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Jamie Muir is simply Irresistible.

by Andrew MacGregor

Director, photographer, and self-proclaimed nineties kid Jamie Muir has joined Irresistible Studios. Based between London and Folkestone, Muir has racked up plenty of air miles in his career, filming in places like Saudi Arabia, India, and Croatia.

Though he enjoys globe-trotting as much as the next man, Muir's happiest when poring over his subject matter: "As a director, I love to look for the little details—candid moments, observed moments, forgotten moments and the beauty in everyday life, even if it's seemingly mundane."

"I'm always searching to add something extra," Muir says, "a nuance to each film so that my work never becomes overly serious or predictable; a personality, a character, or a charm that people can relate to. Even when filming drama, a subtle situational humour can add depth and richness."

You can tell how much Muir cares about the craft, but what does he think of his new home? "I'm really excited to start collaborating with Irresistible. I've admired their work for a while now and love their work ethic and infectious enthusiasm for every project."

For more information about Jamie Muir, chat with Lisa Casey via or call 020 3871 7393.