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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. O Positive 83.1%  
 2. Riff Raff Films 78.1%  
 3. Blink 77.2%  
 4. Park Pictures 75.9%  
 5. The Sweetshop 75.7%  
 6. Friend London 75.7%  
 7. Academy Films 75.5%  
 8. Somesuch 74.4%  
 9. HLA 74.3%  
 10. Smuggler 74.1%  
 11. Colonel Blimp 74.0%  
 12. Passion Pictures 74.0%  
 13. Rogue Films 73.9%  
 14. Independent 73.6%  
 15. Stink 73.3%  
 16. BlinkInk 73.3%  
 17. Outsider 73.2%  
 18. MindsEye 73.0%  
 19. tantrum 72.8%  
 20. Fat Lemon 72.6%  
 21. Nice Shirt Films 72.6%  
 22. BOLD 72.4%  
 23. Knucklehead 72.4%  
 24. Caviar 72.3%  
 25. Biscuit Filmworks 72.3%  

Five Star Work

Under Armour
"Misty Copeland"
20 Jul 2017
This compelling Under Armour commercial stars Misty Copeland - the first African-American female principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre. It’s a far cry from the Metropolitan Opera House, but this empty arena proves the ideal stage. Agile's Georgia Hudson and DP Zoë White orbit Copeland’s graceful performance.

2 mins 20s
19 Jul 2017
One wouldn’t immediately associate Opel with the new world order, but the marque clearly have a Mr Robot fan on staff. This cinematic commercial wears its tech-noir influences on its sleeve. The main protagonist is a computer hacker determined to crash The System - while her targets squirm, she prepares to strike.

The Horrors
4 mins 09s
19 Jul 2017
The Horrors frontman Faris Badwan introduces ‘Machine’ with: “Your smile is nothing to live for”. As opening lines go, that is cold. The warmth of previous album ‘Luminous’ is replaced by talk of “mannequin moves” and “cold simulation”. As for the promo, digital filmmaker Jon Emmony presents a hypnotic sequence of biomechanical mutations.

18 Jul 2017
Nike’s irreverent streak continues with this disco-infused commercial. It’s a West Coast showdown between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers. When Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson receives the ball, his opponents suffer a bad case of the skates. This gridiron tussle suddenly turns into a roller disco - complete with lighting pinched from Studio 54.

"Dream Makers"
18 Jul 2017
This artistic ad for Honda explores the process of filmmaking, concentrating on the transition of ideas from page to screen. We see scripts coming to life - black and white words flowing into monochrome sketches which quickly gain colour, depth, and motion. The mix of live action, CG, and animation is kept in delicate balance by directors James Allen and Michael Skrgatic.

"Rosemary Smith"
3 mins 40s
11 Jul 2017
Renault have released this compelling film about Rosemary Smith: rally driver, racing champion, and oldest person to drive a 800bhp race car. Directing team Michel + Nico give us an intimate insight into her nerves before the record-breaking drive, intercut with glimpses of Rosemary's life behind the wheel.

Virgin Media
"Football Tunnel"
17 Jul 2017
As players loosen those muscles and pine for transfers, Virgin Media welcome the 2017/18 Premier League season with some vocal support. This lad enjoys a quiet kickabout in a familiar-looking tunnel. He’s not alone for long, though - not when the Saints are marching on. Mark Jenkinson takes the fibre optic reins from Rogue colleague Sam Brown.

"Polar Story"
17 Jul 2017
This whimsical ad for the Samsung Max Space fridge depicts a kid creatively passing the time. While the film was created with local concerns in mind - many Ukrainian kitchens need to be smart with space - the emotional message is universal as it shows the boy counting down the days until his dad comes back from working at a polar station.

"The Whole Chicken"
16 Jul 2017
When you see that someone has been credited as 'chicken choreographer' you know that you're about to watch something out of left field. And so it proved when DAVID hit the play button and discovered what Mother is doing for the first KFC television campaign since they won the account.

3 mins
14 Jul 2017
This film for Nokia celebrating the all-female Bikerni Biker Club in India offers a fascinating insight into how determined women have to be if they want to go against the grain of misogyny. The film itself is beautiful but it never prettifies the subject matter and it retains a sharp focus on the way these women's sense of independence has been enhanced by their involvement with the club.

Village Green
2 mins 13s
14 Jul 2017
So this is what happens when Noah Harris and Andy Biddle visit a car boot sale. The Blinkink duo turn bargain hunters for record label Village Green, and this beguiling short turns bric-a-brac into objets d’art. Harris and Biddle’s stop-motion expertise produces a conveyer belt of unexpected transitions.

