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Party Politics.

by Syd Briscoe

Channel 4 have launched a cheeky ad campaign to herald the arrival of their latest docudrama.

'Partygate' focuses on one of the major scandals of former PM Boris Johnson's political career - the fact that numerous drunken parties were held at Downing Street while the rest of the country was locked down due to Covid-19. Because of the audacious nature of these gatherings, the 4Creative team took their cues from another prohibited party culture: Nineties raves.

Dan Warner and Andy Vasey, creative directors at 4Creative, explained the reasoning behind the irreverent approach: "This campaign is a simple solution to a great brief - invite the entire nation to the most notorious illegal house party in UK history. Crafting a campaign inspired by the style and culture of Nineties illegal raves was the obvious way to bring it to life."

Everyone's invited to this exclusive party.

The campaign features an innovative collection of interactive elements - alongside the bright, acid house-inspired posters which kick things off. A party hotline takes people to a pre-recorded message from 'DJ BJ' (Jon Culshaw, the actor portraying Boris Johnson) giving details about when to watch the show, while printed wristbands provide a quirky reminder-slash-souvenir.

While it's all a fun effort to get people engaged and excited about the upcoming programme, there's a distinct thread of satirical rage running under the colourful aesthetic. It makes the circumstances of 'Partygate' all the more horrific - a law-breaking bacchanal which will forever be held up as crystalising the country's unchanging culture of different rules for different classes.

Those interested should tune in to Channel 4 on Tuesday, October 3 at 9.30pm. No masks or social distancing necessary.

Wristbands for entry - available for everyone.