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OB42 sign Alexis Gómez.

by Andrew MacGregor

Alexis Gómez sounds like a player DAVID picked for his fantasy football team, only for them to be ruled out for the season with an anterior cruciate ligament injury. Alexis Gómez the director sounds like a much safer bet in the commercial arena.

Here's what Jez Murrell has to say about the whip-smart Mexican: "I'm really looking forward to working with Alexis. It's rare you get the chance to partner with a director who is so clearly immersed in his craft. His impressive body of work is both painterly and moving—he has such a strong visual identity that inhabits every frame, and it's impossible not to be emotionally drawn into his world."

To learn more about Alexis Gomez's bright future, email Jez Murrell via or call 020 7082 5740.