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Joel Miller joins The Quarry.

by Andrew MacGregor

Joel Miller is now on the books at The Quarry after a successful spell in the United States. He spent fifteen years with Cut+Run (who now represent him for work across the pond), but now wants to be closer to his family in the UK.

Miller forgot to bring the weather with him, but The Quarry's Ben Campbell is still delighted to have him on board: "Father Time also moves in mysterious ways. How great to have a true OG here at The Quarry in London. Mr Miller is back from his many successes in New York and Austin to furnish us with his immense talents. We are privileged to have another master in our midst."

And what does The Quarry's new man have to say about the move? "In the inevitable words of Bill Hicks, life is just a ride and the past year has been a rollercoaster. I've never been one to plan too far ahead.

"I have nothing, but the greatest of thanks to The Quarry for making my transition back to the UK a lot easier, and I'm extremely excited about catching up with old friends and colleagues that I worked with before moving to the US."

To discuss Joel Miller in more detail, ring Tor Adams ( on 020 7437 4961.