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Justin Tyler Close heads to Fresh Film.

The latest addition to the Fresh Film flock is Justin Tyler Close, a Canadian director who joins for global representation. As well as a prolific filmmaker, Close is also a photographer and founder of The Lab Magazine—needless to say, he knows how to keep busy.

Fresh Film expect no let-up as scripts arrive from the UK, the United States, Asia, and the Czech Republic. So what drew executive producer Kim Griffin to the man whose website claims he's over ninety years old and collects rocks?

According to their blurb, Fresh Film admire how Close's work "transcends boundaries leaping from commercials and documentaries to magazines and art." They also dig the Canadian's ability to flit between "intimate and loud, sensitive and exposing" moods.

For a taste of Close's measured approach, check out this Saucony film about Eduardo Garcia, a man who survived a 2,400 volt shock in the wilderness. Though Garcia lost his hand as a result, the film shows how both cookery and running have made him stronger.

You can see more of Justin Tyler Close's work here. To get the ball rolling, call Kim Griffin on 020 7580 6646 or email