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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Riff Raff Films 89.5%  
 2. Rogue Films 85.3%  
 3. Blinkink 85.1%  
 4. Gorgeous 84.2%  
 5. Iconoclast UK 83.9%  
 6. MJZ 83.8%  
 7. Passion Pictures 83.7%  
 8. Somesuch 83.3%  
 9. Friend London 83.1%  
 10. Blink 83.0%  
 11. Biscuit Filmworks 83.0%  
 12. Park Pictures 82.9%  
 13. Knucklehead 82.8%  
 14. Academy Films 82.7%  
 15. The Sweetshop 82.6%  
 16. Outsider 82.2%  
 17. tantrum 82.1%  
 18. HLA 81.9%  
 19. Smuggler 81.8%  
 20. Stink 81.5%  
 21. MindsEye 81.3%  
 22. Another Film Company 81.1%  
 23. Thomas Thomas 81.1%  
 24. RSA 80.7%  
 25. Caviar 80.7%  

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

Alzheimer's Research UK
"First Breath"
20 Sep 2018
Alzheimer's Research UK address the sense of hopelessness which accompanies the public perception of dementia in this intriguing film. Voiced by 'Game of Thrones' actress Lena Headey, the piece focuses on a baby swimming through a mysterious underwater world. It's a cryptic approach, but one which makes the important message land all the more effectively.

British Vogue x Selfridges
"Everything Looks Better in Eyewear"
20 Sep 2018
This charmingly vintage ad from British Vogue and Selfridges suggests that any and every activity can improved by wearing fancy glasses. The premise is given an impressive Seventies vibe by director Danny Sangra, who channels old fashioned infomercials for a pitch-perfect parody. Wry work with plenty of, erm, specs appeal.

"Bath Time"
21 Sep 2018
This cuddlesome stop-motion ad for energy start-up Hometree claims "a warm home is too important for a broken boiler to get in the way"… and that mantra covers field mice dwellings as well, apparently. Thus, Snap London and director Jack Cunningham depict a rodent mum and dad treating their mini-mouse to a bath. From nuzzling snouts to excited splashes, it's about as cute as you would expect.

Virgin Holidays
"When You're Smiling"
15 Sep 2018
Virgin Holidays follow their sister brand's recent airborne jaunt with their own dose of escapism. A woman finds herself transported from her grey cubicle existence by thoughts of a holiday to California, a postcard serving as a portal to a world of giant newspaper boats and life-sized pinball machines.

Elvie Pump
"Like a Cow"
18 Sep 2018
This tongue-in-cheek ad from Elvie draws attention to their innovative breast pump technology. Recently sported by a model on the catwalk at London Fashion Week, the tech claims to be the first of its kind and allows mothers to pump breast milk hands-free. The musical number in this ad makes the product's unique selling points clear - no tubes, no wires, and no bovine indignity.

"Champions Rise"
1 min 53s
18 Sep 2018
This strobe-lit communication for FIFA 19 has swagger to spare, as well as a cavalier attitude towards eye strain. Just shy of two minutes long, BRTHR's film is a hyperkinetic collage of gameplay, screen confetti, and cameos from both on and off-pitch personalities. While the likes of Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappé are instantly recognisable, the ad also acknowledges the gamers who consume EA's annual kickabout.

Virgin Atlantic
"Depart the Everyday"
15 Sep 2018
Virgin Atlantic encourage customers to flee the UK for sunnier climes in this fantastical ad. While the modern experience of flying runs more towards pay-per-use bogs and ever-decreasing legroom, this film aims to put the adventure back into air travel. With whimsical elements and a funky soundtrack, the ad offers a light-hearted take on luxury.

2 mins
14 Sep 2018
The National Lottery have launched a new campaign to demonstrate the life-enhancing effects of winning the jackpot. adam&eveDDB's two-minute debut for the brand tells the story of a fisherman who has to leave his family for long stretches of time - ending with a characteristically heartwarming twist. The narrative is astutely drawn, as director Mark Molloy switches back and forth between the man at sea and his family at home.

14 Sep 2018
This impressive flight of fancy from easyJet may leave future air passengers underwhelmed by their next window view. VCCP and directing duo The Sacred Egg's carte blanche approach to air travel pays dividends here as the brand take their commitment to dream holidays seriously. Technically accomplished whimsy as the nights draw in.

"Clive Owen"
12 Sep 2018
O Positive's Jim Jenkins has masterfully drawn a bravura performance from Clive Owen in this splendid commercial for SAP... whatever they are. Thanks to the magic of VFX, the British actor delivers his lines from the unlikeliest of places and the vignettes have been stitched together brilliantly by veteran editor Iain Mackenzie.

"Maternity Run (Director's Cut)"
12 Sep 2018
This dramatic slice of life has been perfectly composed to demonstrate how helpful it is to have a reliable vehicle when it counts. As a woman's pregnancy reaches the point of no return, her partner is ready with the trusted Vauxhall to get her to the hospital in the nick of time. It isn't just the shiny car that proves reliable, the other mum-to-be is a picture of serenity.

