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Sticker Studios nab Mori.

Former agency man Mori has joined the talent roster at Sticker Studios. After years as a producer, editor, and director at FCB Inferno, Mori knows how to keep clients onside from concept to completion as he pursues the right outcome.

When brands such as Kleenex put their faith in Mori, they are rewarded with work like these Allergy Comfort ads. For a campaign dripping with snot, the work is actually rather pleasing to behold, as Mori gets up close and personal with each nose and conveys the creeping dread of a hefty sneeze.

Sticker Studios fought off hay fever long enough to watch the rest of Mori's reel and praised the number of "great performances that feel natural and tangible" throughout. They're also keen to share his knack for "authentic and truthful storytelling" with as many progressive clients as possible.

For another example of Mori's humanistic approach, check out this 2021 ad for The Big Issue that reacquaints viewers with the brand's mission after a disruptive period. Thanks to some canny transition shots, the ad shows how previous sellers retain the brand's respect long after they've retired the red vest.

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