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String & Tins treat themselve to more Dolby ATMOS.

String & Tins, Ciclope's Sound Company of the Year 2022, have treated themselves to a second Dolby ATMOS suite. Perhaps they knew it was too heavy for Santa's sleigh, so they had to build it themselves rather than rely on the largesse of the big man.

Whatever the case, String & Tins have already made good use of their new work area. Max Cooper's new album, Unspoken Words, was mixed there, while the company have just finished a 3D spatial audio mnemonic for Audible.

Partner Mike Bamford tears himself away from the studio long enough to say: "It's a gorgeous space and underlines our excitement about the potential of immersive mixing technologies and our expansion into the world of film and spatial audio work."

For more Dolby ATMOS hype or to discuss a potential project, call String & Tins on 020 7434 0168.