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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Lacoste 93.3%  
 2. Macmillan 89.8%  
 3. Amazon Prime 89.4%  
 4. Halifax 88.2%  
 5. Three 87.9%  
 6. moneysupermarket.com 87.6%  
 7. BBC 87.3%  
 8. Apple 86.6%  
 9. Short Films 86.4%  
 10. Honda 86.1%  
 11. Nike 86.0%  
 12. Squarespace 85.6%  
 13. IKEA 85.4%  
 14. John Lewis 85.3%  
 15. T K Maxx 85.2%  
 16. Cadbury 85.2%  
 17. Army Recruitment 84.6%  
 18. Guinness 84.3%  
 19. Volvo 84.2%  
 20. Argos 83.8%  
 21. HSBC 83.6%  
 22. Toyota 83.2%  
 23. Purple Bricks 82.9%  
 24. Land Rover Range Rover 82.8%  
 25. Audi 82.8%  

Five Star Work
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BBC Sport
"Change The Game"
1 min 40s
21 May 2019
A gutsy reinterpretation of Fort Minor's ‘Remember The Name' drives this 100" promo from director Georgia Hudson, as the BBC stoke anticipation for the 2019 Women's World Cup. London-based rapper Ms Banks takes on vocal duties as she reminds players from home and abroad what it takes to go down in history.

Amazon Prime
21 May 2019
The last in Amazon Prime's amusing series of films offers one of the most dramatic applications of the Heimlich manoeuvre we've seen for some time. As a man chokes on his dinner, his fellow restaurant patrons can only watch in abject horror - save for one fearless diner. Another strong piece of physical comedy from the streaming giants.

Prostate Cancer UK
"We Are With You"
20 May 2019
Prostate Cancer UK celebrate masculinity in all its forms in this touching commercial from BBH and director Nicolas Jack Davies. Far from upholding traditional macho ideals, the charity follow the example of brands like Gillette and opt to take a more nuanced look at what masculinity really means in 2019.

"Crocodile Inside"
1 min 37s
19 May 2019
When was the last time a commercial had a soundtrack by Edith Piaf and a stunt inspired by Buster Keaton? Never, that's when. This rousing film for Lacoste is in keeping with the brand's fondness for celebrating love and all its complications. A couple stand on the brink of oblivion as their relationship unravels but as finality looms they see sense and realise they belong together after all.

Dr Giorgini
"First-Person Horror"
2 mins
17 May 2019
This wonderful mini-horror flick from Italian remedy brand Dr Giorgini explores the power of cutting edge technology to give small-screen scares a whole new heft. Directed by Igor Borghi, the film unfolds through a first-person perspective as a spot of lakeside camping is interrupted by something menacing in the nearby woods.

16 May 2019
Fast fashion label Zalando encourage customers to dress purely for their own pleasure in this kooky outing. A pair of stylish individuals - or fashion victims, depending on your taste - kick-start a beach holiday with a difference, as they decide to turn the nearby beach resort into their dancefloor... and take the old adage 'dance like nobody's watching' literally.

Kit Kat
16 May 2019
Anyone who remembers the days of windscreen-mounted, satellite-losing, buggy GPS units will find this amusing Aussie ad from Kit Kat all too relatable. A pair of rugged frontiersmen get thoroughly lost while transporting a convict to jail, though not for lack of trying to find their way. Director Dave Wood ably brings this dusty comedy of errors to life.

Amazon Prime
"Last Cupcake"
16 May 2019
One of four well-crafted Amazon Prime films from Droga5 and director Steve Rogers, this instalment shows how just one episode of Prime exclusive ‘Hanna' can turn even the meekest individual into a force to be reckoned with… especially when there's a cupcake up for grabs. Anyone who dreams of channeling their telly addiction into everyday life will relate to this.

"Golden Moments"
13 May 2019
Guinness's African arm maintains their reputation for style and panache with this vibrant film. Directed by Steve Cope, the ad celebrates what it deems to be 'golden moments': unique snatches of time in which everything comes together perfectly - people, style, and, of course, beer. Buoyant and colourful, it's a worthy addition to the Guinness pantheon.

Amazon Prime
"Table Football"
15 May 2019
A bloke summons his inner Pep Guardiola in Amazon Prime's latest ode to compulsive viewing, which - depending on your football allegiance - will either have you reaching for the remote or shouting "Olé!" at the top of your voice. Regardless of club loyalties, it's an affectionate riff on the Manchester City manager's famously OTT hand gestures and team instructions.

"Born To Go"
13 May 2019
Luggage stalwarts Samsonite target a younger breed of traveller in this restless commercial, courtesy of director Ben Strebel. Working from a script that must've had the word "millenials" underlined several times in the margin, Strebel presents a vivid, bracing take on international travel. What's on screen will please the brand no end.

