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Blinkink snap up Will Wightman.

by Andrew MacGregor

In 2022 Will Wightman joined Blinkink as a director's assistant - come March 2023, he's got his own spot on the roster and a debut commercial under his belt. He may slow down at some point, but not right now.

He aims to build on the success of his first Blinkink ad, 'Red River Farm' for PETA. The film stars Jessie Cave as a children's TV presenter who wants to learn about clothes. Farmyard animals Sheepy, Cowey, Snakey, and Goosey are happy to help, but their song is bloodier than expected ("I'm branded and abused/Then my throat is slit and fashion's the excuse").

It leads executive producer Josef Byrne to say: "Will's the kind of live-action, mixed-media polymath we love to have in the studio. He'll be working on music videos and commercials with Blinkink and programmes and film with our long-form division Blink Industries. Super exciting."

And what does Blink Industries supremo James Bretton think about that? "We're so excited to have Will join the Blink family. We're already cooking up some amazingly exciting projects with him at Industries and have been genuinely blown away by his brain and what it can do. He's a disturbingly talented man."

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