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For better or for worse with 'Make the Change'.

by Andrew MacGregor

Luke Seomore and Joseph Bull's latest project is an interactive film about chronic kidney disease (CKD). Made for the Global Patient Alliance for Kidney Health, 'Make the Change' lets the audience choose whether a patient is diagnosed early or not.

"As we began to develop this idea the importance and emotion of this project really hit us," UNIT9's Luke & Joseph say. "We've experienced family members undergoing similar medical treatments. It's a heavy weight, physically and emotionally—not only on them, but everyone around them too.

"That's what drove this project: how the family members around our character react, the heartache, but also the joy when you are liberated from this deliberating disease. Capturing the dual stories was a fascinating process and we hope the campaign can assist in some small way to making a change." Click here to control the CKD narrative yourself.

Some pills are easier to swallow than others.