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Free Event - 21 September.

by Jason Stone

On Thursday 21 September, Thinkbox is holding a free event at the Ham Yard Hotel in Soho between 2.00 and 5.00, and the main attraction will be a panel discussion hosted by Jason Stone of David Reviews and featuring Max Fisher, Rosie May Bird Smith, Natalie Rae and Johnny Hardstaff.

The session will be called 'Spinning Plates', and, among the topics likely to arise will be a discussion about the importance and value of commercials directors being involved in other areas of filmmaking and creativity.

The conversation will be informal and spontaneous, and those attending will be invited to ask questions of their own.

Thinkbox are dedicated to sharing knowledge rather than raising revenue and, accordingly, this event is free to attend... all you need do is register.

There will be drinks and small bundles of edible delicacies being carried around on plates once all the talking into microphones has concluded.

Please come along and support this event with warm applause and raucous laughter (where appropriate).