsson 88.7%  
 8. Wilkins & Maguire 88.5%  
 9. Daniel Wolfe 88.4%  
 10. Mark Albiston 87.6%  
 11. Tom Barbor-Might 86.9%  
 12. Tony Barry 85.9%  
 13. Frédéric Planchon 85.8%  
 14. James Rouse 85.2%  
 15. DOM&NIC 85.0%  
 16. Scott Lyon 84.6%  
 17. Chris Goulder 84.6%  
 18. Martin de Thurah 84.5%  
 19. Tom Kuntz 84.2%  
 20. Nick Gordon 83.9%  
 21. Kim Gehrig 83.5%  
 22. Max Fisher 83.2%  
 23. Keith McCarthy 83.1%  
 24. Declan Lowney 83.0%  
 25. The Perlorian Brothers 82.9%  

Five Star Work
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19 Jun 2018
"Ask and you won't receive," says this punky blend of live action and animation for Nike Russia. While conventional wisdom suggests one can achieve anything if they speak up, the young protagonist of this 60" number disagrees. Confronted by an older boy on a korobka (concrete pitches found in urban neighbourhoods), the lad decides to let his feet do the talking instead.

Royal Navy
"Michael's Story"
18 Jun 2018
Walt Whitman must be one of adland's choice poets. From luxury saloons to Chinese milk, Whitman's verses pepper various works striving for poetic heft. Now the American bard and Breaking Bad plot device propels this latest ‘Made in the Royal Navy' film.

Mitre 10
"Kong's Out Again"
18 Jun 2018
A donkey named Kong proves the ultimate escape artist in this entertaining ad for New Zealand hardware chain Mitre 10. Unlike its boisterous simian namesake, however, this pet beast causes more small-scale disruption. When chain link fences and corrugated metal fail, dad seems doomed to accept Kong as man of the house.

Paddy Power
13 Jun 2018
Paddy Power's amusing World Cup ad sees the controversy-courting bookmaker throw their weight behind VAR (video assistant referee technology)… both on and off the pitch. While the aforementioned tech divides opinion in football circles, the brand insist it can be used for all manner of everyday quandaries.

"Take On History"
12 Jun 2018
For two weeks of every year, the world of tennis parks its circus in a south-west corner of London and surrenders to the traditions of a bygone era. Like test cricket at Lord's, tennis at Wimbledon retains a special place in the sporting calendar because the retired colonels who organise it have done everything they can to protect their sport from rampant commercialism and - in doing so - they've provided a glimpse of a more civilised approach.

"Summer Like You're 7"
11 Jun 2018
Seven is the magic number, according to this inviting ode to summer holidays from Boots. Accompanied by The Jungle Book's ‘Bare Necessities', a young girl called Livvie hops, skips, dives, and gurns her way through the school break. Whether it's at home or abroad, she knows what ‘school's out' is all about.

11 Jun 2018
Spotify take aim at action movies with this, er, fast and furious offering. A high-octane car chase hits the requisite genre beats before the cast bond over music which is... a little softer than we might anticipate. While 'Wrecking Ball' may be from Miley's edgy phase, it's still an unexpected delight to hear it used in such a seemingly incongruous scene.

11 Jun 2018
Spotify has launched a witty new campaign to draw attention to its free music streaming service. The cinematic series sees each ad parody a different film genre, kicked off by this amusing horror-esque offering. Director Steve Ayson knows his stuff, as each narrative beat makes the film feel more like a trailer for an upcoming spooky blockbuster.

"Women Drivers"
2 mins 24s
7 Jun 2018
Given the long-held belief that driving is immoral for 50% of Saudi citizens, how is the new freedom for women drivers being received? Via a group of diverse but high-achieving men, the concerns and fears Arab society has about this law are touched upon... will their mothers, sisters, daughters be safe in cars by themselves?

Beats by Dre
"Defiant Mixtape Vol. 1"
4 mins 04s
8 Jun 2018
Following 2017's ill-fated dalliance with Arthurian legend, director Guy Ritchie finds his form just in time for the World Cup with this amusing piece for Beats headphones. Narrated by Peaky Blinders star Paul Anderson, the film offers irreverent bios of Harry Kane, Mesut Özil, Bernard Mendy, and Neymar. Think ‘This Is Your Life and Two Smoking Barrels'.

3 Jun 2018
W+K's long-running campaign for Lurpak oozes class and the latest instalment from Somesuch's Kim Gehrig is no exception. To advertise the the brand's spreadable variant, we're taken on a smooth journey as a woman wakes. The action smoothly moves across the screen from left to right in a perfectly executed sequence.

Susan G Komen Foundation
"Know Your Girls"
30 May 2018
This PSA for breast cancer charity Susan G Komen is aimed exclusively at African-American women. While black women are more likely to develop the disease at a younger age than white women, and more likely to develop aggressive forms of it when older, they're culturally far more reluctant to discuss their concerns with family, friends or even medical professionals.

