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Salt 'n' Sauce unveil young star Sean Líonadh.

by Jason Stone

Fraser Jamieson of Salt 'n' Sauce has been talking up Sean Líonadh for some time. He first invited DAVID to take a look at his short film 'Too Rough' earlier this summer, and it was immediately apparent why Fraser was so excited about the young filmmaker. The film is incredibly accomplished and demonstrates a confidence that belies his age.

Fraser Jamieson says: "I love what Sean is doing and it's brilliant to have him join us. His acclaimed film 'Too Rough' is beautifully considered and captivating, and his powerful, honest, often self-delivered spoken word pieces resonate and stay with you. I am looking forward to seeing how his talent and energy translate into the world of advertising and brands."

Those who know Fraser will understand immediately what an exceptional talent Sean must be to have drawn such effusive praise, and - to put it bluntly - if Fraser is excited, you should be too.

To watch 'Too Rough' or to find out more about Sean, please contact Fraser direct on 07980 625675 or via email using