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The BTS thread.

by Jason Stone

Rather than always include them in the main part of the website, we've decided to create a thread of BTS films so you can check them out as they arise. So, here they are, opening with a spate of the 2023 Christmas BTS films. Watch out for more as they're added.

A glimpse at some of the techniques used by The Mill to bring to life the animals that appeared in this Christmas's T K Maxx commercial.

This BTS for Apple's 2023 Christmas commercial focuses mainly on the stop-frame animation, and since the commercial itself also shows how stop-frame animation is done, it's all a bit meta (not Meta, but meta).

In this BTS, no one loses sight of the importance of bigging up ASDA at every opportunity, but hang in there for an amusing out-take at the end featuring the campaign's expensively acquired star.

These days, the public's eager anticipation of the John Lewis Christmas ad is mainly because it provides a vehicle for the widespread belief that nothing is as good as it used to be. Here, you can find out just what it was all about.

Do you ever get the feeling the main purpose of a BTS film is to occupy the client while the production team get on with making the actual ad? Client voices suspiciously dominate this look at the Boots 2023 Christmas ad.