24 May 2018
Lexus are promising to take some of the puzzlement out of car buying in this spectacular commercial directed by Skunk's Ben Strebel. As metaphors go, this one is pretty uncomplicated so a lot hinged on the execution and Strebel has made sure that it's visually stunning, plus - by doing so - a hell of a lot more likely to draw punters into investigating the proposition.

25 May 2018
This is a brilliant and timely spoof. There has been a spate of ads in the last year which have reflected the desire of brands to associate themselves with the power of good. And when we remember that these include the infamous Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner, it's clear that it's an instinct that can go awry.

"Training Session"
24 May 2018
Lidl tap three of England's World Cup squad for this likeable commercial promoting children's football coaching. Gary Cahill, Raheem Sterling, and Kyle Walker each turn Under-11's coach for the afternoon - though their young charges ably cut their Premier League egos down to size. t's all in good humour though, and Messrs Cahill, Sterling, and Walker come across well alongside their quotable co-stars.

The Atlantic
"Should I Be Scared?"
3 mins 14s
23 May 2018
Following on from Michael K. Williams's multi-faceted treatise on identity, Westworld's Jeffrey Wright is the latest HBO star to front The Atlantic's ‘Question Your Answers' campaign. This engrossing entry sees Wright swap dubious laboratories for the window seat on an airplane… and he's a pensive flyer.

"Time to Go"
22 May 2018
More light-hearted rebellion from Sprint as Evelyn and her robot comrades probe nonsensical mobile plans. Weary of entertaining her fleshy handler, Evelyn once again questions his choice of service provider… which happens to be Sprint's chief rival, Verizon. Unable to stomach any more A.I. aggro, the scientist issues an ultimatum: switch off, or jog on to the nearest Sprint branch.

1 min 40s
22 May 2018
Another touching ad from Pedigree focuses on their Dog Dates service - which aims to tackle loneliness by matching elderly people with local pooches. Jenny's story is particularly poignant - since she became isolated after leaving an abusive husband - and the genuine joy on her face when she meets her temporary pet is extremely moving.

Compare The Market
"One Year of Meerkat Movies"
21 May 2018
Compare The Market go big to celebrate the benefits one year of membership to Meerkat Movies can bring. Spokes-kats Sergei and Aleksandr riff on Barbra Streisand's classic 'Rain On My Parade', as they dive head-first into a world of musical wonder. The set pieces are nicely designed, as twinkle-toed soldiers perform a dance routine fit for classic Hollywood, and each genre gets its own moment in the spotlight.

"Dog Dates"
18 May 2018
This charming film draws attention to an extremely worthwhile initiative from dog food makers Pedigree. An elderly man is nervously getting ready to go out and - in tandem - we're also shown a dog being similarly prepared. Moments of synergy in their respective grooming regimes imply they are destined to be paired in some way and so it proves. Nonetheless it's still a surprise when we discover exactly what's going on.

BBC Sport
"World Cup Tapestry"
18 May 2018
BBC Sport have released this excellent film in which they, ahem, weave the history of the World Cup... literally. Director Nicos Livesey ensures things come together at a kinetic pace, as the film winds its way through the highs and lows of previous tournaments. The animation work is skilfully done, showing embroidered players reenacting their most notable moments.

"Who Stole The Cup?"
18 May 2018
Online betting outfit Bwin's last multiple choice caper offered punters two possible outcomes. Now the brand's World Cup-themed heist flick ups the stakes to four. As the title suggests, someone's pinched the illustrious trophy from under the Kremlin's nose. The suspects? Cafu, Vicente del Bosque, Stefan Effenberg, and Diego Maradona… and they're all highly equipped for the job.

J-B Weld
"Rocking Chair"
17 May 2018
Nick Offerman - pop culture's gruff handyman uncle - stars in this entertaining commercial for J-B Weld's wood glue. Perturbed to see a potentially-fixable rocking chair discarded on the kerb, Offerman takes it upon himself to show the furniture's former owners what they're missing. The deadpan manner in which his passive-aggressive plan is executed has to be seen to be believed.

"Hold My Beer"
16 May 2018
It's a scenario pub goers will be all too familiar with: holding a friend's drink while they attend to business elsewhere. Minutes feel like hours as one awaits their pal's return… and good luck explaining any accidental spillages. Such foibles inspire this lovely Amstel commercial starring one obliging drinker and his errant companion.

"First Dance"
2 mins
16 May 2018
Kiwi brewery Speight's have released another excellent ad addressing masculinity in New Zealand, this time focused on mates helping each other out. A guy helps his friend cure his two left feet just in time for his nuptials, with their progress showcased in a lovely montage sure to tug on even the most jaded heartstrings.

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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