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Rob Soucy joins Odelay Films.

by Andrew MacGregor

Director and occasional forklift operator Rob Soucy has signed for Odelay Films. Not only does Soucy have a strong commercial reel, he also has a forklift driver's licence from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. How many directors can say that, eh?

It may have come up when Soucy first crossed paths with Odelay co-founder Peter Lee Scott: "I first met Rob in a bar on the Lower East Side of Manhattan where he was chatting to locals and tourists alike, making everyone feel welcome and included. It's this inclusive and open-hearted attitude that made me want to work with Rob from the very first moment."

Scott adds: "I have no doubt agencies will feel the same way Rob is as charismatic as he is talented, and we couldn't be happier to have him at Odelay. From the moment I saw his reel, I knew his unique sense of humour, bold visual aesthetic, and inventive approach to storytelling would be a great fit for us and a unique offering to the UK market."

And what does Soucy make of all this? "The second I met with the EPs at Odelay and we started slinging jokes back and forth, we knew it was a perfect match. I think a lot of that chemistry has to do with our similar sense of humour and joint passion to make film production more eco-friendly and sustainable."

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