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Blink enlist Jesse Lewis-Reece.

by Andrew MacGregor

Blink look forward to a raft of "connected, compelling, and emotional stories" from new signing Jesse Lewis-Reece. Once MD Paul Weston clapped eyes on Lewis-Reece's RNIB commercial, he made the Brighton native his top priority.

Weston goes on to say: "In addition to commercials, we are already chatting about development with some long form projects that could build on the success Jesse has already had with his short films." That's the, erm, long and short of it, but how about a closer look at Lewis Reece's work?

This well-shot commercial for charity Frontline is an appropriately optimistic portrayal of social work. Lewis-Reece shows how the right support can transform children and teenagers, whether it's through study sessions, football practice, or a fresh pair of ears in a bedroom recording studio.

"I thought RNIB was up there with the best directed ads of last year," Weston says, "and I'm sure creatives will see that and appreciate what potential Jesse has in the world of commercials. I think Jesse is one of the most talented and astonishing young directors out there, so to now be working together is beyond exciting for us here at Blink."

To discuss Jesse Lewis-Reece further, call Katherine Maskell on 020 7494 0747 or email