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An UNCANNY turn of events at Pulse.

by Andrew MacGregor

Director duo Elliot Elder and George Muncey (aka UNCANNY) have joined Pulse Films for representation. It's been a productive year for the duo so far, with not one but two slowthai promos in the can already—Head of Music Videos Rik Green can't wait to see what happens next.

"I've been following Uncanny for a while now and catching all these really striking videos they've been doing," Green says. "Their approach and spirit are exactly the kind of thing that I love, coupled with really great ideas I believe means they'll be a strong directing force. I'm really excited for the work we'll be doing together."

UNCANNY have already made a good impression at Pulse, having co-directed those slowthai films with Alex Motlhabane and Lewis Levi (aka The Rest). They got to satisfy their inner prison wardens with the promo for 'Selfish', as Tyron Frampton finds himself locked in a cell made of one-way mirrors.

That means he's forced to watch his own meltdown, while viewers can look away whenever they please. In reality, it's hard to look away as he succumbs to cabin fever. While Frampton throws a handful of possessions against the wall, the camera matches his state of mind with unpredictable movements and motion blur.

Like the cut of UNCANNY's jib? Then ring Jamie Walker on 020 7426 5700 or email