Fruit of the Loom
10 Sep 2018
This entertaining ad for Fruit of the Loom's Everlight underwear is focused on things you notice... and things you don't. The brand claim their pants are so unobtrusive customers won't realise they're wearing them, and introduce a conspicuously inconspicuous cast of characters to drive that point home.

10 Sep 2018
IKEA offer a fresh take on their classic 'Lamp ad with... another 'Lamp' ad. Eagle-eyed viewers will recognise the little red light that could from the brand's 2002 outing, as the tale of upwardly mobile consumption is updated for the modern, more environmentally-conscious era.

"The Next Move"
9 mins 06s
10 Sep 2018
Michael Kuku may not be a household name, but the nineteen-year-old protagonist of this absorbing Lucozade film has a fan in Anthony Joshua. To mark the sports drink's ‘B Active' initiative, Joshua teaches aspiring football coach Kuku what it takes to achieve one's goals. The result is an engaging slant on one of the UK's biggest sporting successes.

11 Sep 2018
IKEA encourage Chinese customers to personalise their apartments in this impeccably designed ad. Blending flowing transitions and a jazzy soundtrack, directing team Us offer a neat tour of a residential building - through floors, walls, windows, and everything in between. A fun yet classy outing for the Swedish retailer.

Save The Children
10 Sep 2018
A cogent piece of work for Save The Children plants viewers in the middle of a devastating missile strike in an unnamed war zone. While civilians flee for cover, the focus rests on a young boy and what he sees in this terrifying situation - things no child should ever have to witness. This is conveyed via judicious screen pixelation, sparing Western viewers the grisly aftermath of the attack.

"Junatas Imparables"
10 Sep 2018
Nike's latest empowerment fix comes courtesy of Mexican women with serious energy to burn. Director Tom Noakes's frenetic jog through Mexico City turns gridlock into a sporting carnival, as commuters hurl themselves through the air and runners show roadworks who's boss. Progressive and equally exuberant fare from the brand.

Women's Aid
"Theatrical Cut"
10 Sep 2018
This affecting film for Women's Aid requires a mature viewer... or at least one over the age of twelve. Even then, extensive cinematic cuts have had to be made for this examination of domestic violence to receive a 12A rating - or so it would seem. By cutting around the worst violence, director David Dearlove takes his cues from good horror films and allows the viewers' imagination to fill in the terrifying blanks.

Budget Direct
2 mins 30s
10 Sep 2018
This fantastical ad for Aussie outfit Budget Direct examines a familiar scourge - paying too much for insurance - in an unexpected way. Starring a detective who comes across as the Scottish son of Sherlock Holmes and John Constantine, this mini-thriller offers a unique take on financial woes. Director Daniel Kleinman has good fun with genre here, as crime procedural beats land with a Ghostbuster-esque twist.

"Gold Brotherhood"
6 Sep 2018
Anthony Joshua is no stranger to success. After all, one will find an Olympic gold medal, numerous world championships, and an pile of sponsorship deals on his mum's mantelpiece (probably). Now the boxer lays down the gauntlet to man, bloke, and dudekind in this online effort.

"Dream Crazy"
2 mins 06s
6 Sep 2018
While many brands have offered up protests of the current political climate (read: utter batshittery) to various degrees, none have put their money where their mouths are quite like Nike. The brand have appointed Colin Kaepernick - the former NFL player at the heart of the controversy about kneeling during the US national anthem - as their latest spokesperson. As the saying goes, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

One Percent Collective
"Mike & Mandy"
1 min 40s
6 Sep 2018
This lovely piece of work from New Zealand emphasises the importance of giving just one percent... of anything. By taking a charitable concept to its logical conclusion, director Louis Sutherland offers a humorous and unusual take on Kiwi philanthropy. The film details the story of Mike - an extremely lazy bloke who gives only 1% of his effort at any given time.

John Lewis Partnership
"Bohemian Rhapsody"
5 Sep 2018
This 90" edit of Tuesday's internet breaker dives straight into a school's ad hoc rendition of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody'… and it's just as good as you remember it. Now that the initial hubbub has settled, viewers can pinpoint more of the ad's thoughtful background details - including a photograph of Freddie Mercury backstage.

"Big Entrance"
4 Sep 2018
New products are often released with fanfare... but rarely this literally. Audi's latest Q8 model makes a dramatic debut in this bombastic ad, coming into the world with style - and a soundtrack to match. While an orchestra nervously tunes up before the arrival of their special guest, the tension builds as dock workers and musicians alike sweat in anticipation.

Clas Ohlson
"A Better Home"
4 Sep 2018
Those with a lopsided work-life balance will appreciate this busy commercial for Swedish hardware merchants Clas Ohlson. Like their flat pack-loving compatriots IKEA, the brand wish to foster domestic harmony - easier said than done when work and other distractions follow you home every night.

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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