14 Jul 2017
Director Martin Stirling swaps wrangling CGI tigers for the frontline in this compelling WWF commercial. Shot from a first-person perspective, the ad follows three protagonists as they pursue the charity’s goals - albeit in different ways. Pavel, Singye, and Ollie may never meet, but their respective efforts combine to meaningful effect.

14 Jul 2017
IKEA have an original take on nature documentaries in this amusing ad by Us and Mother. We observe a lion in a domestic setting... only it's a stylish living room rather than a savanna. Attenborough fans may want to look away now. The voiceover informs us that lions relax for up to eighteen hours a day, just so they can be ready when the perfect moment to strike suddenly arises.

"Garden Magic"
11 Jul 2017
Stihl’s debut UK ad pays homage to ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’. Instead of a grotty workshop, though, the protagonist must tackle the back garden. Dad’s pat on the shoulder doesn’t instil confidence... so how will he tame this suburban jungle? With a little help with from his friends, of course.

Grant's Whisky
"The Journey"
11 Jul 2017
Blended whiskies often struggle to make an impression alongside their single malt contemporaries e.g. Laphroaig revelling in its divisive taste. However, the likes of Grant’s have raised their game. This classy effort suggests blended means business. As this smart-casual trio go forth, director Loren Denis makes astute use of limited surroundings.

"Life Cycle"
8 Jul 2017
A child provides the voiceover as a man recalls his life through a series of bike rides in this film promoting an HSBC initiative. We first see him with a playing card positioned to generate the cool noise loved by Generation X in their youth before we leap forward a few decades and see who he has become.

"Finding Yourself"
8 Jul 2017
This lovely commercial for VW - designed to underscore the car company's support for independent cinema in the UK - features an ageing hippy who claims to be "a condor, eddying on an invisible breeze" as he negotiates his vehicle through unfamiliar terrain. We might be inclined to believe him if it weren't for the telltale voice of his satnav coldly issuing the instructions which help him make his way to a remote spa.

2 mins 53s
7 Jul 2017
This emotive film for HSBC explores the origins of the Pride march, tracing from its beginnings to where it is today. We're introduced to two men who have strong connections to the movement: Andrew, who was part of the first Pride march, and Jamie, a transgender man who carried the British flag during Pride London.

6 Jul 2017
Three expand their menagerie of hybrid beasts with the chill-yet-energetic Dolphasloth. Much like the flamboyant Giraffeamingo - which amusingly combined the most distinctive features of both creatures of origin - this guy features the head and arms of a stoned-looking sloth, and the tail of a peppy dolphin.

Spec Films
"Keeping Cupid Busy"
1 min 51s
6 Jul 2017
Cupid has become weary with the modern world in this fascinating spec film for dating site OkCupid. Taking the form of an ageing union guy - married to his job and not ready to quit despite his constant bellyaching - he decries the modern world and the complexity of love in it. This is an American Gods-esque portrait of Cupid: grizzled, grouchy, and jaded - just the way we like him.

"The Roger Effect"
1 min 37s
6 Jul 2017
Roger Federer has endured tougher starts to his Wimbledon campaign. With Federer’s opening match lasting only forty-three minutes, at least he can sit back and watch this terrific Nike ad.

Absolut Vodka
"Equal Love"
2 mins 20s
5 Jul 2017
Absolut Vodka - long time champions of the LGBT community - have released this classy snog-fest to celebrate equal love. Set against a dark city backdrop, the Sense8-esque production sees kissing become contagious as strangers succumb one by one to the siren call of each other's lips. With astute choreography and a dreamlike feel, this film makes a powerful statement without saying a word.

New Zealand Transport Agency
5 Jul 2017
Like the redneck protagonist in this extraordinary anti-drink/driving film from New Zealand, you may need a little thinking time to entirely get this. He is clearly one of those guys who is impervious to the rules that other men live by, It's revealed in a terrific flashback sequence that he's a fellow who thrives on recklessness while appearing immune to its consequences.

1 min 40s
3 Jul 2017
This moving film directed by Nice Shirt's Liz Murphy for a German charity tells its tale of compassion with extraordinary intimacy. An unhappy looking boy looks at others eating their lunches in the school playground and your first thought is that he's being bullied. It appears to be his teacher's thought too and he reaches out to the boy's mother who decides to find out for herself what's going on.

"Driving Test"
2 mins 24s
4 Jul 2017
Yes, even Tom Holland's Spider-Man has to pass his driving test. Despite the ability to swing across New York City, Parker Peter - sorry, Peter Parker - tackles the practical test. Mind you, not all learner drivers can rely on Stark Industries technology. Audi’s latest foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe benefits from Holland and J.B. Smoove’s repartee.

Five Star Work

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