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Bang TV secures Christopher Poole.

by Jason Stone

Bang TV have persuaded Christopher Poole to join their carefully curated roster of directorial talent, and as you'll understand when you watch the two clips below, it was his gift for comedy that capture the attention of Bang TV's Jeremy McWilliams... and as you'll understand when you look at his photo, it was Christopher Poole's luxuriant locks that sealed the deal.

The Sony PlayStation commercial below is an exquisite exhibition of sketch comedy in the modern vernacular. Using the tropes of mockumentary, Christopher Poole has coaxed perfect performances from his actors and their comic timing is bang on the money.

This is the kind of comedy directing that ought to inspire creatives to craft scripts which are a match for his talent.

Poole's short film 'Aria' demonstrates that the director has more than one string to his bow. It also underlines the deep rooted connection that exists between horror and comedy, both of which are so reliant on timing. Its Black Mirroresque story concerns a home networking system which, for legal reasons, we'll state unequivocally is in no way similar to the one provided by the company named after a South American rainforest.

The consequences of allowing our lives to be run by devices of unknown provenance are made plain, but always with a dark vein of humour running through it... like a Brazilian river - but not that one, obviously.

You can watch more of Christopher's work here and then contact Jeremy McWilliams on 07789 933152 or using Tell him DAVID sent you.