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Kode pick The Berry Boys.

When directors join a production company, a quote or a thumbs-up at the front door is often enough. However, Ryan Burnham and Luke Robson (aka The Berry Boys) aren't like most directors.

To mark their arrival at Kode, The Berry Boys have shot a film that highlights their multidisciplinary approach, as well as the threat posed by cute denizens of the metaverse. Viewers may want to bin their fancy augmented reality glasses as soon as possible, lest they get eaten alive by a giant pink sprite.

Burnham and Robson may not survive their own film, but they have plenty to look forward to in the real world: "Who better than Kode to push us Berry Boys into the future of VFX filmmaking?! We really are excited to get going and can't wait to continue our award-winning run through original VFX, 3D, and live-action creatives."

"The Berry Boys are exactly what our world of advertising needs."

Jack Goodwin, executive producer at Kode.

Inseparable since childhood, Burnham and Robson mean it when they say, "It's never been just a job!" For executive producer Jack Goodwin, the duo are more than just a new signing: "The Berry Boys are exactly what our world of advertising needs. Not only are they incredibly nice and hard-working, they understand the space that many of our audiences are watching and sharing the content we make."

"Their VFX sketches have blown up, both visually and literally on TikTok," Goodwin adds. "Their personalities, humour, and care of craft reflect in the work they make both behind and in front of the camera and with all this in mind, I really can't wait to get to work."

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