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You Are Here locate Fernando Livschitz.

by Andrew MacGregor

Argentine director Fernando Livschitz is now on the books at You Are Here. He made waves in 2012 when he turned Buenos Aires into a rollercoaster, a triumph of imagination and visual effects. Like a city planner hooked on magic realism, Livschitz aims to make familiar spaces fresh again.

This attitude led to 2019's 'Beautiful Chaos', a short film set in Parque de la Costa near Buenos Aires. Fantastical elements creep up on the viewer here, as what seems to be a normal rollercoaster loops back on itself in an infinite spiral, big wheels within big wheels change direction at will, and air time on another ride is taken to new extremes.

Several Vimeo Staff Picks later, the Argentine is ready for whatever the commercial arena throws at him. Spurred on by Sugar Pie DeSanto's 'Go Go Power', this Honda ad portrays a blue Civic in full flow, able to swap town for country in the blink of an eye and part traffic like Moses on the school run.

Livschitz makes the most of thirty seconds, with clever shots that incorporate time-lapse photography, reflections, and subtle perspective tricks. Coupled with a bullish soundtrack that even evokes a car alarm at one point, it suggests that Civic owners see and navigate the world differently.

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