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Tom Wakeling joins Irresistible Studios.

Tom Wakeling graduated from Brunel University in 2010 with a degree in product and industrial design, only to engineer his way into advertising with stints at The Outfit and Publicis. His next stop was the director's chair, and it's proved to be a comfortable fit.

Ads for EE, Oreo, and Canon soon caught the attention of Irresistible Studios, who've just signed Wakeling to their roster. As well as a tidy commercial reel, Wakeling brings a Vimeo Staff Pick award to his new home courtesy of Pattern—an experimental short film brimming with in-camera flair.

The atmospheric piece features a lone figure in contemplation at a coastal spot, haunted by both an oily, inky substance coating his face and hands, and a cone of lights which threaten to engulf him entirely. Is it a meditation on the lack of space to organise one's thoughts in modern life, or making a more primal point about the self-sabotaging nature of humanity's consciousness?

"Pattern was such a deeply personal project that I thought its reach wouldn’t go further than my bedroom."

Tom Wakeling, director

The true meaning is left to audience interpretation, allowing those watching to read their own explanation into the fantastical scene. Wakeling's visuals are all the more impressive considering they were shot in-camera, giving the piece a grounded feel in spite of its ethereal imagery.

So what does Wakeling think about the work now? "The response to Pattern has been humbling, as it was such a deeply personal project that I thought its reach wouldn't go further than my bedroom. It's great to see so many people getting lost in the pattern!

"I think there are more stories to be told with the technique itself, more films to inspire that sense of wonder. In fact we've just developed a new method that will make the technique even more spectacular and we're now looking for the right script to pair it with."

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