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Introducing... Vanessa Stachel.

by Jason Stone

While in Berlin for Ciclope, DAVID REVIEWS editor Jason Stone grabbed the chance to meet young German director Vanessa Stachel, who was recently added to the roster of Curly Films. As Vanessa studied directing at the highly-regarded Filmakademie Baden-W├╝rttemberg, we were very keen to take a look at her work... and it did not disappoint.

When growing up, the first film to catch Vanessa's attention was Disney's 'Beauty & The Beast': "I think my dad just bought me the videotape and I was really amazed because the Beast was so creepy and you were frightened, but it was also a beautiful and a cool story."

The idea of narratives being two things at once must have stuck in her mind, as it's a real feature of her fledgling career as a director as she explores different genres... and mixes and matches them.

Something else she mixes and matches is live action and animation with the latter being something she describes as her "true love, and something I will always return to".

The performances she's secured in her sadomasochistic comedy reveals her maturity, and she looks back on invaluable theatre experience while still at school as having provided a grounding in the discipline of acting: "We just had a theatre group at school, so I was every year in the theatre group and that was also my happy place in school because the other people there were also a bit weird."

Her fondness for both live action and animation makes her a very versatile director even at this early stage of her career. She cites Tim Burton as a director she admires, not least because he also switches between animation and live action.

This trailer for her short film 'A Bloody Graveyard Story' exhibits the Tim Burton influence, and even in the trailer you can sense her playfulness with the horror genre.

She always been drawn to British humour, and is really keen to get working in the UK because of the London ad industry's well-deserved reputation for injecting comedy into its scripts.

And we're here for it.

For more on Vanessa, contact Julia at Curly Films on 07876 355383 or via email using