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Spindle enjoy a good SOB story.

Eseosa Ohen and Joe Shaw (otherwise known as SOB) have joined Spindle's redoubtable directing roster. The two are another Central Saint Martins success story, inseperable since their graphic design days and now a fixture in the UK music scene.

This is in large part down to their work with London soul singer Collard, who gave SOB full creative and artistic control for his debut album 'Unholy'. The gambit paid off for everyone, with Collard in thrall to the duo's rampant ambition.

"Working with Joe and Sosa is an artistically consuming and meticulous process," Collard says. "The two are obsessed with constant artistic evolution and without them inviting that obsession into my world the album would not have become what it is."

Once Spindle founder Greg Hackett had read this, and seen more of SOB's work, he knew he had to swoop: "SOB are exactly what we’ve been looking for. They combine heightened visuals with a true understanding of storytelling, and their niche references are wildly creative. They want to make bold work, and we're so excited to help them do that."

"We can't wait to grow and create with their amazing team!"

SOB's Eseosa Ohen and Joe Shaw.

SOB say: "We're excited to have Spindle as our new home. It's a studio that shares our ambitions to create fresh, innovative, and meaningful work whilst managing to care for people and the environment. It's a perfect fit for us and we can't wait to grow and create with their amazing team!"

To discuss a potential collaboration with SOB, drop Emily Jordan-Wilson a line via or call 07889 306 110.