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The growing B.Corp gang.

by Jason Stone

A few weeks ago, Tom Box of Blue Zoo Animation sat down with DAVID to explain how his company had benefitted from participating in B.Corp - an international initiative which aims to ensure businesses act ethically and responsibly. Discovering how much it entails was eye-opening and inspisring, and we decided to bring together a number of interested parties to explore the topic.

Our conversation further illuminated this surprisingly fascinating area, with the passion of each participant shining through and making it abundantly clear why each and every company in our industry should take a look at B.Corp and consider the possibility of applying.

As well as Tom Box from Blue Zoo Animation, we were joined by Prudence Beecroft of Odelay Films, Andrew Symonds of Havas, Bryn Attewell of The Good Agency, and Nicky Flemming, who is currently working with Blue Zoo, among others. DAVID is enormously grateful to them all for their fantastic contributions to a really interesting conversation.