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sportscar arrive at RadicalMedia.

Directing trio Ariel Fish, Lucy Sandler, and C Prinz (aka sportscar) have joined RadicalMedia's UK and German rosters.

According to their personal website, sportscar "prioritise the idea and minimise the noise"—relief for those who burn through earplugs on a regular basis. So, what drew the Los Angeles threesome to RadicalMedia?

"It is such an exciting place because of its rich history in the industry, not only in commercial work, but in narrative, television, and features," sportscar explain. "It's definitely a place for a filmmaker to be.

"As directors, we really want to tell stories, whether it's narrative or art, so it's important to us that the company we’re working with shares these larger interests. To share a roster with people that we look up to and respect is really exciting."

"It's amazing to see how our values at RadicalMedia align with Ariel, Lucy, and C's approach as directors."

Jodie Brooks, executive producer at RadicalMedia.

Determined to make their UK/German adventure a success is managing director Ben Schneider, who says: "Having worked across such an impressive range of projects, we know sportscar's unique approaches to creativity and shared directorial vision will add a new dimension to our roster."

As for executive producer Jodie Brooks, she reckons sportscar and RadicalMedia are a perfect match: "It's amazing to see how our values align with Ariel, Lucy, and C's approach as directors. We can't wait to see what they produce going forward, and to support them all as they share their vision with the world."

Keen to bring sportscar on board for your next project? Then call Jodie Brooks on 020 3319 6900 or email