"Robert De Niro"
2 mins
14 May 2019
Jonathan Warburton must be the best connected baker in the world. Peter Kay, Sylvester Stallone, and the entire cast of The Muppets have all graced his office in recent years; now it's the turn of Robert De Niro to break bread with Mr Warburton, so to speak. De Niro plays his tough guy act to the hilt as he and his fellow goombahs (and, erm, a bus driver called Dean) plot to conquer the UK bagel market.

"Table for 45"
14 May 2019
Fictional pubs seem to be immune from the hardship facing UK boozers at the moment, and The Dog in the Pond - the pub at the heart of Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks - is one good example. This characterful promo captures all the thrills and spills of a day down the village local, as the sizeable cast celebrate, commiserate, and occasionally get themselves barred across sixty packed seconds.

Amazon Prime
13 May 2019
The next phase of Amazon Prime's 'great shows stay with you' campaign is underway - and it's every bit as impressive as the debut work. Once again, each spot focuses on a central character whose behaviour is altered by a TV series they love. But this time, the only thing we hear - apart from the critical moment in the episode they watched the night before - is an elegiac music bed.

"I Will Be Me"
13 May 2019
In this commercial featuring a young mum reflecting on the changes in her body since giving birth, AMV have once again provided a dose of refreshing honesty in a sector which spent decades in denial. She was prepared for some aspects of childbirth's impact than others, and it sounds as though the visit from the incontinence fairy was a complete surprise.

"I Feel Crafty"
13 May 2019
Never doubt a beer drinker's ingenuity, says this fun piece of work for Canadian brewers Sleeman. Scored by a resourceful spin on West Side Story's ‘I Feel Pretty', the ad depicts various means of reusing empty beer cans, achieving optimum drinking temperature, and even skipping that pesky walk to the fridge.

12 May 2019
Rare is the ad for antiseptic cream that captures DAVID's imagination, but that's precisely what Sudocrem have done with this beguiling 30" commercial. And all it took was three computer-generated pandas practising tai chi by a koi pond. What follows is a neat segueway to more homely surroundings.

"150th Anniversary Cake"
12 May 2019
Although the voiceover artist is a tad earnest as she tries to negotiate some awkward scansion, the zoetrope at the centre of this commercial celebrating Sainsbury's 150th anniversary is a spectacular set-piece and marks this out as an impressive piece of work. It crams in a fair bit of backstory as it reveals that the retail giant was founded by John James and Mary Ann Sainsbury in 1869, before walking us through various pivotal moments from its history, some of which have already been cited by other TV commercials over the years.

"The Tour Before The Tour"
10 May 2019
To celebrate their sponsorship of Bryan Adams's upcoming 'Shine a Light' world tour, DHL have decided to show customers exactly what goes into getting everything to the right place at the right time - in this case, a custom guitar. Director Scott Lyon forensically documents the instrument's journey from Nashville to London.

"Did Somebody Say Just Eat?"
9 May 2019
Just Eat continue their foray into the world of music with this peppy commercial. Director Tom Kuntz deftly handles a wide range of scenarios here, as a couple flipping through TV channels takes on a life of its own. From chirpy infomercials to black-and-white melodramas, nearly every genre under the sun slots into this skilfully crafted montage.

"Wedding Speech"
2 mins
8 May 2019
Telecom company Spark tug firmly on New Zealanders' heartstrings with this touching film. Urging viewers not to leave anything unsaid with their nearest and dearest, it follows one woman's tumultuous route to the altar - both with and without one of the most important people in her life. Turmoil and joy are nicely juxtaposed throughout by director Christopher Riggert.

Apple iPhone
"Don't Mess with Mother"
7 May 2019
This emphatic ode to the animal kingdom couldn't be more timely. Just as the United Nations declare a biodiversity emergency, Apple's 60" rabble-rouser gives audiences a close-up view of some of the world's favourite species. Unlike more gentile nature documentaries, however, this boasts more bite in the audio department courtesy of Megadeth's ‘Last Rites'.

Halo Top
3 May 2019
A cute couple of kids get a lesson in love in this crushingly funny spot for Halo Top. As they wait expectantly at the van, the jaded vendor points out - before they even ask for anything - that "cute doesn't get you ice cream." He then goes on to explain what does... and the bewildered incomprehension on their faces is a picture.

3 May 2019
Spotify has a new campaign out, directed by Hungry Man's David Kerr. The central message is that whatever your mood or whatever you need to psyche yourself up for, Spotify has the perfect playlist. Of the three ads, this is the most obviously neat as the end comes at a very timely moment. It's a terrific performance from the dude in the car, and the choice of song is inspired.

Amazon Prime
1 May 2019
Droga5 is at the top of its game with the work it's producing for Amazon Prime. In this particular spot, a woman lying on a sofa is buying sports socks - the extent to which she is willing to indulge her self-delusions - when she spots a golden dress. Suddenly her imaginary (and best) self is modelling it for her. It's an acting masterclass, plus it's all in service of the brand.

Five Star Work
(1-25 of 25)

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