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Director Sasha Nathwani joins Caviar.

by Andrew MacGregor

Sasha Nathwani, the artist formerly known as Sashinski, has joined Caviar for UK and Dutch representation. The Londoner's redoubtable credits include Raj's Story, which explores a Royal Navy officer's Sikh heritage.

Nathwani plays the past and present off against each other as he delves into the story of Lieutenant Raj, who struggled to reconcile his Sikh background with his UK childhood. The parallels between both are well drawn, with shots across time depicting Raj as man and boy all at once.

Such work leads executive producer Nisha Mullea to say: "Narratives about ethnic minorities like this highlight Sasha's ability to tell untold stories with dedication and authenticity. He is such an incredibly talented filmmaker."

"I've been a huge fan of Caviar's output of inspirational work this last decade."

Sasha Nathwani, director at Caviar.

"Together we hope to push the boundaries of storytelling in a meaningful and moving way," Mullea adds. "We could not be prouder to have Sasha join us and we have some exciting projects in the making, including Sasha's first feature film."

With his Caviar debut—a promo for Tamil-Swiss artist Priya Ragu—already done, a bullish Nathwani says: "I'm really excited to be embarking on the next phase of my career with the wonderful team at Caviar. I've been a huge fan of their output of inspirational work this last decade, not to mention their recent slate of feature films, some of which I count as my favourites."

Click here to see more of Sasha Nathwani's work. To discuss a potential collaboration, call Georgie MacEchern on 020 3219 7960 or email