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Catching up with NM's Anissa Payne.

DAVID is familiar with production service companies based in a specific location or a specific group of locations, but after learning about NM Productions, a company which promises to provide this service anywhere in the world, we decided to find out more. This led to a meeting in a London café with founder Anissa Payne, who set her stall with conviction and charisma.

In a conversation which covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time, we discovered a great deal about Anissa's no-nonsense approach to doing business; her willingness to push herself to the limit to solve any production problem while making sure that everyone understands how important it is to treat everyone on set with the utmost respect, no matter where you're filming; and heard a moving description of the project which meant the most to her.

The principles she sets out are, of course, those that everyone would say that they adhere to... but it lands different when you hear it from someone who means it.