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Twentyfour Seven and Radioaktive Film are Vilnius-bound.

by Andrew MacGregor

In 2019, Twentyfour Seven and Radioaktive Film opened their first joint effort in Warsaw, Poland. Four years later, the companies have teamed up again in Vilnius, Lithuania, with Radioaktive founder Darko Skulsky keen to make up for time lost to the war in Ukraine.

"Our office in Kyiv did something like two-hundred-and-fifty shooting days in 2021," Skulsky says. "Last year in Poland, we were able to do about sixty or seven days. That means there's two-hundred shooting days out there that are ours, that we could own. Both Radioaktive and our partners at Twentyfour Seven understand that those days are somewhere out there for us to get back."

Wish you were here.

So what drew Skulsky and his team to Vilnius? "We were trying to find a complement to the Warsaw office that allowed us to offer everything that we previously had in Ukraine. Poland was giving us the big cities and great locations, and we feel that Lithuania gives us different styles of locations, different kinds of extras, and competitive prices."

Executive producer Kate Galytska also points to Lithuania's blend of rustic and modern buildings, with a healthy dollop of Brutalism thrown in for good measure. She says: "During the Soviet occupation, Lithuania developed amazing architecture that our UK and American clients love. We have a huge variety of settings and we can cover all kinds of terrains and territories."

The brutal but breathtaking Vilnius Palace of Concerts and Sports.

Producer Justina Raguskaite is raring to go: "I strongly believe that Twentyfour Seven and Radioaktive, with our background, experience and clientele, can consolidate this market's growth and will play a crucial role in pushing the boundaries by revealing Lithuania to numerous renowned brands and titles.

"We're ready to serve commercial video productions, bring projects to life, scale small and large, and become a name that people can rely on and spread out worldwide. I'm confident in our capabilities to meet various demands… for a reasonable price, by the way."

To learn more about Twentyfour Seven and Radioaktive Film's Lithuanian offer, email Darko Skulsky (, Kate Galytska (, or Justina Raguskaite (