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The Corner Shop nab Emma Branderhorst and Relta.

by Andrew MacGregor

Dutch director Emma Branderhorst and British-Iranian filmmaker Richard Pope (aka Relta) have joined The Corner Shop for UK representation. Both bring plenty of skill and new ideas to the counter, but let's focus on Branderhorst first.

Founder and executive producer Anna Hashmi says: "Sometimes you meet a young director, and then you watch all their films, and then you try to reconcile how someone so young can have such a strong body of work already.

"Emma's skills as a director are enviable, so it's lucky that she is also such delight with a passion that is contagious. I can not wait to see what she does next and I am so excited to work with her!" Check out Branderhorst's recent McDonald's ad for a Dutch flourish.

Next comes Relta, who executive producer Tess Mitchell calls a "fabulous addition to the Shop". She adds: "His visual style is a breath of fresh air, full of cinematic references, and succinct art direction that fully represents the talents of emerging filmmakers today. Relta romanticises the filmmaking medium, experimenting with storytelling and visual intrigue all in one."

This came in handy when Relta directed the promo for Arthur Hill's 'Fuck You', a track that revels in petty insults and resentment but with a self-aware streak. Remember Eamon and Frankee, the foul-mouthed 'exes' who dissed each other through song? Relta responds with an irreverent and heightened spin on couples therapy.

Click on the names to see more from Emma Branderhorst and Relta. Next, drop Anne Hashmi a line via or call 07787 376 459.