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by Jason Stone

At DAVID REVIEWS we strongly believe those responsible for making the work that we feature should be credited for it. By that, we mean the key personnel rather than every Tom, Dick and Harry... and unfortunately the PR we receive often fails to name anybody... or we're sent literally hundreds of names.

To help solve this problem, we are introducing this thread which will feature work where we currently have little or no information. If you worked on any of the films below, or you know who did, please send credits to, identifying the clip they belong to. (Please don't feel you have to supply all the credits... even if you only know the director, that gives us somewhere to start).

This Apple iPhone 15 commercial is titled 'Don't Let Me Go'... don't let DAVID review it without credits! Whoever sends them first gets a free watermelon.

This ad is identified at H&M's website as the "director's cut" of their Spring/Summer 2024 commercial but, alas, they've neglected to say which director has been able to show off his or her edit. Do you know?

This bid by Poundland to slightly reposition the proposition is their first TVC for around a decade and we haven't been able to find out who did it yet despite reaching out to their 'Commercial Director' via LinkedIn. If it's yours, please let us know.

DAVID watched this Samsung Galaxy commercial at the cinema before 'Poor Things' (what a dirty and delightful romp). Anyway, back to business... does anyone know who made this 60" time through time? If so, send us the details, pronto!

This charming ad for Amazon was added to their socials a few days ago, and we haven't yet find out who did it, so if you can make it easy for us then please do.

To be fair to Apple, this one is hot off the internet, and it may be that they've prepped a fulsome list of credits for us and the other disciples of TV commercials and it'll arrive tomorrow... but, just in case it doesn't, let us know what you know please.

Adorable control freaks Apple are at it again..The press release for this ad reveals that it was directed by Taika Waititi, presumably because they feel it's good PR to be associated with a celebrity director, but his is literally the only name published. We need more if we're going to review it, so help us if you can.